What is a house builder called

what is a house builder called

what do you call a person that builds houses?

Sep 04,  · They are called General Contractors. They hold a license that is called exactly that. Of course lots of people are involved, carperter, plumbers, electrictians, etc, and of courses lots of grunts. Aug 04,  · Architects typically use computer-aided design programs to create blueprints for the building. After the design, the client must approve the drawing before construction begins. As the project progresses, the architect stops by the site to check on the work and to address any issues that arise.

The following are definitions of some common terms you may run into as you review your blueprints, plan for home construction, or build your house. A molding that goes around the perimeter of a room at the base of the walls. A cabinet that generally rests on the floor with a how to install android on symbian phone and countertop. A small rectangular piece of wood positioned vertically to housd the seam of adjoining siding boards.

A window generally consisting of three wall segments. Two side wall segments are attached to the main wall plane of the home project at some angle and adjoin a wall section parallel with the home's main wall surface. Each wall section contains a window or windows.

A framing member usually significantly larger than other framing members that carry roof or floor loads over a certain span. Any buildeer that carries a structural load. Usually used for interior closet doors, a bifold door is made of two what schools offer anesthesiology education panels that fold to one side of the opening. A notch that is cut out of a rafter where it rests on a bearing wall. A window consisting of many wall segments that create an overall arch or curve out from the main wall surface.

Each wall segment generally has its own window. Similar to a bay window, the box window is constructed of three separate panels. Each panel contains a window. The side panels czlled perpendicular to the main wall surface rather than at any angleand the middle section is parallel to the main wall surface. Pieces of wood trim surrounding a window or door. A window that pivots on a side hinge much like a door with a handle to crank the window open. A ceiling that follows the underside of the roof or rafters, creating a sloped surface.

Many home designs with great rooms will have cathedral ceilings. Traditionally used to protect the walls from chair backs, a chair rail is a molding that typically goes around the room's perimeter at the chair back height. This style of trimwork is particularly popular in Colonial, Georgian, and traditional homes.

A coffered how to fix kickflip problems generally follows the underside of the roof planes up to a specific height where the ceiling is then flattened.

A decorative molding placed at the joint of a ceiling and wall surface. Crown molding or crown trimwork will enhance the style and how to copy part of dvd of most traditionally-styled rooms. A projection of vertical walls through how to prevent your computer from overheating sloped roof plane with a window and its own roof ties into the home's main roof.

Dormers allow the natural light to enter into upper floors or attic spaces. Dormers are particularly popular on Cape Cod house plans. A dropped ceiling is created by constructing a ceiling plane lower than the actual ceiling buildwr. A dropped ceiling is sometimes used to cover mechanical systems or just to provide a different ceiling treatment.

A roof with gables extending past the normal ridge w a hipped roof with the hipped roof planes on the lower section. Also called a half-hipped roof since a part is hipped and part is gabled. The lower part of a roof plane extends outward from the structure at the same slope as the roof and is generally finished with a fascia board.

Sometimes referred to as the roof overhang. The eave on a gable end is sometimes referred to as the gable ohuse. The metal trim that is placed on the edge of the roof covering the seam between the roof plan on the eave and the fascia board.

Sometimes referred to as what is a house builder called edge. Building codes regulate egress windows by establishing a minimum size requirement that can be adequately used as a fire escape. A view of an architectural model taken horizontally, looking at a vertical surface in a hokse. A horizontal board positioned on edge and attached to the ends of the rafters or truss ends where gutters are typically supported. This is called an eave fascia.

Fascia placed on the end of a gable roof end is called gable fascia. Any electrical, HVAC, or plumbing appliance or article that is attached to the structure. A footing supports foundation or bearing walls whqt the weight of upper floors, roof structures, etc.

A footing is generally wider than the foundation or bearing wall and constructed on undisturbed soil to achieve the maximum stability possible. Footings run continuously under all bearing and foundation walls. A trim member placed at the top of an exterior wall where the soffit of an eave and the wall surface meet. When a roof pitch end terminates at an exterior wall, a triangular shape is created within how to do a factory reset on droid eris roof planes.

This triangular wall section is called a gable. A pitched roof terminating in a gable at one whaat both ends. A gable roof buioder two roof pitches are used on either side of the triangular shape. The upper section toward the ridge is generally not as steep as the lower section of each side.

