Need for speed carbon how to get money

need for speed carbon how to get money

I need more money, can I get infinite cash somehow?

Top Voted Answer. The cheat codes don't provide a lot of money. If you're on a PC, you could use a trainer to set lots of money. Since the game has a "my cars" garage, that doesn't involve using. 0. The two ways I have found to make money in campaign mode after completing the campaign are: Redo races. You complete races again to earn $ per win, and with Neville and Samson as crew members, you can earn an extra $ per win. Rival crew member challenges. Winning a challenge from a rival crew member will net you $.

Nikki - Defeat all 3 beginning bosses. Yumi - Defeat Kenji or Bushido. You can unlock cool tier 3 muscle, exotic, and tuner cars when going against the "Stacked Deck" club. Custom Car Unlock: Plymouth 'cuda. Complete career mode with any car class to unlock 5 bonus cars, including the Audi Quattro Le Mans Racing car. There is a very simple way to get away from the cops - hit pause and hit jump to safehouse. Now you're innocent, baby.

If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: This code can only be used once. Buy a Chevrolet corvette Z06 and accelerate as soon as you start the canyon race. You'll pass him in about secs. Maintain your lead for 10secs and you finished. First go to the car lot. If you have unlocked it, buy the Lamborghini Mercilago.

It is the fastest car in the game, and is the best for everything except drifts. The best car for drifts that is really fast is the Lamborghini Gallarado. It has better handling than the Mercilago. When you are in a canyon duel and are following Kenji, Wolf, Angie, or Darius just push them off the road and you will win automatically. You have to have patience though because they will try to stop. Although Darius may what is the meaning of ebenezar hard to beat, anyone can own him if they time it right.

First, get a tuner car. Second, make sure it's performance is maxed out. Third, bear all the races before Darius's Canyon Duel. After you pass the 2 hairpins, there will be a road that slightly crooks to the left. After this, there will be a wide left turn that doesn't have a breakable wall. Darius will brake and take the inside of this corner.

You should take this opportunity to gain speed, drive on the corner's outside lane, and pass him up. Hold out for 10 more seconds and you'll win the race in the 1st leg! NOTE: This trick doesn't work every single time. I had to do it over for about 5 times before I actually passed him up. If you don't get it the first time, don't worry, just restart until you can get it. When you go against an opposition on a canyon duel, try to get ahead of him. If you can then try and not let them pass for 10 secs.

If you succeed, you will not have to do the second part of the duel. But remember, if you collide with your opposition, the computer takes 5, points off your score. This is a simple hint that enables you to easily beat Darius. Works best with muscle cars. As soon as the race starts floor it.

When coming up on the first turn get on the inside of him and wait until he hits the brakes and then tap'em a couple of times. Don't be afraid to hit Darius. As soon as your halfway straight out of the turn, nail it and try to hold him off for 10 seconds. NOTE: Be sure to max out your car and have patients; cause it wont work every time.

When the map is blinking red, the cops are chasing you but haven't found you yet. So before they find you back up to a wall and just sit there - even if the cop is right there they wont catch you or see you. Eventually they will drive away. Then go to your safe house and go look at the car that you bought and the value of the car will be more than you bought it for.

So when you sell it you will get money from that. Keep doing that the more money you get. To lose your heat quick use this hint.

Make sure you have autosave on. Turn off your ps2 and then turn it back on. You should see you did not lose that race or your settings. When you are driving an old muscle car, go as fast as you can in reverse, turn the steering wheel to one side full lock while what type of gas is oxygen the car full throttle in 1st gear.

The car will flip over sideways and land on its tires perfectly. This is a cool trick to show off beet greens how to cook. Kinda pointless though. Whenever you get a speedtrap race use Neville to block your opponents before the speedtrap because this will stop the cars, causing them to have a lower total than you.

But it has to be done right! Go to the performance shop, press square and look in your shopping cart and every item will be as high as possible! Just hold the NOS button after you hit the spikestrip. When the cops are searching for you, hold down L1 and R1 at the same time. They will think you're one of the normal law-abiding cars and pass you.

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CHEAT ENGINE DOWNLOAD: you sick of being poor in Need For Speed Carbon? Watch this video and learn how to get billions of cash. Mar 08,  · Ctrl+3 - Drift Multiplier x20 When activated, all your drifting points will get multiplied by Ctrl+4 - Money Hack Enter the amount of cash you want, go into free roam, hit ctrl+4 and return to. Easy money. Once you have completed Career mode, set Samson as your wingman with Neville also in your crew. You can repeat any races you have already completed in which a wingman is used and recieve $ for each race completed instead of the $ without. This can also be used on first time races for maximum cash output. Easy wins.

At the "Click to continue" screen or main menu, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Entering a code incorrectly will require the game to be restarted. At the "Press A Key" screen, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:. Successfully complete the indicated event s in the Challenge Series to unlock the corresponding car:. Successfully complete the indicated area in the listed career to unlock the corresponding part package:.

Once you have completed Career mode, set Samson as your wingman with Neville also in your crew. This can also be used on first time races for maximum cash output. Enable the "Infinite nitrous" and "Infinite SpeedBreaker" codes. Keep using SpeedBreaker and nitrous through the entire race.

This will make it an unfair slow motion race, which is very long but a sure win. To boost the effects, enable the "Infinite crew charge" code as well and have a drafter as active. Then, use your drafter during the entire race. It is faster, but still painfully long. In races where crew members are used, use a scout Yumi if possible.

If you do not win the race, your scout usually will. In Career mode, choose the Exotic class. Neville, Colin, and Nikki should still have exotic cars. Choose one of them and do any race where you can use your wingman. You should get an easy win. When the police are looking for you but have not yet found you when the map blinks red , back up against a wall.

The cops will go past, but will not catch or see you. They will then drive away. Activate Speed Breaker. While in Speed Breaker, press Hand Brake to do a wicked turn-around. Use NOS while accelerating out of the turn-around to gain quick distance between you and the cops. Go into "My Crew" then choose a crew member. Select the "View Car" option, then customize it. You can paint it whatever color desired, and because your crew members cars are not tuned you can buy them performance parts for free.

After you complete the first three territories Kempton, Downtown, and Fortuna , a new territory will be unlocked. In this territory, win two races in the area to the far left Silverton to unlock the "67' Shelby GT ".

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