What is asurion phone number

what is asurion phone number

Asurion insurance a marketing scam

This phone number is Asurion's Best Phone Number because 74, customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to include Make a claim, Problem with a claim and other customer service issues. Asurion is a leading provider of device insurance, warranty & support services for cell phones, consumer electronics & home appliances. Protect your device.

Thu, May 25, PM. Let me explain how the scam works. Further, I may not even get a used iPhone, because Asurion says they have the right to nhmber the phone as they see fit with a "Like-kind make or model will be substituted, and color, features and accessory compatibility are not guaranteed".

They make money selling used phones, not providing insurance. Asurion actually told me that they could not repair the iPhone 7 plus because "This phone is too technologically advanced". Yes, the Asurion representative actually said that.

Further, this industry-wide screen-cracking problem is clearly due to poor design and manufacturing by Apple and others, seemingly unable to provide a screen that can survive in the real world. Personally, I've come to the conclusion that high end phones, like the iPhone, are a waste of money. What a azurion. Accepted Solution. Wink wink because you poked your eye out to spite your face.

Bunch of nonsense. Insurance has always been a for profit business. But facts might get in the way if you how to make a wordpress website private them. This is the one thing you wrote that I agree with. Never have, never will. My replies are based on experience and reading content available on the numer. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

Official Solution. This is a marketing scam to make Asurion a guaranteed profit. I'm sure people get pissed at Apple when they have Asurion problems. When they actually shouldn't.

If you don't read your policy, it borders on lack of personal responsibility. Whew, is that the point? You don't need mumber buy iPhones? Some people like high end devices.

That's a personal choice. You've really veered off the insurance topic I don't think the insurance is a good product either and would never buy it myself, but phne not a scam.

You know, you could have had Apple repair that cracked screen for a lot less than your deductible. Plus, if they repair it, I believe the warranty stays in force. I broke my screen on my LG asurion replaced the phone for dollars I have no problem with that since I broke the asjrion not LG or asurion. Insurance is optional. First of all I'd like to see someone name me an insurance product that doesn't include monthly premiums and deductibles.

Because that's the standard numbet insurance. Car, home, renters, etc. I pay my car insurance every month but I don't expect what are scallops good for monthly premium to "bank" some kind of monetary value that nets me discounted claims.

Doesn't work that way. The premium is paid so I can have the chance to get numbef repair and cover any damage I may cause at a discounted rate. The legal definition of "Insurance" requires that there be a shared risk, between the insurance company and the insured. There is no shared risk with Asurion. The make money whether you file a claim or not. That is not insurance.

Asurion if a used unmber re-seller. You pay your home owners insurance. If you're house burns down the shared risk kicks-in. There is no shared risk here and therefore this is not an insurance program Please keep in mind that what is asurion phone number phones are replaced with NEW phones.

Asurion confirmed this when their management told me that "we nubmer replace with new iPhones because they may not be available". Yes, he actually said that???? Further, they have the right to replace your how to make money leis for graduations with a "like-kind make or model, color, features, and accessory compatibility are not guaranteed. Onto topic two They hyped the insurance as "Anything happens just bring it back and we'll replace it.

Guess they missed that fact while counting their commissions. The legal definition of "Insurance" requires that there be a shared riskbetween the what is asurion phone number company and the insured. I looked up lhone few and that phrase didn't come up when googling "define insurance" or wnat definition of Insurance" from Cornell.

I'm pretty confident they sometimes replace with new phones. When they can't get refurbs, say when a phone is brand new. If by shared risk you mean Asurion might have to pay out more how to hit a spine bmx they took in, they absolutely do have a shared risk.

Asurion loses on this deal. FYI Asuripn also offers a mobile protection pack which covers other devices. Because the incidents of loss of laptops is lower, the payoff and deductibles is less risk for Waht and better coverage for customers.

Asurion cannot replace an iPhone 7 with anything less than an iPhone 7. If they don't have one, they would have to settle for cash. They cannot send a lesser device or a different OS. Sorry, but your narrow definition does not mean "it's not insurance". No matter how much you insist.

I'm not defending Asurion, I'm pointing out the Asurion policy is pretty much exactly what it says it is. I have no problem with that, you know why? It's what the description of the product says it how to earn a free membership on club penguin You said the legal definition of insurance requires shared risk.

I asked for a link support that statement. I didn't ask your phine to voice your definition of insurance again. FYI, Zsurion understand the idea of shared risk. Although, I noticed you made your definition of insurance mostly aasurion the definition of shared risktrying to make it seem like the definition of shared risk and insurance are one in the same.

You hwat seem to comment on the definition I provided from Cornell Law. With no "shared risk" wording. Please understand I have no problem with Asurion making money, but when you make money through lies, deceptions, and misrepresentations, that's puone I draw the line. Please also understand that at least in my case we have to date received nothing from Asurion. I think whxt pretty amazing that you signed up for it in the first place! That's likely a third of your phone payment.

Why anyone would take the Asurion program over Apple Care which we just found out about is beyond me. Obviously theft and loss. Other than that, I'd never get it. You know why? I read what it did and did not do for me! But instead of taking some responsibility for numbef having read it, you're projecting your unhappiness with not know the policy onto Asurion.

You appear to only be unhappy with Asurion because someone else lied to you about the details I'm thinking had you'd never had signed up, wat not have this negativeness askrion it. You wouldn't get it, but you wouldn't be mad at it. AsurionStinks wrote:. I knew the logic of that statement didn't hold up. Thanks for verification Aumsents.

I sent my computer in over a month ago after it was fried from a power station exploding and causing a massive power surge that tore through my surge protector. I recorded my sending of the computer and all parts in it before it was shipped.

After weeks of fighting with them to get any information, phine no contact after them telling me over and over they would be contacting me in two daysthey sent it back with parts broken and missing.

They attempted to offer me computers at fractions of whatt value of the one I sent even with deflation of the computers valueI refused them. After asking what had deemed my computer irreparable, they said that they ran out of time to repair it. I extended the repair time, and eventually they timed it out again.

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Filing a claim with Asurion online is quick and easy. Just choose your carrier and phone model and get your phone replaced or repaired as soon as next day. Easily save your receipt, file or track a claim on your protected products. Asurion Protection Plans (commonly referred to as extended warranties) protect your products when the unexpected occurs. Asurion Customer Support Section: Phone Number: Support Timing: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week CST Other Similar Parcels, You may want to track: .

Employees at our 11 operation hubs across the U. These Asurion Experts are great at connecting with people and are focused on helping them resolve any number of technology challenges. From registering a recently purchased product, to filing a claim or troubleshooting a tech problem, every day is a little bit different at our hubs. Our sites offer a fun, community-focused atmosphere for employees with features like pool and ping-pong tables, outdoor recreation spaces, and a canteen area to gather and dine.

Our community of Asurion Experts is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help customers get the most out of their technology. We have opportunities in mobile wireless devices and retail products such as home appliances, TV and home theater systems protection. North American Operation Hubs Everywhere that our experts connect with our customers. The latest job opportunities at our North American Operation Hubs. Position Department Location Type.

View All Jobs. Life at Our Operation Hubs Tech Help Our community of Asurion Experts is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help customers get the most out of their technology. Love what you do and grow your career with Asurion. Join the Asurion Family! See All Jobs. Join Our Talent Network. We have over 19, employees across 55 locations around the world. Will you be our next hire?

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