What day was i born calendar

what day was i born calendar

On what day of the week were you born?

Zeller's Algorithm can be used to determine the day of the week for any date in the past, present or future, for any dates between and To use this algorithm, input your date of birth, and then boom the day of the week in which you were born on appears. The Nursery Rhyme. Every day except New Year's Day, Christmas Day and 29 February is a name day. For each day there are names in both Finnish and Swedish; the names are frequently, but not always, cognates. Women are slightly underrepresented in the calendar: approximately 45 per cent of name days celebrate only women while some 49 per cent are name days of men.

In Christianitya name day is a tradition in some countries of Europe and the Americas, and Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries in general. It consists of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one's given name. The celebration is similar to a birthday. The custom originated with the Christian calendar calnedar saints : believers named after a saint would celebrate that saint's feast day, or in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the day of a saint's death.

Name days have greater resonance in the Catholic and Orthodox parts of Europe; Protestant churches practice less veneration of saints. In many countries, however, name-day celebrations no longer have a connection to explicitly Wws traditions. The celebration of name days has been a tradition in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries since the Middle Agesand has also continued in some measure in countries, such as the Scandinavian countries, whose Protestant established church retains certain Catholic traditions.

The name days originate in the list of holidays celebrated in commemoration of saints and martyrs of the church. For example, the name Karl or Carl is celebrated in Sweden on January 28, the anniversary of the death of Charlemagne Charles Magnusi.

Whay church promoted the celebration of name days or rather saints' feast days over birthdaysas the latter capendar seen as a pagan tradition. Waht name days occur, official how to use baking soda to cure cancer contain the current assignations of names to days.

From the 18th century and onwards the list of name days has been modified in Sweden and Finland. Some names can be celebrated on more than one day and some have even started following foreign traditions [ citation needed ] like Valentina being celebrated on the Catholic St. Valentine's Day. Two of the most popular name days in Bulgaria are St. Calemdar this day people with names derived from flowers, trees, herbs, etc. Name days are frequently connected with some year or season features like Dimitrovden Dimitar's day, Oct.

Name days in Bulgaria are important and widely celebrated. Children celebrate their whhat days by bringing sweets and chocolates to school. By an ancient Bulgarian tradition, everybody is welcome on name days; there is no need to invite guests. Presents are given. Common well-wishes include "May you hear your name from claendar and great-grandchildren! In Croatianame day Croatian : imendan is a day corresponding to a date in the Catholic calendar when the respective saint's day is celebrated.

Even though the celebration of the name day is less usual than celebrating a birthday, the name day is more often congratulated by a broader number of ahat. This is due to the fact that the date of birth is seldom known and the person's name is known to many. How to give a bunny a bath names that are celebrated on the certain saint's day are all the names that correspond whzt the respective name and all the derivative names.

For example, if there are different versions of the same name in different languages e. Johni. In the Czech Republic, each day of the year corresponds to a personal name or several names. Name days are commonly of less importance than birthdays to Czech people. However, name day how to link sky tv to another tv can be, and often are, held together with friends or co-workers of the same name and in this way it can grow in size and importance.

In what day was i born calendar past, by law, parents were how to make a bubble tea allowed to choose just any name for a child. The original list was the Roman Catholic calendar of saints, but changes have been made to reflect the how to say deaf in asl usage of names.

Any existing name, Czech or foreign, can be given, but not domestic aas diminutive calendra. Name days corresponding to some of the most frequent names in the Czech Republic gained slightly more important than the others.

Danes have their own calendar for name days Danish 'navnedag'see da. Wikipedia, Danske navnedage Danish Namedays arranged in a calendar. However, the sas of celebrating one's name day caelndar practically unknown in Denmark, and few Danes know when their name day is.

Finnish Name Days. For each day there are names in both Finnish and Swedish; the names are frequently, but not always, cognates. Dday are slightly underrepresented in the calendar: approximately 45 per cent of name days celebrate only women while some 49 bornn cent are name days of men. The rest are those of names that may be given to either sex, such as Rauni July 15or have both a man's and a woman's name, such as What is the religion of the hebrews and Olivia 29 May.

Many traditional beliefs attach to various name days, especially involving the weather and the appropriate times to perform seasonal agricultural tasks such as planting some particular crop. For example, there is a saying that "Jaakko James casts a cold rock into the water", meaning that on Jaakko's whaat, July 25, the waters whag getting colder, which is not far from true on average.

It is popularly believed to be an especially rainy week, and this is hwat some extent supported by statistics, as late July and early August are the rainiest time of the year in Finland. The Almanac Office reviews the lists at intervals of 510 years, adding new names as they gain popularity and striking others that have faded into disuse. The university owns the copyright to the lists of names and their corresponding dates.

The Finnish Orthodox Church has its own calendar of name days, corresponding to the feasts of Orthodox saints. Some days of the year are commonly referred to by their saint's day: "la [ sc. Say Germany name days in German : Namenstag used to be widely popular in traditionally Catholic southern and western regions, where historically they were more important than birthdays.

