How to make hair ribbons for softball

how to make hair ribbons for softball

How to Make Hair Ribbons for Sports

Determine the length you want of the hair bow to be from both sides to hang down from. Cut the ends of each ribbon into V-shapes to give a neat look. Layer the ribbons by placing the thickest one at the end, and moving up in size in an ascending order. Fold the entire ribbon in . Some sports do not allow elastic hair ties with the metal pieces in them. Purchase your elastic hair tie accordingly. For team members with short hair, use a small barette that the team member chooses. You want it to be one that she will actually wear. Cut the ribbon to fit the barrette and use a low-temp glue gun to glue it to the barrette. Cut a "V" in the bottom of the ribbon or tie a bead in the bottom for extra .

Female sports teams or cheerleading squads will often require accessories to go with their team uniform, and prime among these are hair ribbons in team colours, to keep hair off the face and give an added feeling of team unity and spirit.

Hari by cutting out the ribbons and arranging them on what do i do with an idea of each other. Cut all the ribbons to the same length use a ruler how to get into your myspace without password or email this purposeand then cut the ends of each ribbon into a V shape, to give them a neater, more streamlined look.

Make sure the lengths and angles are the same for each ribbon. Now, layer the ribbons on top of each other, with the thickest at the bottom, and the thinnest at the top, arranged in ascending order. Make sure the ribbons are all the right side up — arranged this way, they should now form one big ribbon. Fold the entire ribbon in half, put a stitch through the underside, and tie the ends of the thread at the back into a knot, to secure the layers of the ribbon.

Siftball, you may unfold it. Next it is time to attach the ponytail holder hair elastic. For this purpose, push a threaded needle through the very centre of the ribbons, on the underside, and wrap this thread around all the ribbons.

Then, forr can scrunch them all together by pulling on the thread tightly, and keep wrapping it around the ribbons, until they are all secure. Then, hold one side of the ponytail holder against the back of the ribbons, and use a needle and thread to secure it to the ribbon. To make it completely secure, put a couple of stitches right through the ponytail holder, and secure it all by knotting the thread.

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To Make Softball Hair Bows

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For fastpitch players, softball hair bows are practically part of the uniform. From the littlest coach-pitch players to the college athletes, fans will find ribbons on ponytails. Customize ribbon colors for teams, school spirit days, or occasions. Be sure to check out all the softball gifts for players and teams for more fun ideas. This page may contain affiliate links.

If you make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Step 1. It cuts down on having to switch out supplies over and over. Step 2. Arrange ribbons and sew together. Next, line up ribbons in desired order, with narrower ribbons toward the top. Thread needle, knot end, and sew ribbons, weaving in and out of each ribbon as shown. Once all the ribbons are sewn, gently tighten thread to gather ribbons together.

This method will produce more volume than simply stacking the ribbons flat and stitching through them. Step 3. Attach ribbons to ponytail holder. These are sport bows, they need to be as strong as our players are. Stitch through ponytail holder and ribbons, wrap thread around both pieces times, and stitch through holder and ribbons again.

Knot thread, and trim excess. Step 4. Cover thread with ribbon. Tie a half-knot in the center for a bit of extra detail, then glue knot directly in center of stitching. Hold in place for a minute or so until glue dries.

The ribbon knot is perfectly legal. Use fabric glue for attaching ribbon knot accent. Wrap loose ends of ribbon piece around ponytail band, trimming excess if needed, and glue in place. Step 5. Trim and seal ribbon edges. Then use scissors to trim edges of ribbon so the ends of each ribbon type are even, cutting at an angle. Ribbons can be cut all the same length, or varied lengths and angles, depending on preference. Then to seal ribbon edges and prevent fraying, pass end of ribbon lightly over tip of lighter flame or heat tool until the cut edge just becomes glossy.

Alternately, dab white glue or decoupage medium on edges if flame or heat tool is unavailable. Yay you! They turned out super cute. Thanks for sharing. Hi Judy, Most of the ribbon for this bow came from Hobby Lobby. The exception might be the small black glittery one, which I picked up on Halloween clearance at one of the big box craft stores. I like to comb the clearance after each holiday to get cheap things like that I can use year-round.

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