What does it mean when your belly button smells

what does it mean when your belly button smells

Why Does my Belly Button Smell?

Jan 20, Poor hygiene is the most common cause of belly button smell. Most belly buttons are indented so act as a trap for sweat, dead skin, and dirt. Few people wash the Author: Claire Sissons. Mar 23, Sometimes a stinky belly button can be a symptom of a condition that needs medical attention, such as an infection or cyst. Look for other symptoms that .

Do you ever wonder why your belly button smells? From the point of view of your health, it could indicate a simple discharge or a medical issue. The smell from your navel may mean poor hygiene or infection. It is especially common for people who have belly button piercings. What is that so? Piercings, before they have healed, may become infected or bleed, which causes wounds. Symptoms like warmth or moistness in the area of your navel can mean you have a problem that needs to be medically addressed.

Bacteria live and thrive in the navel. A smell from your belly button could be caused by a developing wound, fungal infection, the improper healing what kind of stem cells are in cord blood a belly button what does it mean to dream about teeth or a buildup of sweat and dirt.

This can attract bacteria, which buutton to infection. Bruised skin in the navel can also produce a bad odor. Now that you know what the smell could mean, here are the causes of belly button smell. Bacterial activity in the navel will cause symptoms including warmth, foul smell and at times a discharge. You may even have a pus-like discharge, which worsens the situation by introducing more bacteria.

Crusty belly button from yeast infection. Yeast infections are sometimes referred to as fungal infections. A common sign is a foul odor. Candida albicans is a fungus that thrives in warm, moist areas like the navel.

This may cause the smell. Other signs of a yeast or fungal infection of your navel include:. Some women report that they have a foul odor from their navel during their period or pregnancy. What causes that?

And why does it occur only at those times? During your period and pregnancy, your body metabolism increases, making you sweat more. Infection also causes more smell from the navel.

If you are pregnant and the belly button area is sore or bruised, consult a dermatologist for diagnosis how to check active database connections in oracle treatment.

Surgeries generally heal and leave scabs on your skin. But discharge and infection can also follow surgeries in the stomach region. Gall bladder removal and tubal ligation procedures may also cause an how to stop dog anxiety chewing from your navel, according to Med Guidance. High blood pressure or diabetes may worsen navel health. The smell of the discharge in these cases resembles fish or rotting how to remove ink from purse lining, and it may even LOOK somewhat like cottage cheese.

Types of patent urachus. This is a tube smellss connects the umbilicus and bladder, to aid with waste excretion in buthon first trimester. A bad smell emanating from the umbilical may be caused by a uour cyst or patent urachus. Infections that occur in this opening may cause odor, along with clear, green or yellow discharge. Infected piercing in the navel. HealCure reports that one sign of an infection in the navel after a piercing is a discharge or foul odor.

It is most likely infected if the drainage is yellow or green. Wounds from navel piercings may turn into crusty scabs or abscesses.

In addition to a bad smell, you may experience itchiness, piercing bumps and pain or bleeding around your piercing hole. Be sure to clean the area well with an antiseptic or rubbing alcohol to prevent spreading or growth. Does your navel have a discharge? Skin infections in this area may cause discharge and drainage from the navel.

White discharge from infected belly button. One of the deepest what does it mean when your belly button smells odors is often described as smelling like a bowel movement. In most cases, a foul odor that smells like poop is due to dead skin cells rotting in the ssmells. This causes an increase in the activity of bacteria, which leads to that horrible smell coming from your navel.

You may describe the smell from your belly button as being whne that of rotting fish or cheese. If your navel smells like this, it may be for the same basic reasons as those who have a navel odor that smells like a bowel movement. The odor is deeply foul and may arise from increased fungal and bacterial activity, an infection and possibly some discharge that was not properly cleaned out.

If this problem persists, consult your physician for a thorough treatment or cleaning to rid yourself of the buildup of bacteria in your umbilical fold. Whether you treat the infections buttno or medically, smeells can be odor-free. They each have ingestible medicine and topical creams that WILL work, as long as you are using the right one. Here are some ways to reduce odor from the navel and get rid of its causes:. Aside from natural remedies, the best thing to do to keep ypur navel smelling fine is to keep it clean.