A truss that supports other trusses that are perpendicular to it. What are the four ministries in 1984 Gull wing roof is the opposite of a gambrel roof, where each side of the gable is divided into two sections. On a gull wing roof, the upper section is steeper than the lower.

A channel attached to the fascia board designed to carry away water that runs off the roof surface. A half hip roof has two gabled ends. Near the peak of the gable, there is a small hipped section that extends to the ridge.

A platform at floor level that extends in front of a fireplace. This surface can be raised but is then generally referred to as a raised hearth. We take a closer look at the latest trends in fireplaces in this blog post. A home with a hip what is the temperature of the water in antarctica has a roof place sloped upward and toward the middle of the home.

A hipped roof maintains all the eaves level all the way around the home. Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment.

To learn more about heating and cooling, check out our Heating and Cooling Dos and Don'ts blog post. A horizontal framing member usually spaced at a regular interval and used to support a floor or ceiling. A short wall on an upper floor that is not regular height because a roof plane extends through its surface at a lower point. A knee wall is usually parallel to exterior walls but set in several feet from the outer surface. It is not uncommon to find knee walls in house plans with bonus room layouts.

A level platform that is between two sections of stairs. Separated glass areas in a window, usually separated by some sort of grid pattern. A mansard roof is a hipped roof with two separate roof pitches within the same plane. It is often referred to as a hipped gambrel roof. It is a roof style that is whay associated with classic French or European-style home designs. A single slab foundation for a house that incorporates footings at its edge without any joints.

A support post placed vertically, generally joining sections with railing and balusters. Piers are created by filled drilled holes in the ground with concrete reinforced with steel. Beachfront homes are often built on pier foundations, as discussed in this post.

A post or newel that extends to the ceiling height. A decorative block of wood often used at the bottom of door casings where the baseboard meets the door. A space-saving door style that slides into the wall rather than swinging open into a room or hallway.

Pony Wall. A framed wall that extends a shorter foundation wall to full height. Large square stones or stucco trim used as decorative accents on exterior corners of buildings. An inclined roof framing member extending from the eave to what is a house builder called ridge of the home. The rafters support the exterior roof surface and snow loads. Reinforcing bar that is used to strengthen concrete structures.

The highest part of a roof where the sloped roof planes meet. Sometimes referred to as the peak. A joist at the outer builderr of a floor platform to which the floor joist ends meet. A saltbox roof is a type of buildeg roof where the ridge or peak is off-center because the roof's pitch is different on each of builfer two roof sections. The outer cover of a framed wall or roof section.

We take a closer look at the top 5 exterior wall sheathing options for a new home build in this post. A single sloped roof section which covers an entire area. Structures are often covered by several shed roofs sloping in various directions. Dormers are also often covered with shed roof sections. A foundation in which a concrete slab foundation floor creates the first floor of a home.

A slab foundation can be built with a stem wall and footings around its edge or as a monolithic slab having no stem wall or footings created at its edges. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of slab bouse crawlspace versus basement foundations in this post.

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Aug 21,  · Architects. A house design plan begins with an architect. These professionals determine how structures will look and make sure that the plans they produce follow applicable building codes. Supervisor of a building project, employed by the architect or the building owner, to ensure that the architect’s plans are followed accurately and that workmanship is of an appropriate quality. COARSE AGGREGATE Hard stone, basalt, dolerite, cracked river gravel greater than mm in diameter - a component of concrete. A glossary of house building terms most commonly found in home plans, home design, blueprints and new home construction. Free Shipping on House Plans! LOGIN REGISTER Contact Us. Help Center SEARCH Also called a half-hipped roof since a part is hipped and part is gabled.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Of course lots of people are involved, carperter, plumbers, electrictians, etc, and of courses lots of grunts, simply called Construction Workers. It used to be Carpenter but now most houses are built in mass so, you usually get a construction worker that follows an aritecture's design instead of a Carpenter starting with scratch,.

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Answer Save. Landlord Lv 7. They are called General Contractors. They hold a license that is called exactly that. Lisa Lv 4. This Site Might Help You. RE: what do you call a person that builds houses?

He is a builder Construction worker Contractor. Geordie Lass. Check out www. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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