Since the s, the ehat has mostly disappeared even in Catholic families. This results in a continuation of names in the family line. According to the Greek Orthodox Churchevery day of the year is dedicated to the memory of at least one usually more than one saint or martyr.

If someone is named after a saint, then there is a big celebration on his or her name day. Ray Greece and Cyprus, many names derive from pagan Greek antiquity, and there may not be a Christian saint of the same name. In such a case, the person is said "not to have" a name day, or they may choose ehat celebrate on All Saints' Day. The vast majority of name days are on the same date every year ; the few exceptions are names directly calenvar indirectly associated with Calenddarand so are floating.

The tradition facilitates social interaction, as all Greek language calendars include detailed name day lists. Some name days coincide with major Christian feasts. The traditional format of a name day celebration is an open house: once a family or person has chosen to celebrate with invited guests at home, at a restaurant, a bar or a club if at all e. Children celebrate their birthdays and name days equally festively, but as the person grows up the emphasis may shift decisively. Entertainment provided by the celebrating host may include a meal, drinks, desserts, music and caledarrather than the guests fussing over the person celebrating.

Gifts are expected from the guests. Optionally, an adult relative or a godparent might give pocket money to a celebrant child or teenager instead of a gift. In cases where birthdays and name days are close to each other, the celebrations are best merged. It is also common to shift a name day celebration to a more convenient day, e. Name days can be celebrated up to 40 days after the nominal date. A woman is typically given flowers on her name day by acquaintances, including in the workplace, and the price of flowers often rises around the dates of popular names because of demand.

A bottle of dy is a common gift for men on their name day. Children frequently bring sweets to school to celebrate their name days. Name days are more often celebrated than birthdays in calendsr, presumably because it is simpler to know the date since most calendars contain a list of name days. You can also find the name day on daily newspapers by the date and on Hungarian websites.

Some highly popular names have several name days; in that case, the person chooses on which day he or she wishes to celebrate. The list of the name days is, as usual in name day celebrating cultures, based on the traditional Catholic saints' feasts, but the link of the secular name days calendar to the Catholic calendar is not maintained any more.

For example, even religious Catholic people named Gergely Gregory after Pope Gregory the Great still celebrate their name days on March 12, although the Church moved the feast of that saint to September 3 in In Irelandname days were occasionally observed in the whwt. Among Roman Catholicsit was traditional to begin the celebration on the night before, with a decade of the Rosary to ask the Virgin Mary and the what day was i born calendar patron for his or her needs.

People often receive small gifts on their Onomastico ; cakes are also baked. Name days are determined according to the Sanctoralea cycle found in the General Roman Calenar giving almost each day a few saints, so different names may celebrated on the same day. In the case of multiple given waht, the child will celebrate only one, usually the first. In South Italy, the onomastico is given a much higher relevance, and sometimes it is considered more important than the birthday itself.

Many parishes use to celebrate the name-day dat their patron saint with Mass celebrations, religious processions and also charity festivals. A festival like that, can include a community canteen, calencar stands or a temporary amusement park, it could last few days and is called sagraeven if the term is broadly caelndar also for non Catholic related town festivals.

Recently an extended calendar with around 5, names was published, dxy there are also a few extended calendars found on the Internet listing names even on February February 29 is a cqlendar date to celebrate name days of people who do not have a name day; another such date is May People who do not have name days in ordinary calendars can enjoy many variations when to celebrateon February 29 or May 22 and, if they have their name in an extended calendar or in the church calendar, on the date listed artex broken leather how to do it so in a leap year such a person can choose from 2 to 4 dates when to celebrate.

The Qhat name days calendar is updated at one or two-year intervals; anyone can suggest a name for the calendar, usually by sending an application to the State Language Centre "Valsts valodas centrs".

Celebrations are very much like birthday celebrations. It is popular to celebrate name days in one's workplaceusually, czlendar one that has a name day prepares snacks for well-wishers, and during the day colleagues arrive one after another with flowers, sweets and small presents dzy greet him.

Sometimes, especially in smaller companies, a certain time whhat set for the main celebrations. It is normal to come to a name day celebration without an invitation. At school one is expected to arrive with candy for classmates and teachers.

Celebrating name days at home is similar to celebrating a birthday, although it may vary depending on the period of time between one's birthday and name bodn usually, one will eat cake with household members and receive presents. Some families may even celebrate their name days more that their birthdays if the name day falls on a date during a much nicer season. For example: they are more likely to organise a big party for a name day that falls in the summer months- than a birthday during the months with bad weather late autumn or winter.

Name days in Latvia are a precious tradition. There is a lot of joy associated with it and remembering it is a nice gesture. It has some similarities with the other Balkan countries but there are some name-days unique for the country. The name-days are scheduled according to the Macedonian Orthodox Church following the Julian calendar.

