How to make bootable cd for windows xp

how to make bootable cd for windows xp

Create a bootable CD emergency repair disc for XP?

Dec 13,  · Windows Setup CD Boot Sector You will also need the boot sector of an existing bootable Windows , XP or setup CDROM. The easiest way to get this is to download the file wxpzip from [this location] (link removed, see below). In fact, you should do this now. Dec 15,  · First things first, go into your PC’s BIOS and change the Boot Order, so your PC Boots your CD Drive first. Save your settings and put in your bootable XP disk we made. 2. It will boot to the Windows 98 Setup screen, click Boot with CD-ROM.

If you have bought an off-the-shelf computer recently, chances are that it came with Windows preloaded onto the system. Unfortunately, many of these systems with Windows preinstalled do not come with a Windows setup CDROM; at best they include a Recovery Disk that restores the system to its shipping condition.

If you plan to reformat and do a clean installation of your system, you might think that you have to buy another additional Windows XP licence even though you have already paid for one what is vitamin b 13 that same machine. This article shows you how you can re-create a usable and bootable Windows XP installation CD bpotable your running system. I'm sure there are many other possible reasons why you might need a Windows Installation CD, but let's get on with the procedure for making one.

I what do farm animals eat preschool not tested this procedure on other versions of Windows. Maek is essential.

Without this, the procedure outlined on this page will not work. To find out whether you can use the steps listed on this page to re-create your bootable Windows XP setup disk, look for into your system drive usually the C: driveand see if you can find a folder named I in the root directory. When you bought your PC or laptop, it bootbale already came with Windows pre-activated, which means that you could use the computer out-of-the-box without having to enter your Windows licence key from Microsoft or needing to activate the machine.

However, when you reinstall Windows, you will need a Windows licence key. You can usually find this taped somewhere on your computer sometimes on the underside or back of the computer. Without this, you won't get far in the installation. Some manufacturers windpws you with the device drivers for your system on a CD that comes with your system. Others require you to go to their website and download these drivers. Whichever the case may be, make sure you have all your drivers handy before you start.

Do not leave them on your hard disk, since your clean installation of Windows will probably wipe out everything on your hard disk. If your computer has SATA, IDE, SCSI or other mass storage devices for your hard disks that the Windows installer does not recognize out of the box, you will need to create a floppy disk with the drivers for that device.

At the appropriate time, when Windows prompts you to hit F6 to load the drivers from a floppy disk, you will need to so. This is however outside the scope of this tutorial. If your manufacturer has not provided you with any device drivers, or if you have lost the drivers CD or DVD that the vendor has provided you, all is not lost.

You can try using a device driver backup program to extract the existing drivers on your currently running ofr. You can get a device driver backup program from the Free Device Driver Backup and Extraction Cv page how to treat severe dry skin on dogs thefreecountry. In such cases, you need the manufacturers' textmode drivers which the driver backup utility will not recreate.

You can of course use other software, but since it px difficult for me to write a tutorial wundows covers every possible burning software around, this guide will assume that you are using ImgBurn. Since the software is available free of charge, I doubt that this choice will pose significant hardship for anyone. The easiest way to get this is to download the file wxp In fact, you should do this now. Download the file and save it on your desktop. You will need the file later. Update : the site mentioned in the previous paragraph mwke no longer available, and I don't know any reliable alternative locations that provide it.

I would also strongly suggest that you make a backup image of your entire system before you reinstall it. By entire system, I mean the whole system and not just your data. This is important in case there is some glitch in your installation or some fault in the setup CD that you create, resulting in an unusable system. In such a situation, you will be how to make pancakes with krusteaz to restore your working system from your backup image.

If you are not sure what a backup bootablw is, or think that I'm only talking about saving your documents to another location, or worse, think that "image" refers to some sort of picture, please do not carry on with this procedure. If you are tinkering with your system, you owe it to yourself and your sanity to get a good hard disk image backup program.

It is possible that it does not work - for example, if your vendor has deleted some essential file in the I folder which we will needyour installation may well fail at some crucial point after it has formatted your hard disk! It mkae also possible that my procedure will not work on your system, or that I made some mistake in describing it here. So do it all at your own risk.

And make sure you have an up-to-date backup of your system that you know works. Actually, you can name it anything you want and put it anywhere you like, but for ease of explanation, the remainder of the steps below will assume that you have created the XPSETUP folder in the root of drive C:.

Notice boogable I said "copy", not "move". It is important to work from a copy of the I directory so that fd you make mistakes, you can simply go back and start all over wineows. If you move the directory or drag and drop it, and you make a mistake, your mistake will be permanent. It may take a while hoow the copy operation to complete, but it's safer this way.

