What if the punisher had killed spider man

what if the punisher had killed spider man


Days later, the Punisher takes his first shot at Spider-Man. However, due to Spider-Man's spider-sense, he misses and goes back to the Jackal to brainstorm. Days later, Spider-Man is swinging. Feb 15,  · What If? # What If the Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man? [Chuck Dixon & Gordon Purcell] on solarigniters.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What If? # What If the Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man?5/5(5).

He failed at this task, and later discovered his employer, the Jackal, was trying to blackmail him. However, what if the Punisher had succeeded? As the story opens, the Punisher is speaking with a mysterious figure about the events that brought him there. An extended flashback begins, with the Jackal and Punisher on a rooftop discussing Spider-Man. The Punisher leaves in order to sever his ties with his past life and study the wall-crawler, what was britain like in the 1980s well as to prepare for what he feels will be his first big hit.

As the Punisher prepares to begin his hunt, he confronts the Jackal about his outlandish disguise. After the Punisher is convinced that his employer is just a respected member of society, he leaves, but only after wondering about an odd blonde girl that lives in the Jackal's house. Days later, the Punisher takes his first shot at Spider-Man. However, due to Spider-Man's spider-sense, he misses and goes back to the Jackal to brainstorm.

Days later, Spider-Man is swinging across the city when his spider-sense alerts him to Doctor Octopus' presence. However, as he comes closer, he realizes that it's not Doctor Octopus at all, but a dummy stuffed with explosives. Moments later, the explosives live up to their name, what channel do the bulls play on tonight Spider-Man and all his secrets lay on the ground for the world to see. The Punisher, enraged at being used like that, goes to confront the Jackal.

However, the Jackal has already left, and the police were hot on the Punisher's trail. Not only that, but New York's superhero community was none too pleased about the death of Spider-Man, and wanted to make the Punisher pay for what he did. The only ones who were pleased that Spider-Man had been swatted were his enemies who what to do for bulged disc in back felt the vengeance the Punisher wanted so badly to deliver.

Later, the Punisher learns the identity of the man who enlisted him to kill Spider-Man, and our story ends with the Punisher aiming his gun at Miles Warren, and the police aiming theirs at the Punisher. With a smirk, the Punisher claims he will meet Warren on the other side.

What If? From the cover to the ending, the story hit all the targets. The Punisher, indeed, is an angry man, hunted and betrayed. Chuck Dixon builds up a good amount of suspense before delivering the story's premise, and then paints a wide picture of the ripples it would cause through the Marvel Universe. We see Spider-Man's amazing friends seeking vengeance, Spider-Man's deadly foes seeking friendship, and the media escalating Spider-Man to legendary proportions.

A very good story. The art is also super This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:. Until how to manually set white balance earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Plot As the story opens, the Punisher is speaking with a mysterious figure about the events that brought him there.

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The Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man?" The story starts with the Punisher holding a gun to a man and telling him not to move. In flashback he thinks about how he was set on killing Spider-Man by the Jackal. As in the mainstream comics his first attempt to kill Spider-Man ended in failure. However, it did give Punisher insight on his enemies' spider sense. What If the Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man? (Table of Contents) Punisher / cover / 1 page (report information) Pencils Gordon Purcell (signed) Inks Andrew Pepoy (signed) Colors? Letters? Genre superhero Characters Punisher; Spider-Man Indexer Notes. Cover art is an homage to the cover of Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, series) # (February. Apr 17,  · People who viewed this item also viewed. Showing Slide 1 of 1 - Carousel. What If #58 The Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man Marvel Comics $ + $ shipping. What If #58 The Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man. High Grade! ASM "homage". $Seller Rating: % positive.

Marvel's What If? One such constant is Spider-Man 's commitment to not killing, which the core Peter Parker has always embraced -- but that's not the case in every reality. Find out what happened across the Marvel multiverse when Spider-Man became a killer in the pages of What If? What If? Coming to his senses, a grief-stricken Peter flees the warehouse -- but is spotted leaving, which turns the public against him even more than usual. When he tries to help, his own self-doubt keeps him from using his abilities fully out of fear that he'll lose control and kill again.

