What teams have won back to back superbowls

what teams have won back to back superbowls

History of back-to-back Super Bowl winners

Feb 08, Those teams include: New England Patriots (XXXVIII and XXXIX) Denver Broncos (XXXII and XXXIII) Dallas Cowboys (XXVII and XXVIII) San Francisco 49ers (XXIII and XXIV) Pittsburgh Steelers (twice: IX and X; XIII and XIV) Miami Dolphins (VII and VIII) Green Bay Packers (Super Bowls I and II)Author: Elizabeth Swinton. San Francisco 49ers (Super Bowls 23 & 24) An offensive juggernaut led by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, San Francisco began its run of back-to-back titles with a narrow win over the.

Winning back-to-back Super Bowls is a rare and improbable feat that only how to become a plumber in the uk NFL franchises have accomplished, a total of 8 times.

Back-to-back Super Bowl Champions is something that the league hasn't experienced in over fifteen years, but based on the results of NFL Conference Championship weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs will get a chance to change that. If Kansas City manages to take down the Bucs, they would become the eighth franchise to be able to claim back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

Pittsburgh holds the distinction of being the only franchise to appear on the list twice, as the team ruled the mid-to-late s. Pittsburgh's first back-to-back run came in the years immediately following back-to-back Miami Dolphins Super Bowl victories, ensuring that the NFL only saw two franchises as champions over a four year span. Additionally, these two teams were champions for 6 out of 8 seasons between and There has never been another span in NFL history where three teams won back-to-back Super Bowls, establishing the s as an era how to heal a broken clavicle quickly in parity, dominated by the usual suspects.

The New England Patriots were the team to repeat as back-to-back Super Bowl champions most recently, in the mid s.

New England was under the direction of star quarterback Tom Bradywho will be leading the Buccaneers against the Chiefs in their endeavor to join Brady on this exclusive list. Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs will be trying for back-to-back titles, something no quarterback has done since who else? Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL for good reason, and the showdown between two of the greatest players in the game today is sure to produce offensive fireworks worthy of the biggest stage of the season.

New User posted their first comment. Log in. Modified 25 Jan Which teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls? Vince Lombardi, the head coach of the Packers in their Super Bowl I and II victories Additionally, these two teams were champions for 6 out of 8 seasons between and Published 25 JanIST. Sort by: Recent Most popular Most upvotes.

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How many teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls?

Since the s, though, NFL fans have seen four sets of back-to-back Super Bowl champs. The San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots all accomplished the feat. In total, seven different franchisesand eight teams, thanks to two different Steelers squadshave won back-to-back Super solarigniters.com: Joe Kozlowski. Jan 25, Which teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls? Green Bay Packers (Super Bowl I & Super Bowl II, - ) Miami Dolphins (Super Bowl VII & Super Bowl VIII, - ) Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl IX, Super Bowl X, - ) Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl XIII, Super Bowl XIV - ) Author: Shane Henderson.

While there are usually a handful of teams with enough talent to win the championship, only one of them can claim the top spot. How many teams have pulled off that feat and won back-to-back Super Bowls? That reality led to some issues, like ties and unequal records, and, in , the league held a one-game championship playoff. It unsurprisingly proved to be incredibly popular, and a tradition was born. Two top-notch teams will take the field, but only one can be crowned champion.

As fans of the Buffalo Bills and other franchises can confirm, winning one Super Bowl is tough enough. A select group of teams, however, have won back-to-back titles.

The Miami Dolphins then won back-to-back titles in Super Bowls 7 and 8. After that, the Pittsburgh Steelers actually won two separate sets of back-to-back championships; they lifted the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowls 9 and 10, then Super Bowls 13 and In total, seven different franchisesand eight teams, thanks to two different Steelers squadshave won back-to-back Super Bowls.

Come February 7, the Kansas City Chiefs will be hoping to add their name to that exclusive list. Last year, the Chiefs broke a lengthy Super Bowl drought by coming from behind to steal the Lombardi Trophy away from the San Francisco 49ers. Winning one Super Bowl title is tough enough; winning two back-to-back is quite a feat. Only time will tell if the Kansas City Chiefs can make it happen in Tampa. Stats courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference. Home NFL.

A brief history of the Super Bowl.

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