What is the difference between coach outlet and coach retail

what is the difference between coach outlet and coach retail

Mythbusting: Outlet stores might not be as good a deal as you think

Jul 13,  · Differences Between Regular Coach Bags and Factory Outlet Coach Bags. Author: JIN Coach legacy bag. Coach is a popular, affordable mid-range designer handbag brand. The Coach factory outlet store is a good place to pick up affordable Coach items to satisfy your shopping urges. retail $, for $ at the coach outlet store. I guess it. Aug 03,  · I haven't noticed a difference in quality in the stuff at the outlets. Seems like the same quality as retail to me. I love going to the Coach outlet. Right now I have to stop on my way home from work in Tilton, which is about 80 miles away. But on August 13 we have a Coach outlet opening in North Conway. I am really looking forward to that.

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Coach Retail vs Coach Outlet. Joined May 31, Okay, so we all know that Coach makes items specifically for their retail stores and specifically for their outlet stores I found another one that I sort of liked, but wasn't too crazy about the feel of the leather and the zipper kept getting stuck.

I thought it was only that bag, so I took another one from the same display and it had the same issue All of the bags on the display had the same problem They also had those thin straps which I think are only on the "outlet" Coach bags because all the "retail" Coach has the nice, wide straps I found more obvious made-for-Coach "outlet" bags and it was the same deal Sooooo, I guess my question is, why is Coach "cheaping down" their product?

Why not just take "last season's" stuff and send that to the outlets ddifference send over stuff that is about to be taken off the shelves for new merchandise? Why make cheap stuff just so people can have "Coach" when, to me, that's not really "Coach" because Coach is or was the ultimate in quality leather. Joined Jul 24, I have Coach from both the retail and the outlet and have not had any problems with my outlet items.

Must be a new thing for them. Joined Aug 22, I was just in two different Coach outlets and didn't see this issue. The purse I bought has nice straps and hardware also. I don't think they're "cheaping down" their products. They look like they always have, at least to me.

Maybe I was just there on the wrong day I'll be going out to the outlets again later this month and I'll probably pop in there to see what they have. I just don't know what was up with those silver zippers and the less-than-great quality leather.

Joined Feb 17, I haven't noticed a difference in quality in the stuff at betewen outlets. Seems like the same quality as retail rretail me. I love going to the Coach outlet. Right now I have to stop on my way home from work in Tilton, which is about 80 miles away. But on August 13 we outelt a Coach outlet opening in North Conway. I am really looking forward to that.

Joined May 28, I am a avid Coach retail shopper and you do have to watch for the "made for outlet items" There is a outlte. Look for metal zippers on wallets. The leather is also different on some how to make egg paratha at home. I recommend that you pick up and carry the most expensive bag in the store around with you while you shop. Compare the leather and zippers and interiors to other bags that you may want to purchase.

You dont have to buy the most expensive, but use it as your guide. It really depends on the outlet whether you see the lesser quality items. They may not have enough inventory to supply the outlets from retail so they manufacture items directly for the outlet.

I do shop the outlets and have had similar experiences with finding cheaply made items. PatsMom said:. Darcy DIS Veteran. Coacy Nov 1, I was just in the outlet store this weekend Tilton NH what is the definition of a child soldier really didn't notice any difference. Joined Jul 15, I agree with the op that Coach used to be about quality leather and brass hardware.

Now Coach has jumped on the trendy big bags of color and bling, last time I was at the oulet. Also, materials include fabric and Coach printed on some sort of plastic. These bags still command a pretty penny. Darcy said:. Joined Jun 27, DisneyRunner said:. Tinkerbelle32 DIS Veteran. Joined Rrtail 22, I have never noticed any difference either! I've never had an issues with any quality or appearance. You must log in or register to reply here.

Determine the Authenticity of a Coach Bag

Determine Whether the Coach Bag was Designed for and Sold at Retail or Outlet Stores. Shop at a Coach retail store or certified Coach retailer to buy an authentic bag. Wait for storewide sales to get the best price on a Coach bag. When you purchase a bag from a Coach retailer or high-end department store, you are purchasing an up-to-date. IF you have any issues, the Coach store is great for customer service. I had a Coach tag fall off and the store replaced it at no charge, no questions asked. A NOTE about outlets: I shop a lot of Guess. I also used to be in retail. With outlet stores, items are manufactured specifically for the outlet stores that NEVER go to the main store. For COACH first-timers and for those of you out there who doesn't really know the difference between the two, then by all means, read on: There are two origins of Coach handbags, one is the full-priced COACH Boutiques you see in huge shopping malls everywhere, and secondly, they may come from Coach Factory Outlets.