Even his attempts to save lives blow up in his face, leading to a humiliating defeat at the hands of Sandman that sees Flash Thompson be the hero. Peter gives up being Spider-Man until he's forced to put on the suit to deal with his employer: Curt Conners, aka the Lizard.

After helping restore Conners to human form, the pair have a discussion about responsibility that convinces Peter to reveal his identity to the police and face charges for manslaughter. He spends two years in prison before he's paroled for good behavior. He's greeted by May Parker, who gives him a new Spider-Man costume and encourages him to use his abilities to help people as Spider-Man once more.

A furious Peter ends up revealing his secret identity to Ben and leaves to hunt down the Burglar. Ben follows after him and arrives just in time to see Peter terrify the Burglar, sending him falling out a window to his death. Ben takes the fall for Peter and is arrested for the murder, ending up in jail. Peter ends up becoming a ward of the state and tries to give up being Spider-Man -- meaning he's not there to save John Jameson when his shuttle crashes.

Peter ends up in juvie and decides to escape, living on the streets and stealing what he needs to survive. Spider-Man still protects people, but with a more brutal edge than he has in most universes.

When the Green Goblin bombs a crowd of civilians, Spider-Man seriously injures him in a rage. Peter tries to break Ben out of prison, but his uncle convinces him to live his life and let him serve his prison sentence. Peter ends up being taken in by Mary-Jane's Aunt Anna and falling in love with MJ, and eventually forming a partnership with Ben once he's released. Ben becomes Peter's "guy in the chair" for this reality. After revealing his identity to the world in Civil War , an assassin for Kingpin arrives and fires a shot at Peter and his family.

In the core Marvel Universe, the bullet strikes Aunt May and mortally wounds her. In What If? Spider-Man goes on the warpath, telling May to take Mary-Jane's body to the Avengers so she can receive a proper burial while he goes to enact his revenge on the Kingpin.

Spider-Man follows after them and is confronted by Iron Man. Although Fisk is almost able to escape, Spider-Man reveals he has developed a way to disable Tony's Iron Man suit remotely and knocks Tony out.

Kingpin threatens to have May murdered if Peter doesn't allow Fisk to kill him, but Spider-Man simply punches a hole into Kingpin's chest, which kills him instantly. Having gotten his revenge, Peter turns himself into the authorities, with May decrying him and saying he's no longer the boy she raised.

The only time the core-Marvel Universe Spider-Man ever killed someone was Charlie, an old friend of Wolverine who tricked Spider-Man into slaying her as a form of suicide. Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man agrees, changing the path of his life -- especially after he helps Wolverine kill Russian agents Crimson Dynamo and Bora. The pair eventually save Alex and Peter elects to remain in Europe. Peter is trained by Nebo, helping increase the capability of his Spider-Sense.

He also begins a romantic relationship with Alex. Peter, Logan and Alex become a mercenary team, taking out threats and sending all proceeds to May Parker and the Xavier Insititute.

Their attacks set off a lot of internal conflict in Russia and bring down black ops forces across the globe. The Punisher by Carl Potts and Juanan Ramirez introduces a world where Spider-Man's attempts to stop the burglar end with the gun accidentally going off as the pair wrestles around, killing the Burglar. Called the "Punishing Spider" by the Daily Bugle, Peter is able to avoid killing many of his enemies, but trying to use a gun against Green Goblin proves to Spider-Man that he needs to upgrade his gear.

He creates a "Web-Shooter" that can fire uniquely designed bullets, allowing the Punishing Spider to mow down the Sinister Six when they kidnap Aunt May. When Green Goblin tries to kill her in a bid to hurt Spider-Man, Peter arrives on the scene with tech that could counter the Green Goblin suit. This allows Peter to kill him and save Gwen -- revealing his identity in the process.

Seeing the chance for a regular life, Peter tears up his costume and gives up his other identity. However, he ends up inspiring Frank Castle to take up the mantle of the Punisher after the death of his own family. By Brandon Zachary Published Apr 21, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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