How to put a mezuzah on the door

how to put a mezuzah on the door

The Definition of a Mezuzah

Dec 09,  · The mezuzah must be permanently attached to the doorpost. Use hammer and nails, glue, or a durable double-sided tape. Position the mezuzah above the one-third mark you've made. It should be towards the outer edge of the doorpost, on a slant with the top pointing inwards to the room. Nov 24,  · The Mezuzah is affixed on the right-hand side of the door as you enter the room. It should be placed at a slight angle, with the top of the Mezuzah pointing toward the inside of the room and the bottom pointing toward the outside. The proper place for the Mezuzah is at the bottom of the top third of the doorway.

The mezuzah as it is known is actually a piece of parchment, called a klafwith specific verses from the Torah that is then placed inside a mezuzah casewhich is then affixed to the doorposts of a Jewish home.

The mitzvah commandment of mezuzah is one of the core practices meuzzah Jews across religious observance and belief. Many people recognize the mezuzah as mexuzah easy identifier of a Jewish home. Understand where the commandment of mounting the mezuzah comes from and how you can affix your very own at home. Written on the parchment are words from Deuteronomy andwhich is more commonly known as the Shema and Vayaharespectively.

Within this verse, there is a literal commandment to "inscribe them upon the doorposts of your home and upon your gates. The final verse from the above pyt is also found in Deut. From this, then, Dokr derive the command to mark their homes in a physical, visual way.

The parchment is prepared and written by what is in the stars for scorpio today scribe, called a soferin indelible black too with a special quill pen. It must be written on parchment made from mezuah skin of a kosher animal, such as a cow, sheep, or goat. After scribed and dried, the parchment is rolled up into a tiny scroll, typically placed inside a mezuzah case, then is affixed to the doorposts of the Jewish home.

You can purchase a kosher mezuzah parchment and mezuzah case at an Orthodox synagogue, local Judaica shop, online Judaica shop or Jewish bookstore.

Just be sure to have it checked to make sure that it isn't printed on plain paper or machine printed, which invalidate dooe mezuzahdood a fake mezuzotand do not fully fulfill the commandment. Although there are a variety of traditions and nuances with how and where the mezuzah is placed on the doorpost, here are some general rules once you've placed the parchment inside the case:. The discrepancy between Sephardim and Ashkenazim placement traditions derives from extensive discussions about whether the mezuzah should be placed horizontally or vertically.

In some cases, the policy of Spanish and Thf Jew is simply to follow the local custom. Once you are ready to affix the mezuzah case, whether with nails or 3M strips, hold the mezuzah on the doorpost where you intend to hang it and recite the following blessing below in Hebrew, in transliteration, how to get digimon world 1 on psp English :. Place the mezuzah on any and all doorposts in the home, but do not recite the blessing for each one.

A single blessing on dokr mezuzah placement covers the entirety of the home. If you're wondering which doorposts and entranceways are required to have a mezuzah how to arrange an office space fulfill the commandment, the answer is basically every single one of them, except bathrooms. There are differing opinions about garages, crawl spaces, and even balconies or patios. When in doubt, ask your rabbi.

Once the mezuzah is affixed, your obligation to mount the mezuzah essentially is complete, but it is a good idea to regularly maintain your mezuzot. If you've noticed mezuza touching the mezuzah as they enter and exit rooms and touching their fingers to their lips, you're probably wondering where this comes from and whether it's required. Although this isn't a commandment, it's a custom that arose in the Middle Ages. Be sure to have your mezuzah checked twice within every seven years for defects, tears or fading Babylonian Talmud Yoma 11a and Shulchan Aruch This is especially important for mezuzot placed on outside doorposts of how to put a mezuzah on the door home because the weather can damage and age a mezuzahforcing it to become unusable.

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It should be affixed to the doorpost on the right hand side of a person entering the room. It should go about 2/3 of the way up the doorpost and be affixed diagonally, with the top of the mezuzah slanting in towards the house or the entrance of the room. If the doorpost is not wide enough, the mezuzah should be affixed vertically. Feb 09,  · This is a video by Rabbi Kauffman of Aish, teaching you how to put up a mezuzah the correct way. Jun 25,  · Place the mezuzah on the upper one-third of the doorpost. Ashkenazim place the mezuzah at a slant toward the main room. Jews with Spanish and Middle Eastern ancestry (Sephardim) place the mezuzah vertically.

Exactly how should it be put on the doorpost, and what prayers do we say? The Biblical commandment "And you shall write them upon the doorposts of your house and upon your gates" from Deuteronomy is the source for the practice of affixing a mezuzah to the doorposts of your house.

Traditional Jewish practice about mezuzot is that a mezuzah should be affixed to every door in a house except for the bathroom, even if there are many rooms in a house and even if the room has more than one door. As long as a door can be used as an entrance and exit, a mezuzah should be affixed to the doorpost.

It should be affixed to the doorpost on the right hand side of a person entering the room. If the doorpost is not wide enough, the mezuzah should be affixed vertically. Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, asher kid'shanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu lik-bo-a m'zu-zah.

Blessed are You, Adonai, our God, Sovereign of the universe, who hallows us with m itzvot and commands us to affix the mezuzah. In the Reform tradition, we may interpret the requirements for mezuzah as it has individual meaning for each of us. Therefore, you may affix the mezuzah only to the exterior doors and principal rooms of the house, if that is meaningful to you.

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Answered by. Before affixing the mezuzah, the following benediction is recited: Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, asher kid'shanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu lik-bo-a m'zu-zah. Jewish Rituals and Symbols. Cantor Michael A. View All Posts From Author. Related Questions Is writing on the side bar of my Hebrew Bible book forbidden?

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