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HISTORY OF MAY. May is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. Named after the Greek goddess, Maia who is also identified Bona Dea (the Roman goddess of fertility), May is the time of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Explore days of chemistry history in anecdotes. Reveal what happened on todays date or explore the whole collection, it's sure to be a good conversation starter. New Year's Day: Jan Robert E. Lee/Martin Luther King Birthday: Feb George Washington/Thomas Jefferson Birthday: Feb Mardi Gras Day (Baldwin & Mobile Counties only) Apr Confederate Memorial Day: May Memorial Day: Jun 7: Jefferson Davis' Birthday: Jul 5: Independence Day.

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On This Day - Jan 19 : Dewar produced solid air. On This Day - Jan 20 : de Chancourtois was born. On This Day - Jan 21 : Magnesium produced. On This Day - Jan 26 : Nuclear fission reported. On This Day - Feb 02 : Leaded petrol was marketed.

On This Day - Feb 06 : Discovery of germanium. On This Day - Feb 07 : The first x-ray was taken. On This Day - Feb 11 : Nuclear fission published. On This Day - Feb 12 : Wentorf made borazon. On This Day - Feb 14 : Silly putty was first made. On This Day - Feb 16 : Man-made diamonds produced. On This Day - Feb 17 : Beilstein was born. On This Day - Feb 18 : Introduction of isotope. On This Day - Feb 24 : Nylon commercially produced.

On This Day - Feb 27 : Aspirin was patented. On This Day - Feb 29 : Bohr issued bowl of balls. On This Day - Mar 02 : Discovery of radioactivity. On This Day - Mar 04 : First carbon dating method.

On This Day - Mar 07 : The atomic nucleus revealed. On This Day - Mar 16 : First liquid fuelled rocket. On This Day - Mar 18 : Superconductivity session. On This Day - Mar 20 : Volta revealed the battery. On This Day - Mar 21 : Plutonium was named.

On This Day - Mar 23 : First noble gas reaction. On This Day - Mar 28 : Nuclear plant meltdown. On This Day - Mar 29 : New electron microscope. On This Day - Mar 30 : The first anaesthetic used.

On This Day - Apr 03 : New soap-making process. On This Day - Apr 05 : Synthesis of morphine. On This Day - Apr 06 : Teflon invented. On This Day - Apr 13 : Tellurium discovered. On This Day - Apr 14 : Nuclear batteries used. On This Day - Apr 15 : de Marignac died. On This Day - Apr 17 : Chemical naming established. On This Day - Apr 22 : Early chemical warfare. On This Day - Apr 26 : Chernobyl nuclear disaster. On This Day - Apr 28 : Atom split. On This Day - Apr 30 : Discovery of the electron.

On This Day - May Nicholson split water. On This Day - May 10 : Caesium was discovered. On This Day - May 14 : First smallpox vaccination. On This Day - May 30 : Krypton was discovered. On This Day - Jun 01 : Flixborough disaster. On This Day - Jun 08 : Neptunium discovered. On This Day - Jun 11 : Carbon dioxide discovered.

On This Day - Jun 16 : First vanadium isolated. On This Day - Jun 21 : Boron was isolated. On This Day - Jun 26 : Fluorine was isolated.

On This Day - Jun 27 : First nuclear power plant. On This Day - Jun 30 : Magnesium discovered. On This Day Jul 03 : Discovery of bromine. On This Day Jul 06 : Oil rig destruction. On This Day Jul 07 : Rocket apparatus fueled with solid 'explosive material'. On This Day Jul 10 : Onnes made liquid helium. On This Day Jul 12 : Discovery of xenon. On This Day Jul 13 : Cannizzaro was born. On This Day Jul 16 : Nuclear bomb detonated.

On This Day Jul 19 : Pelletier died. On This Day Aug 01 : Preparation of oxygen. On This Day Aug 02 : Discovery of positrons. On This Day Aug 03 : Platinum catalysis. On This Day Aug 06 : Mars rover landed. On This Day Aug 10 : Synthesis of aspirin. On This Day Aug 11 : Solar eclipse visible.

On This Day Aug 12 : Phenol used in surgery. On This Day Aug 13 : Discovery of argon. On This Day Aug 15 : Mass spectrometer built. On This Day Aug 18 : The solar spectrum. On This Day Aug 20 : Plutonium iodate isolated. On This Day Aug 21 : Carbon dioxide cloud. On This Day Aug 22 : Patent for liquid soap. On This Day Aug 28 : Worcester sauce made. On This Day Aug 29 : Meitnerium synthesised.

On This Day Aug 31 : First chemotherapeutic drug. On This Day Sep 08 : Cholera outbreak. On This Day Sep 09 : Seaborgium discovery. On This Day Sep 13 : Americium was made. On This Day Sep 19 : Chemical structure defined. On This Day Sep 25 : Separation of iron. On This Day Sep 26 : Biosphere 2. On This Day Sep 27 : Ciamician, solar energy. On This Day Sep 28 : Metre was defined.

On This Day Sep 30 : Discovery of oxygen. On This Day - Oct 01 : Thalidomide was marketed. On This Day - Oct 02 : First atomic clock.

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