What's new New posts. Log in. New Posts. New Threads Unanswered threads. Trending Threads. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What is going on with Coach? Thread starter F Start date Dec 25, Forums Contemporary Designers Coach. F Member. Apr 2, 84 Is the designer running out of ideas?

I sense the brand is just recycling too many designs from the past these days. All three bag are identical and full retail products. I knew someone who bought a Coach Colette satchel about five years ago from the full retail store. Now I see the bag is back at the outlets without deviation which means it probably wasn't just reintroduced for the outlets.

There are other examples but clearly the brand is starting to lack creativity. Last edited: Dec 25, Hobbsy Sofa King Banned. Apr 11, 7, 8, Post in the Coach forum. This is a general discussion for handbags and purses and my post conforms. I'm not saying it doesn't conform. If you want responses, which I'm assuming you do Reactions: msnfas , kkfiregirl , K. Mar 21, 15, ShowMeState. Looks like the mods moved it to the Coach subforum where it belongs. Reactions: kkfiregirl , fabuleux , jellyv and 2 others.

Chihua5 Member. Jan 25, 1, 4, F said:. May 10, 59, 64, Actually I've think that Coach almost has too many ideas. Styles never stay around long enough. There is always something new. If you don't like what you see this season, there will a bunch of different items next season. Based on your post, it doesn't sound like you've looked in a Coach boutique or on Coach.

The bags that are made for the outlets tend to have many differences from the retail versions. IMO, the Lexy looks quite a bit different from Phoebe. Reactions: MooMooVT , kkfiregirl , lotusflowerbaum and 8 others. Jul 9, 22, 5, I am new to coach and am glad there are old styles being reintroduced if that is the case as they are just gorgeous!!

I dont have an outlet so my choice is full retail only which is fine by me i am a mulberry girl and their new direction has lost me completely if you dont like classic styles maybe try them they are anything but old style or classic lol.

Reactions: MooMooVT and ccbaggirl Freak4Coach Living in the Light. Oct 23, 3, Chihua5 said:. I'm not sure what you are referring to? The bags you listed lexy, phoebe are Coach Factory Outlet handbags that are specifically made for the outlet. I know they are very popular handbags my mom loves those styles for the 3 compartments. They are similar but there are differences among those styles.

Have you looked at the handbags in the Coach boutiques not outlet stores? Or maybe glance at them on Coach. There are plenty of styles and creativity. There are a couple that are similar but still different. In the past, the factory produced ones were obvious but Coach Factory has stepped up their quality and the handbags are getting better on quality. Some of the retail handbags do end up at factory outlet stores and are referred to as "deletes" or "Coach reserve" so maybe that's the confusion?

Reactions: Shoebaglady. AstridRhapsody Member. Aug 18, 5, 10, Freak4Coach said:. Phoebe wasn't an outlet bag. I think most designers "recycle" designs. And some just copy others. I don't need to name any names Reactions: Crystice.

Harley77 said:. Phoebe has been MFF for over a year now. Reactions: marceylove , Shoebaglady and ildera5. Alexa5 Member. Nov 2, 5, 15, I would say that Coach has returned to some creativity, but the problem with that has been that the prices for many bags are now too high for me. So I can't really buy much anymore. I do think where they lack creativity is when they keep certain styles for a long time I like them both, but it feels like they take up a lot of the collection and I want more options.

Reactions: VintageViv , marceylove , Shoebaglady and 1 other person. Last edited: Dec 27, As some have mentioned the Phoebe is not an outlet purse. I believe the same is true for the Edie.

The Lexy however appears to be outlet targeted. I do not recall seeing the Lexy on coach. Another example would be the Mercer. That bag is still listed on coach. If you remember the Maggie product line, those bags are very similar and have three compartments much like the Phoebe, Edie, and Lexy.

These are all identical designs from some original past with slight moderations. So perhaps they come up with some new designs but again, why would the Colette bag make a return to the outlet when I knew someone who bought the bag from a Coach store in Puerto Rico back in or And if you take the Coach Swagger 27, I can find several examples of nearly the exact same genuine design from Coach released many years ago.

Of course it wasn't called a Swagger back then. Reactions: Evergreen , Shoebaglady , kkfiregirl and 5 others. You must log in or register to reply here. Register on TPF! This sidebar then disappears and there are less ads!

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