What is micro macro paradox

what is micro macro paradox

what is micro macro paradox?

Jun 05,  · to understand micro macro paradox u have to first understand what is meant by paradox?so lets solarigniters.comx refers to those truths which seems to be delighting and fruitful at a small level but are harmful for economic environment when its results are concerned at level of economy as a whole. now micro macro paradox means those activities that seems to be fruitful at microeconomic level but are harmful . SUMMARY Over the last 20 years measured aid?effectiveness has been high at the project level, in the sense that ex post rates of return are more than satisfactory, but low at the macro level, in the sense that it is impossible to establish any statistically significant correlation between aid flows and increases in growth across a sample of recipient countries. Three possible explanations of this paradox are considered: (i) errors in the data; (ii) switching of Cited by:

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micro-macro paradox (plural not attested) The paradox whereby aid agencies report the success of most of their programs, yet it is impossible to establish any significant correlation between aid and GDP growth in developing countries. Dec 01,  · riya This means that if something is beneficial for micro or macro economics, it is not necessary that it will be beneficial for the other also. It could even be harmfulfor the other. This is the micro-macro paradox. 1jaiz4 and 39 more users found . May 22,  · The micro-macro paradox is the difference in the result of FA effectiveness, more specifically, between the effectiveness of projects funded by Author: Paul Mosley.

Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers. Forum list. New posts. Paradox Forum. What's new New posts New threadmarks Latest activity. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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From Paris to Moscow Sergeant. Apr 17, 84 0. At heart, what kind of player are you? One of the most important and controversial debates between Paradox players centers around the strategy mechanics of the HOI series and the balance between the suprastructure and infrastructure of the spheres in the game. HOI2 and especifically DH, were great immersing games that nailed the grand strategy aspects of the conflict tied with the geopolitical context of the era but lacked much in tactical and operational functions related to the nature and philosophy of war as theorized by military scientists and practiced by the leaders and armies of WW2.

It was a beautiful game nonetheless, especially for its time; a first for many would be WW2 Paradox players. Then, we got HOI3 which was notoriously perhaps, infamously known for being overly complex and extremely detailed to the point that it even represented brigades and smaller subunits in a game of such grand scale.

It also included military doctrines, systems, operational arts and tactics. And how could I forget the clunky supply chain of management and the extended global logistics apparatus that made many a campaign memorable.

Last but not least, the incredibly breadth and depth of the war once it started and the frontlines meant that one could and did spend hours micromanaging the units, sub-units and sub-sub-units of your national armed forces, the political structure of your polity, the economic nodes and diplomatic networks. By the way, this happened in every single campaign except for previously saved organized OOBs which was not the norm for most people. This was putting details over the details of the details.

It was loaded with WW2 information the likes reserved for a military historian; it left you with a great sense of awe about the scale.

A real total war experience. After all, it was trying to represent as best as it could the biggest, bloodiest and most expensive war ever fought by humanity on a scale never seen before and hopefully never seen after. Anyways, lots of more casual players hated HOI3 for the very same reasons that it was cherished by those that were hardcore micromanagers. And the schism was and is very notable in the forums 'till this day. Apparently, finding a delicate balance between these styles and the preferences of HOI players is key to prevent a make or break deal as it happened in the case of HOI3 that many people just skippped altogether in favour of that simpler DH feel.

Where do you draw the balance between micro and macromanagement in HOI4? When is too much, too much? Or is the more the merrier? WastelandScout Sergeant 20 Badges. Nov 7, 54 That is actually a pretty difficult question to answer, because while I like the influence micromanaging allows it also can get pretty tedious and annoying when you have to do it constantly.

So how much micromanagement is good for a game is heavily dependent on how good the UI is and how quickly and easily I can do what I want. Especially how much and how easily can I automatize and apply micro decisions on a large scale e. HOI 4 is lacking quite a bit in that regard, I for example would love a plane designer but with the horrible way you have to create wings that would not work well.

One way to make this better would be first to categorize the planes. If I want to create a fighter wing what is the point of forcing me to scroll through all of my CAS, bomber and whatnot planes? Second would be to allow creating several wings in one go, e. Not too mention the air aces. Why does the game not automatically attach new aces to the wings I prioritize and thus tell the game are where I want the best of the best? Which, come to think of, would be another round of Ideas for my thread in the Suggestions section.

You have to be careful with optional micromanagement, though, with the state of the AI optional micromanagement quickly can feel like mandatory micromanagement. So tl;dr: the better your UI the more micromanagement can be fun. Last edited: May 12, Meglok Grognard 30 Badges. Feb 29, 7. My tendency is to micro, and I have to fight it every game.

Comes from my days of pushing cardboard counters and the house rule of you couldn't replace a moved unit. My goal is to macro where I can and micro when I have to.

This usually works out to letting the battle planner run smaller land campaigns and I wind up running campaigns like China or Russia.

The air war as the OP noted has several issues requiring micro that could be automated. MtG has added a whole new layer to micro management. The war at sea is so detailed if you don't slow things down across the board you will miss something and bad things happen. Ships are so expensive in production cost and take so long to launch you just can't set them on a mission and forget about them. Battles at sea are just too bloody and infrenquent to let the ai run it.

It just seems the game design is drifting more and more towards the micro end of the scale. Feb 14, 0. I enjoy the production part the most which is essentially macro so i assume i'm a macro player. May 15, 1. Meglok said:. Alspego Major 46 Badges. May 7, Micromanagement is fine as long as it does not feel like busy work e. Personally, I did not play that much HOI3, but I can still remember spending hours just to reorganize the Sowjet army.

I did not really enjoy that. Apr 2, 2. I am a micromanager at heart. I enjoy doing it, but there has to be an actual purpose. I'll spend plenty of time organizing my ships into separate task forces based on speed, and micromanage every division as Germany, but that doesn't mean I don't want a UI that is still as simplified and as intuitive as possible.

Apr 2, 4. It's not purely for convenience reasons, but also for the extra RPG challenge. I like playing the role of national leader that puts faith in the generals.

After all, the a. It's a more even playing field when you're not microing everything for a kill ratio. PS: There's beauty in a perfectly designed battle plan as well. Hippob4 First Lieutenant 43 Badges. May 1, I'm more of a macro player when it comes to Grand Strategy games i. I tend to autoresolve battles in Total War doesn't help that the enemy AI is just awfully too predictable and I do enjoy how games like Endless Space 2 lets you pick tactics and watch it play out than ordering every.

I really loved HoI3 back in the days, microing every single division, as the US, Brits, and French though can't imagine microing Germany or the Soviets, oooph.

But with HoI4, I honestly would have preferred if Paradox stuck to one end than try to find some middle ground. Not that you can't find that right balance in games but looking at HoI4 3 years later and the other Paradox games like the recent Imperator, I really think HoI4 has a bit of an identity crisis.

There's too much to list but stuff like the Battle Planner sounded great in theory. Drawing up plans and letting your generals execute them autonomously sounds awesome.

Buuuuut the reality is that the game is just an incredibly tedious and frustrating work to babysit all these armies and generals because the AI constantly shrinks or expands the fronts, leaving them open to being encircled. Or how the AI will put tank divisions in swamps or assaulting mountain positions.

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