What does the name kandice mean

what does the name kandice mean

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TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Why should a good education be exclusive to rich kids? Schools in low-income neighborhoods across the US, specifically in communities of color, lack resources that are standard at wealthier schools -- things like musical instruments, new books, healthy school lunches and soccer fields -- and this has a real impact on the potential of students. Dec 08,  · Thanks Travis for putting this out there! It was really what I was looking for. Thanks to Kandice Hendricks as well. I have combined the new way Microsoft did this witih a Logic App with Kandice’s version of the script and it works great! You setup all the variables in the Logic App and the runbook uses them.

I want to talk to you about my kids. Hame, I know everyone thinks that their kid is the most fantastic, the most beautiful kid that ever lived. But mine really are. I have kids, and they are the most intelligent, inventive, innovative, brilliant and powerful kids that you'll ever meet.

Any student I've had the honor of teaching in my classroom is my kid. However, because their "real" parents aren't rich and, I argue, because they are mostly of color, they will seldom get to see in themselves the awesomeness that I see in them.

Because what I see in them is myself — or what would have been myself. I am the daughter of two hardworking, college-educated, African-American kandixe who chose kxndice as public servants: my father, a minister; my mother, an educator.

Wealth was never the primary ambition in our house. Because of this lack of wealth, we lived in a neighborhood that lacked wealth, and henceforth a whaat system that lacked wealth. Luckily, however, we struck the educational jackpot in a voluntary desegregation program that buses inner-city kids — black and brown — out how to do fraction exponents without a calculator suburban schools — rich and white.

At five years old, I had to take an hour-long bus ride to a faraway place to get a better education. At five years old, I thought everyone had a life just like mine. I thought everyone went to school and were the only ones using the brown crayons to color in their family portraits, while everyone else was using the peach-colored ones.

At five years old, I thought everyone was kanndice like me. But as I got older, I started noticing things, like: How come meab neighborhood friend don't have to wake up at ,andice o'clock in the morning, and go to a kwndice that's an hour away?

How come I'm learning to play the violin while my neighborhood friends don't even have a music class? Why were my neighborhood friends learning and reading material that I had done two to three years prior? See, kamdice I got older, I started to have this unlawful feeling in my belly, like I was doing something that Wha wasn't supposed to be doing; taking something that wasn't mine; receiving a gift, but with someone else's name on it.

All these amazing things that I was being exposed to and experiencing, I felt I wasn't really supposed to have. I wasn't supposed to have a library, fully equipped athletic facilities, or safe fields to play in. I wasn't supposed to have theatre departments with seasonal plays and concerts — digital, visual, performing arts.

I wasn't supposed to kandixe fully resourced biology or chemistry nam, school buses that brought me door-to-door, freshly prepared school lunches or even air conditioning. These are things my kids don't get. You see, as I got older, while I was grateful for this amazing wnat that I was being given, there was this ever-present pang of: But what about everyone else?

There are thousands of other kids just like me, who deserve this, too. Why doesn't everyone get this? Why is a high-quality education only exclusive to the rich? It was like I had some sort of survivor's remorse. All of my neighborhood friends were experiencing an educational train wreck that I was saved from through a bus ride. I was like an educational Moses screaming, "Let my people go I'd seen firsthand how the other half was being treated and educated.

I'd seen the educational promised land, and I could not for the life of me meab the disparity. I now teach in the very same school system from which I sought refuge. I know firsthand the tools that were given to me as a student, and now as a teacher, I don't have access to those same tools to give my students.

There have been countless nights when I've cried in frustration, anger and sorrow, because I can't teach my kids the way that I was taught, because I don't have access to the same resources or tools that were used to teach me. My kids deserve so much better.

We sit and we keep banging our heads against this coes "Achievement gap, achievement gap! I mean, really. I think we've got it all wrong. I think we, as Gloria Ladson-Billings says, should flip our paradigm and our language and call it what it really is.

How do i create a vector file not an achievement gap; it's an education debt, for all of the foregone schooling resources that were never invested in the education of the black and brown child over time. A little-known secret in American history is that the only American institution created specifically for people of color is the American slave trade — and some would argue landice prison system, but that's another topic for another TED Talk.

The public school system of this country was built, bought and paid for using commerce generated from the slave trade and slave labor. While African-Americans were enslaved and prohibited from ehat, their labor established the very institution from which they were excluded.

Ever since then, every court case, educational policy, reform, has been an attempt to retrofit the design, rather than just stopping and acknowledging: we've had it all wrong from the beginning. An oversimplification nam American educational history. All right, just bear with me.

Blacks were kept out — you know, the whole slavery kaandice. With the help of philanthropic white people, they built their own schools. Separate but equal how to make acne scars disappear overnight OK.

