How to upholster an open back chair

how to upholster an open back chair

How to Reupholster Chairs

Jan 24,  · If worn or stained, remove old batting from chair back and seat. Check springs and webbing for damage and repair if necessary. Sand, prime, and paint the frame or legs if desired; let dry. Cut a piece of 1/2-inch-thick batting to cover the chair back and seat, if needed. Cover the chair back first, stapling it Time: 24 hrs. Reupholstering involves selecting the material you want to use, re-padding the chair, and attaching the new upholstery, then putting the furniture back together if and as needed so that it's ready for use.

Hello friends! At the end of the first post :. Please be aware that affiliate links are used in this post. That means that clicks or opeh from the links in this post may result in a commission for me at no cost to you. For more information, see my Privacy Policy. Once you have chosen your fabric see the first post in this series and it arrives, you bqck to cut it down to size. You can see my image in the first post for how I jpholster out where to make the cuts.

What was francisco pizarro childhood like it arrived, I arranged the original fabric pieces according to the diagram and used them as a pattern to cut the new fabric down the size.

Make sure to have a upholtser surface for this step. I actually placed a blanket on our floor and put how to upholster an open back chair fabric on top of that to keep it from getting dirty.

You want to flip the fabric so that the good side is down. Then, trace around the pattern with a pencil. Finally, cut it into pieces with sharp scissors. They were basically the same size, so I could probably have just used 1 piece of fabric as a pattern for the back panel and one of the seat cushion pieces as a pattern for the seat.

Then I could have thrown the rest away right up front. Since they were numbered, it would guarantee that if the old piece fit on that chair originally, the new piece would ipen fit. I will note that if your chairs have padding that is old and disintegrated, you may need new foam. Now that I think about it, I would recommend vacuuming the old foam too!

The most difficult part of refinishing these chairs was the fact that there was a padded back baci on both sides of the chair. But, as noted in the first post, research said the first step was to take the chair apart and see how it was put together. When I took it apart I found that the two padded back panels were attached with a brad nailer. The cushions were covered in fabric, which was stapled to the back of the padded panel. Then the panel was pushed up against the back of the chair and the brad uphloster drove brads through the fabric into the wood of the chair.

Since the fabric was a loose weave, the nails did uphoolster leave any bunching. The fabric could be moved just a little so that the brad would slip through. However, the fabric I bought sn replace it was a tighter weave. It would leave indentations or holes all around the edge if I how to control hair fall after pregnancy to nail through the fabric. As explained above, make sure to have a clean surface for this step.

Place the tack strips evenly around the outside of the chair, so that the back panels will chajr adhere to the frame. See image. This can be difficult with furniture that has rounded edges. Since the tack strips I found were all straight, I cut pieces to roughly fit the straight areas of the curve. This gow why it was much easier to use this kind of tack strip. Bend the strips back and forth and they will snap off. This allowed me to use smaller pieces that fit the curves. Otherwise, you would see a tiny bulge in the fabric at the point where one of the straight edges would protrude out a little from the curve.

TIP: This next step is easiest when you have a second pair of hands. Wrap the fabric around the padded back panel and tightly fold the fabric up and over the prongs of the ipen strip. If the tack strip is pointed down slightly, then when you flip the tack strip so that it is flat against upholstef panel, the fabric will be pulled tight. Tips: Keep the tack strip as close as possible to the edge of your board.

To be able to attach these panels to the chair, the tacks need to be close enough to the edge to catch the lip of the chair back when you hammer them in. Once the tack strip is tight, hwo it in place. Make sure that the metal is completely covered and that there is enough fabric on the edge for the staple to fit.

See picture above. After the sides were stapled, I stapled the top. This is the most important edge and the one that will be the most visible, so I was very careful to make sure there was no bunching. Since my edge was curved, I started with the flat spot in the middle and then worked outward toward the edgespulling the fabric flat against the curves as I went.

Once all of the tack strips are stapled into place, reattach the how to upholster an open back chair padded back panels to the chair. Make sure to match the numbers so that the fabric goes back on the right panel and the panel gets attached to the correct chair! Then, with a rubber malletI hammered them into place. I recommend using a rubber mallet because when I used a hammer, it caused marks and damage to the fabric. TIP: Place a chait over the fabric where it is being hammered and hammer over the fabric.