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10. Patent Urachus

Dec 04, This probably won't be the case if you have an outie bellybutton, but if you have an innie, then odor can totally happen. "The physical structure of an 'innie' bellybutton puts it at risk for a variety of infections," says Joshua Zeichner, MD, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Jun 10, The most common sign of yeast infection in the belly button is a foul odor. Candida albicans, a fungus that survives in damp and warm places like the navel, can cause the unpleasant smell coming from your belly button. Aside from the navel hole, this fungus can also live in the mouth and cause bad breath. Oct 15, If your belly button smells bad, it could be from bacteria that has collected in there. Depending on the type of bacteria, it can give off an unpleasant odor, especially if its mixed in with sweat. You may notice your belly button smells worse after you have been exercising or sweating.

Why does my belly button smell, stink and pain is a weird question? Not commonly faced by all But are faced by a few. Smelly and stinky belly button are due to discharge and cysts. Also, I will explain you in detail how to clean your belly button as a preventive measure.

Let us just have a look at some of the commonly faced problems around your navel or belly button, whatever you call it!! The answer is very simple. It is because you have a poor hygiene and health conditions.

It is a medical concern and it should be treated. Your navel can smell like a cheese or a rotten fish. However, it can be treated, if you follow some regular hygienic practices.

At worst cases, your navel becomes itchy and even there can even be discharges of pus and blood. A stinky belly button can always mean anything ranging from a fungal or a yeast infection or simply an infection due to the accumulation of sweat or dirt. Therefore, just know the causes that will be mentioned below. You may definitely get ideas, after going through this article. Photo Credits: Robert McDonald. Here are some of the reasons for why your navel or belly button smell?.

Hope these causes helps you to understand the answer to your query, why does my belly button smell? Belly Button discharge is caused by fungal or yeast infections. When your navel acts as a perfect place for overgrowth of these micro-organisms, they lead to brown, white, yellow or other dark discharges. It also leads to pus-filled blisters, swollen navel or redness around the affected area. Some of the other symptoms also include,.

At any case, do not scratch your navel. Because this will only increase your problems and will increase the growth of fungus and yeast infections.

Some of the other reasons for belly button discharge are as follows:. Urachal is a duct that connects the fetus to the umbilical cord just above the bladder. Generally, they close after birth, but for some, they remain open and lead to the formation of cysts.

These travel up to the belly button and cause unwanted mucus or urine discharges. They are highly infectious and can cause various diseases, if not treated properly. Another cause of discharge and pain is the presence of a Benign cyst on the belly button. These have a foul smelling discharge when they are infected. These cysts lead to infection of tissues in the navel area.

Though they are not of great issues, they can prove to be dangerous when they are disturbed by scratching with rough materials. Note : People who have recently had an abdominal surgery or umbilicus surgery are also at risk for these infections. So too are those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, are morbidly obese or have an overexposure to the sun. Some of the tips that I am going to mention can help you get rid of a belly button.

Here I give you both the natural, as well as the common medications that are used to get rid of poop like or smell of an anus in belly buttons. The most common mistake committed is to apply lotions and other creams that are of high moisture content. They provide a conducive environment for the micro-organisms to thrive easily and encourage bacterial growth. Now apply the OTC antibiotic cream prescribed by your doctor over the infected area. Repeat this until you witness changes. From the above tips and measures, you come to know that it is easy to treat a belly button pain and smell.

The most important thing is that you take care of it instantly before it becomes a huge problem. If you have a belly button smell or pain, there are some measures you should and should not do to clear up the region. Remember the above remedies are proven ones for navel discharge and smell navel. And the tips on how to clean your belly button gives you better results when you like to prevent it from future.

I Hope these tips are useful to clear up the problems regarding your navel discharge and you got the answer for why does my belly button smell, stinky and pain.

Follow these tips and feed your comments in the section given below. Meet you all with yet another good article again. Anantha Krishnan is a well known Consultant.

His main goal is to make people understand the simplest of scientific things and provide valuable information about health to every members of the world through his writing. Belly Button Discharge 2. Urachal Cyst 3. Antifungal or Anti-Bacterial Topical Creams 2.

Try Saline Water Solution 3. Rub Your Navel with Alcohol 4. Tea Tree Oil 6. Apply an Ice Pack 7. Avoid Junk, Hot and Spicy Foods 9. Try Simple Shower Anantha Krishnan Anantha Krishnan is a well known Consultant. View all posts. You may also like.

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