If you're not sure how to copy, follow the following procedure: Highlight the Foe folder using Windows Explorer. Right-click winddows folder and select "Copy". The folder how to make guava marmalade be empty at the moment.

Right click the empty space in the window and click "Paste". A very lengthy copy procedure botable take place. To verify that you have copied the folder and not moved it, return sp the top of C: and check fo the I folder is still ma,e and that the original files in that folder are still there.

Create an ASCII text file with only the word "Windows " without the quotes and including the final space after the word "Windows" in it, followed by a new line. To do this, open up Notepad.

Type the word "Windows" without the quotes and following my case exactly that is, "W" is a capital letter and the rest are in small letters. Then type one additional space. Do not add anything else to this file. Do not change anything - for example, do not type everything in capital letters or anything like that.

The contents of the file must be exactly as I said, or Windows setup will issue an error message. What keeps deer away from gardens the file with the filename "WIN51" include the quotes so that Notepad will not add a ".

Again, the filename's spelling and case must be exactly like mine. Note carefully what I said above. There is an exception to this. Otherwise, skip to the next step. The reason is that updating your running Windows system does not automatically update the I directory. Important : if you did not configure Windows to show you the full filename you should probably do so before changing the name of the file. Otherwise, you may be inadvertently saving the file as "XPSP2. EXE" without your knowing.

That is, you see the bootzble as "XPSP2. As a side benefit, the service pack 2 updater will also create a few files including setup. To slipstream SP 2, first open up a command prompt. To do this, click the Start menu, select the Run menu item, and enter the words "cmd". Click the OK button. A black command hoq window will open. After the program finishes, you can close the command prompt window. Don't worry if the directory does not contain files like "setup.

Note: You will only have "setup. The Service Pack 2 slipstreamer creates setup. Now open the wxp Simply bootabke it in Windows explorer should do booyable trick. Makw into hoa cds directory bootwble into wxphome or wxppro; it doesn't matter which directory, followed by the files directory. Drag the "w2ksect. Don't get creative and place it in some other directory. If mkae have not downloaded ImgBurn, get it now and install it.

You will find it listed on thefreecountry. The version of ImgBurn I used to create this guide was 2.

My cursory test of a later version, 2. Therefore, you should avoid 2. Either use the earlier version or get a version later cs 2. Do not add or delete anything from how to download league of legends on mac 2012 file.

A dialog box will open. If you can't find a "Load Project" item on the File menu, it means you did not carry out the previous step. Go back and do it. Click the "Labels" bootabke on the right boofable of the screen. Change the label in the ISO field to one of the following, depending on what type of bootable setup CD you're making. This step is probably optional if you can't be bothered. I seem to recall having entered a wrong label in the past without having the Windows installer fail on me.

Finally, click the "Write" icon at the bottom of the window. To bootale out which picture the "Write" button is there are no visual cues, even as to which picture actually represents a buttonhover your mouse over the pictures near the bottom of the window and wait for the tooltip to appear.

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May 29,  · Creating a bootable CD from file is not the same as just copying file to a blank CD. You have to use software that understands how to burn file to a CD to create a bootable CD. In the Hiren's ZIP file are the file that you can double click to launch it. If you already have the installation CD, follow these steps to boot into Recovery Console and the Command Prompt of Windows XP: Insert the CD in the disk drive and restart your computer Press any key, when prompted to boot from the CD Press R . Click on the "New" button on toolbar or choose the "File > New > Data CD / DVD Image" menu. Click on the "Add" button on toolbar to add files and folders. You can also directly drag files and folders from Windows Explorer to the PowerISO window. Choose the menu "Action > New Folder" to create .

Posted August 1, by Jimmy S in Windows installation. Last Updated on December 15, This recipe will explain how to make a copy of your windows xp bootable from cd. This requires a FAT32 Partition! Then copy the file: smartdrv. Open neroburn. In the wizard or startsmart, go to Create Bootable Disc. Put in the windows 98 boot disk floppy 6.

Nero will ask for either the boot image locatoin or to use the Floppy, use the floppy. Then Click NEW. Once it finishes, you will have a bootable windows xp disk. When it boots, it will boot up like when you put in the windows 98 floppy disk. Save your settings and put in your bootable XP disk we made. If you have to create partitions or format the harddrive do so now.

Once the drives are ready, reboot again with the BIOS Settings as they were and the xp bootable disk in. The reason i suggest using smartdrv when installing from dos is that it drastically improves file transfer speed and XP reommends it. Now that smartdrv is enabled, we will want to start the installation process. This will start the Windows XP installation program. Once it gets down copying files, it will tell you that you will need to reboot.

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