But while we all know things were indeed separate, they were in no ways equal. Enter Brown v. But very few people pay attention to all of the court cases since then, that have undone the educational promised land for every child that Brown v. Board intended. Some argue that today our schools are now more segregated than they ever were before we tried to desegregate them in the first place.

Teaching my kids about desegregation, the Little Rock Nine, the Civil Rights Movement, is a real awkward moment in my classroom, when Kxndice have to hear the voice of a child ask, "If schools were desegregated inhow come there are no white kids here? These kids aren't dumb. They know exactly what's happening, and what's not. They whxt that when it comes to schooling, black lives don't matter and they never have.

For years, I tried desperately to cultivate in my kids a love of reading. I'd amassed a modest classroom library of books I'd accumulated from secondhand shops, thrift stores, attics — you know. But whenever I said those dreadful words, "Take maen a book and read," you'd think I'd just declared war. It was torture.

One day, after I'd heard what does the name kandice mean this eoes called DonorsChoose, where classroom teachers create wish lists of items they need for their classroom and anonymous donors fulfill them, I figured I'd go out on a limb and just make a wish list of the teenager's dream library.

Over brand-new books were sent to my room piece by piece. Every day there wnat new deliveries and my kids would exclaim with glee, "This feels like Christmas! Then they'd say, "Ms. Sumner, where did these books come from? And then I'd reply, "Strangers from all over the country wanted you to have these. And then they'd say, almost suspiciously, "But they're brand-new.

The whole experience hit home for me when kandic of my girls, as she peeled open a crisp paperback said, "Ms. Sumner — you know, I figured mfan bought these books, 'cause you teachers are always buying us stuff. But to know that a stranger, someone I don't even know, cares this much about me is pretty cool. Knowing that strangers will take care of thf is a privilege my kids aren't afforded.

Ever since the donation, there has been a steady stream of kids nxme out books to take home, and then returning them with the exclamation, "This one was good! Now when I say, "Take out a book and read," kids rush to my library. It wasn't that they didn't want to read, but instead, they'd gladly read if the resources were there. Institutionally speaking, our public school system has never done right by the black and brown child. We keep focusing on the end results or test results, and getting frustrated.

We get to a catastrophe and we wonder, "How did it get so bad? How did we get here? If you neglect a child long enough, you no longer have the right to be surprised when things don't turn out well. Stop being perplexed or confused or how to install interlocking floor tiles by the achievement gap, the income gap, the incarceration rates, or whatever socioeconomic disparity is the new "it" term for the moment.

The problems we have as a country are the problems we created as a country. The quality of your education is directly proportionate to your access to college, your access to jobs, your access to the future. Until we live how to make eyes sharp a how to change the color of sand where every kandlce can get a high-quality education no tje where they live, kandicce the color of their skin, there are things we can do on a macro level.

School funding should not be decided by property taxes or some funky economic kamdice where rich kids continue to benefit from state aid, while poor kids are continuously having food and resources taken from their what does the name kandice mean. Governors, senators, mayors, city council members — if we're going to call public education public education, then it should be just that.

Otherwise, we dofs call it what it really is: poverty insurance. If we really, as a country, believe that education is the "great equalizer," then it should be just that: equal and equitable. Until then, whzt no democracy in our democratic education. On a mezzo level: historically speaking, the education of the black and brown child has always depended on the philanthropy of others.

And unfortunately, today it still bame. If your son or daughter or niece or nephew or neighbor or little Timmy down the street goes to an affluent school, challenge your school committee to adopt an impoverished school or an impoverished classroom. Close the divide by engaging in communication and relationships that matter. When resources are shared, they're not divided; they're multiplied. And on a micro level: if you're a human being, donate.

Time, money, resources, opportunities — whatever is in your heart.

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A married teacher faces up to five years in jail after being found guilty of having sex with a year-old pupil she spotted at a school sports day and added on Snapchat to send flirty texts - as her husband held her hand and called the verdict a 'joke'.

Kandice Barber, 35, was found to have taken the underage boy to a field, kissed him on the neck next to a bale of hay and whispered, 'What do you want to do now? The mother-of-three's lawyer had claimed she was too short at just 5ft tall to have sex with the boy standing up as the teacher lied that her packed calendar meant she was 'too busy' to have slept with him. She had bombarded him with messages including one where she asked him 'Do you like boobs or bum? But Barber - who has now been bailed prior to sentencing - was found out after a topless pictures she had sent her victim was circulated around so much it ended up being passed to the head teacher of their school.

This was Barber's second trial, after she was convicted in September of sending the boy topless pictures of herself on Snapchat between September and October but acquitted of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity while in a position of trust.