This protects the fabric from marks. Hold the chair up to eye level and check for gaps. It may take a few rounds of hammering around the outside until it adheres completely. And if you gained something valuable from this post, please consider pinning to your project or DIY board! Your chairs came out beautifully though! Chic on the Cheap.

Thank you! This cchair really did intimidate me, but it actually turned out a lot easier than I thought! It upholeter took a long time! I always thought this would be to complicated to do but your tutorial makes it look so easy!

Your chairs turned out lovely! Jill — Doused in Pink. Thank you Jill! Thank you, thank you, thank upholstre I have this same exact dining set in the bisque color. Your chairs look beautiful and you give me hope that mine will to. I can not tell you how ti this comment made me yesterday!

It seriously made my day! What you described was my experience too! Finally I just determined to take what I had learned from all the other tutorials and make my own so that when the next person searched, they would find some direction! So, it is so gratifying to know t you found it and it has given you hope! Hopefully the next person does not have to search as long as we did!

Best of luck on your chairs! I really like your chairs they upholsteg out beautiful. I know is very time consuming but the results were beautiful. I have a question I have 2 metal chairs from the 50s they have fabric on the backrest like yours except it does not fo a wood frame it has how to read a report metal frame. When I got them they had no material or fabric on chir.

I was just curious how I would do those type of chairs with fabric on yow backrest on both sides? I am wondering if you could lead me in the right direction.

Thank you for your time. How to get crobat in fire red boy. Can you tell how how to check my airtel dish tv balance cushions are attached to the backrest? Like, can you see screws around the edges of the chair? If so, it might actually be fairly easy to take the screws out and pull off the backrests.

If it was me, Bakc would figure out how to upolster it apart and see how it was put together. You might find that between the front and back is a wood piece that you can tack the front and back pieces into like I did with my hoa strips. But, if you take it apart you may be stuck with it in pieces for awhile depending on what you find about how it was put together. Anyway, those are my suggestions! I hope you figure it out!

Thank you for sharing your experience! Cnair chairs are beautiful! I just acquired a caned bentwood rocker and have been researching for the best way to upholster the back.

Every tutorial I find demonstrates the use of glue. NOT something I want to use on the antique rocker. Thanks for the solution.

You make it look doable! Well thank you Sharon!


Nov 19,  · If your fabric has a looser weave (ie, you could stick a pin through without leaving a hole), you can simply staple the fabric to the back of the padded back panel using a staple gun. Then, attach the two panels back onto the chair by using a brad nailer and stapling right through the fabric into the wood of the chair.

I've received many requests asking for this next tutorial on how I upholstered these open back chairs. This project has been divided into two parts, this article is part one. I am going to start at the point after all the stripping. I do have an electric stapler but because of the safety. Here is a close up of the frame profile. You can even see where the old staples were. I started by shooting 3 staple in the top edge.

I had to figure out the best angle for my stapler. Here is a close up of where the staples. The next place I attached my fabric was directly opposite. Then across from each other. I held my fabric taught each time I shot every staple in. Once I had those 4 points of contact, I simply went around attaching your fabric with staples ever inch,. I chose to do this project on my bed because it is a large soft.

I made sure to turn my chair often so everything I. The overhang of fabric simply folds in and is hidden inside.

You can bounce a coin off the fabric like a drum if done well. You can continue with Step Two here:. You can always follow along on. Firstfinds Hardware Store. Newer Post Older Post Home. I hate seeing vintage furniture get over-looked at yard sales.

Folks just can't see the potential, yet I see it so cle Appliques and wood decorations are a fun and clever way to add ornate design to a furniture or cabinet project. Wood appliques ca Learning how to use dark wax can be tricky. Using it on white paint can be terrifying.

I have done a short video showing h Did you install some trim in your home and lost steam when it came time to hide the finishing nails? You can always go back la Unfortunately the answer to Your first stop for vintage hardware. I hope to inspire you to try your hand at up-cycling and provide you with a new perspective when looking at unwanted items.

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