What was the first major microcomputer os

what was the first major microcomputer os

History of operating systems

Jul 20,  · Which of the following was the first major microcomputer OS?Mac OS b. Windows c. DOS d. Unix e. Linux'? none. Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. hatti. Lv 4. 4 years ago. Microcomputer Operating System. Source(s): solarigniters.com 0 0. Greywolf. Lv 7. 7 years ago. None of the above. CP/M existed before any of those. 0 0. The first microcomputer OS that actually achieved Major success was Apple DOS/Pro-DOS () It was successful in the home and in business, it was regularly appearing in print in everything from computer hobby magazines to the New York Times, a first for a microcomputer, which is proof that Apple was the first Major microcomputer operating system.

Gary A. The plaque is mounted at the edge of the public firsr adjacent to a retaining wall surrounding the property. Its ability to support software programs on a wide variety of hardware configurations enabled early use of microcomputer systems from many different manufacturers in business and scientific applications.

The following recollections are abstracted from pages of "Computer Connections", an unpublished autobiography that he wrote and distributed to friends and family in I stared at that damn diskette drive for hours on end So I built an fkrst sic system program He designed a neat little microcontroller and after a few months of testing that microcontroller started to work.

This how to knock someone out fast and easy have been one of the most exciting days of my life. All programs had to be written from the ground up to operate on each unique machine configuration. DRI Web pages [4]. Gary Kildall Special Video [6]. Gordon Eubanks Oral History Computerworld [8].

Almanzan sums up part of Gary Kildall's legacy as: Kildall, who passed away inhas often been referred to "as the man who could have been Bill Gates," oss not for one missed opportunity. But those who knew him best hope Friday's dedication will begin to change that legacy.

Legacy of Gary Kildall Facebook page. Gary Kildall Obituary by John Wharton. Go Browse by Subject. Oral Histories. First Hand Histories. Special pages. Recent changes. User assistance Microclmputer. Tools What links here. Related whqt. Printable version. Permanent link. Page information. Browse properties. View source. Log in. Request account. Jump to: microcomuptersearch.

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Answer to Which of the following was the first major microcomputer OS?a. Mac OSb. Windowsc. DOSd. Unixe. Linux. Ed Roberts, the "father of the microcomputer" designed the first microcomputer, the Altair , which was produced by Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS). The same year, two. Which of the following was the first major microcomputer OS? a. Mac OS b. Windows c. DOS d. Unix e. Linux. DOS. Which of the following is a prominent network operating system? a. Linux b. Microsoft Server c. Page OES d. DOS e. Mac OS. Linux. Which of the following is the newest Microsoft Windows operating system? a. Windows Vista b.

Asked by Wiki User. IBM offered their first microcomputer in Ed Robert. I would say no. All of these count as microcomputers the next category up, the minicomputer, would have been more like the size of a refrigerator and some of them were bestsellers for their time. By the way, it doesn't make sense to call the Mac OS a computer. It's an operating system, i. Stop back sassying me now! One advantage of installing multiple operating systems on a stand alone microcomputer is that the computer remains usable even if one OS stops working.

Also, if a program does not work on one OS, you have the option of trying it on the other OS's. Yes it is a microcomputer. How do you measure memory of a microcomputer? The name of the first micro computer is a micro computer. The microcomputer is generally known as a PC.

Microcomputer specialist is responsible for identifying problem in microcomputer software and hardware. Microcomputer specialist determines which software is necessary for the device based on user needs and then installs that software.

I think the BBC Microcomputer had the option for a mouse. Rom bios. The Apple 1 computer was introduced in Ask Question. Operating Systems. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What was the first microcomputer os? What was the first microcomputer operating system? Name of first microcomputer? What is the name of the process used by OS to initialize the microcomputer? What is the first microcomputer? When did IBM offer their first microcomputer? When was the first microcomputer made available to the public?

What is the name of the first microcomputer? What was the altair and who was it inventor? Who invente the first microcomputer? Was the Mac OS the first major microcomputer? What was the first microcomputer?

What are two advantages of installing more than one operating systems on a stand alone microcomputer? Was a Microcomputer part of the first generation? What are the components of microcomputer motherboards?

Is desktop a type of microcomputer? On most microcomputer the boot routine stored in what? What was the name of the first commercially available microcomputer? What is the microcomputer generally known as? What is a microcomputer specialist? Which is the First computer with keyboard and mouse? What are the first computer instructions available when the microcomputer is powering up? When did Apple develop its first microcomputer?

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