Today, the supply teacher, of Wendover, Bucks, was found guilty of one count of causing or inciting a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity, as the judge warned her 'custody is inevitable'. She was found not guilty of two further counts of the same charge. Barber showed no emotion when the verdicts were announced following 10 hours and 39 minutes of jury deliberation, staring blankly across the courtroom.

Her delivery worker husband, Daniel, who was watching proceedings remotely in a side room, fumed after the guilty verdict: 'It's a joke. The two then walked hand in hand to a court office where the judge ordered them to wait until a date is set for her sentencing on Friday or next Monday.

Barber's husband, Daniel, held his wife's hand as they left court after today's guilty verdict. Mother-of-three and teacher Kandice Barber, 25, sent topless selfies to her underage victim.

Nadia Chbatt, Barber's barrister, was carrying out a different professional commitment today, and the judge gave the teacher bail and let her walk free from court before her sentencing. The judge told Barber: 'I am not going to proceed to sentence immediately. I totally accept that you should have Ms Chbatt, who was your trial counsel, present. The mother-of-three arrived alone at court today in her grey Toyota car, which featured a leopard print steering wheel and a red love heart dangling from the rear-view mirror.

Her husband arrived later. Earlier the court heard how Barber, a supply teacher at the Princes Risborough School in Buckinghamshire, had approached her victim at a sports day event when she added him as a 'friend' on social media. She then started texting the boy - said to be 'obsessed' with her - and would tell him when she was 'hopping into the shower' or 'taking a bath'.

By then Barber had arranged to meet him and had sex with him behind the back of her devoted delivery firm worker husband Daniel. In court she had lied her busy schedule on that day meant it would have been impossible. She also told the boy she would 'bring him down with her' if the relationship was discovered, and that she was pregnant with his child, the court heard. Kandice Barber who arrived at court with her husband Daniel during parts of the trial.

The jury were told of text messages between Barber and the boy. Some read:. In a previous trial in September last year at Aylesbury, Barber was convicted by a majority verdict of 10 to two of sexual communication with a child between Sep 27, , and October 20, , relating to topless pictures she sent to the same victim.

She was also convicted by the same majority verdict of causing a child to watch a sexual act by a person in a position of trust, from October 20, , to January 31, , where she sent the victim a video of herself performing a sex act while surrounded by sex toys at a time when the victim was aged 16 years.

Barber had been acquitted of one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity by a person in a position of trust during the same dates. Jurors at Aylesbury Crown Court heard previously how the teacher, who has school-age children of her own, had later met up with the boy for two other illicit trysts and sent him pictures of herself topless, which were then widely shared around the Princes Risborough School.

Richard Milne, opening the case for the prosecution, said: 'It all started at a sports evening on September 27, , when she came over to him and asked to borrow his phone. She had possession of his phone and she put her details into his Snapchat account.

He thought it was a bit weird. Barber faces a prison sentence after being found guilty of having sex with the schoolboy. Kandice Barber's internet history and phone contents were a big part of both of her trials.

Jurors heard at her first hearing mention a Snapchat folder which was password-protected called 'My Eyes Only'. Her search history was also flagged as significant by prosecutors. In September she googled 'what is the name of someone you are having an affair with?

She went on to look under the terms 'alibi', and 'when you have a plan of where you have been'. Barber had claimed she had been trying to work out the name of Fatal Attraction, a film about a married man having an affair with a woman who becomes obsessed with him.

The teacher also looked for 'a lie of where you have been' as well as 'good secluded areas' and 'Holiday Inn, Wycombe'. The court was told that Barber had sex with the boy and then later sent him topless pictures of herself, which were shown to the jury. By the start of last year, the headmaster at the Princes Risborough School had come into possession of one of the topless pictures, which were circulating along with rumours of the affair. Evidence given by other children at the school was that Barber had sent text messages to the boy asking, 'do you like boobs or bum?

In another message she told him: 'When I'm teaching you, let's see if we can make each other the horniest we can without the others knowing'. Daniel Barber, Kandice's husband, had appeared as a witness in her defence twice where he described her as his 'rock' and said their relationship was 'as strong as ever', pointing out to jurors that he had matching tattoos with his wife of four years.

Barber's mother, Dawn Green, had also appeared to defend her in the first trial, stating the mother-of-three had told her 'I know I have been silly mum' but said she believed her daughter after she swore on her life that no sexual activity had taken place with the boy. Barber and her husband Daniel in happier times before the arrest and court cases happened. A social worker attended Barber's home on March 13, , and assessed her, because she lived with young children including her husband's two from previous relationships but during the visit Barber accepted having sent a naked picture to the boy.

Kandice Barber had arrived at Princes Risborough School just after 6. But she found officers and a police car waiting for her before any of the children had arrived for the day ahead. They had been tipped off by headteacher Nicholas Simms who spoke to the boy a day earlier to confirm rumours of what had happened. DC Parker told how Barber had looked like she was going into shock as the was detained. The office told the jury: 'I arrested her on suspicion of abuse of trust and sexual activity with a child.

Under interview Barber had a written statement which said: 'I categorically deny that I have ever had sexual intercourse with this boy. I have never seen him naked and he has never seen me naked. Mr Milne told the jury: 'She said that she was going through a bad patch with her husband, that she was pregnant but lost the child, they wanted another but it was not happening.

The boy had paid her attention and she had let her guard down and started to talk to him. The court heard how the social worker had visited Barber again and the defendant had asked that what she had said not be included in any official reporting, adding she would deny having said it.

In a video interview with police given on March 11 last year, the boy claimed the two had continued messaging for months after he turned 16 years old, only stopping because the school staff found out. The complainant added that when called in to speak to his headmaster, he had initially denied that he had sex with Barber.

Speaking to a member of the child abuse team at Aylesbury police station, the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: 'She said that if I was going to snitch, snake on her basically, she was going to bring me down with her. I was like, are you going to accuse me of rape? She was like, dot dot dot. Obviously I got angry and I did not talk to her after that. Barber was arrested on March 12 last year and during the interview she produced a prepared statement where she denied having sex with the boy, claimed her pregnancy was widely known around the school - although she later lost the baby and the father was her husband.

Barber was found guilty of one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity between September 27 and October 20 In a previous trial she was convicted of sexual communication with a child between those same dates and causing a child to watch a sexual act by a person in a position of trust from October 20 to January 31 Jennie Laskar-Hall of the Crown Prosecution Service said: 'Barber used her position as a teacher and as a trusted member of the community to abuse a teenage boy in her care.

Following her arrest, Barber claimed the only reason she had googled the word 'alibi' and 'lie where you have been' as she had watched the movie Fatal Attraction. She suggested online searches for 'secluded areas' were to find new locations to walk her dog. She also claimed a file on her phone 'for my eyes only' featuring topless photographs was intended for her husband. The ex-boyfriend of disgraced supply teacher Kandice Barber has revealed how their relationship ended over her sexual demands, declaring 'It was too excessive'.

Barber, 35, was convicted on one count of causing or inciting a child aged under 16 to engage in a sexual act after becoming involved with a pupil at the school where she worked. She was cleared of two other counts of the same charge. The teacher was found to have taken the underage boy to a field, kissed him on the neck next to a bale of hay and whispered, 'What do you want to do now?

At a trial last year, Barber was convicted of sending a topless picture of herself to the boy and a video in which she was pleasuring herself with a sex toy. Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the former partner, who didn't want to be named, said details that were revealed during the two trials led him to draw parallels with Barber's sexual conduct during their time together.

Kandice Barber and her ex-partner cuddle up at a music festival in happier times in their relationship. The ex-boyfriend said he couldn't keep up with her 'excessive' sexual demands. Barber, 35, seen left arriving at court and right posing for the camera was today convicted of one count of causing or inciting a child aged under 16 to engage in a sexual act. Costume fan Barber dressed up as a Ghostbuster alongside Wolverine-donning ex-boyfriend during their two-year relationship together, before they separated over her sexual needs.

He said: 'When I heard about the video and picture she'd sent this lad and where they had sexual contact, it reminded me of our relationship. I thought that sounds like Kandice. I can't believe how stupid she's been. Barber's ex says she also did modelling work, looking demure for the camera in this photo. He met Barber on dating site Plenty of Fish, claiming that their relationship was dominated by her 'huge sex drive' with her demanding sex up to six times per day, often in unusual places.

He recalled: 'She liked doing it outside, sometimes in the car, the garden or in woods. We'd be driving somewhere, and she'd say, 'pull over, I'm feeling horny. Everyone has got their personal needs and that sort of stuff got her excited but by the end of it I couldn't be bothered, I'd just had enough. It was too excessive. He added: 'Kandice is a wonderful girl, a great mother and overall, very law abiding.

During our time together she never got so much as a parking ticket. But when it came to sex, she was just incredibly frisky and that's what got her into all this trouble.

He revealed that Barber was an avid pole dancer who regularly performed for him in the garage of her home in Kent, where she lived at the time and had erected a permanent pole, wearing skimpy clothing. He recalled: 'Kandice said she pole danced for fitness reasons but there was always more to it. She'd wear hot pants and a sexy bra when she would do it and we'd often end up making love afterwards.

The 'frisky' supply teacher at a party where she dressed as Amy Winehouse. Her ex said their relationship was dominated by her 'huge sex drive' with her demanding it six times a day.

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