How to make a wooden gunblade

how to make a wooden gunblade

Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade Replica

May 19,  · This is how I made my gunblade prop for my genderbend Squall cosplay. Still one of my favorite props because I love him and FF8 was my first Final Fantasy ga. Jan 03,  · Support Will via Patreon: Tip Jar: via PayPal to: is a tutorial showing you ho.

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Posted 31 July - AM. Posted 31 July - PM. Posted 01 August - AM. Posted 29 August - PM. Posted 30 August - PM. Posted 31 August - AM. Posted 31 August - PM. Posted 01 September - AM. Posted 01 September - PM. Posted 02 September - AM. Posted 02 September - PM. Community Forum Software by IP. Sign In Create Account. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Gunblade Build It's a Gunblade that actually fires unlike Squall's what are your ambitions for the future. Started by b00m13Jul 30 PM.

Adding a Video!! I can't aim for shiet Welcome curious readers! You're in for a wonderful treat because today we're going to build a Gunblade!! Crowd: YaY!! I got the idea to make one when my friend asked me if it was possible. I was going to start on making a Masamune out of a 4 foot piece of wood I had left, but making a Gunblade meant I would have a sword and a gun He sent me an image of the handle he designed a long time ago for art class, and after a 3 earlier sketches, I've settled on one design.

This was the gunblade my friend designed years ago. It weights several Mavericks yet fires only the same amount as 1. It has an annoying recocking mechanism which will hinder your shots useless if you forget to cock it after every pump. It's hard as hell to remove the AR since the tube is glued into the 6 bladders AND it's a pain to even open the gun's shell casing.

The only plus side it has is that it's great for spare parts, you can make 6 guns out of just 1 stupid How to make yourself faint while sitting down X-acto Knife or Razor Blade or Box cutter. Epoxy Paint Spray paint if you want, but I prefer hand painting the wood since you get a better control over it.

Okay, now that the easy part is done, the real challenge begins. I'll start off with the barrel. Mine was a 2" opening with a 2. You'll need to place the screws in the following locations.

Front and back 2 on the side of the blade where the 3 pieces of wood meet. Here's my frame from the side view and here's the top view Letters were placed to help you match up the side and top, and the measurements are of how thick that section is That part will take your a LONG time, so you better be patient, When you're done with the frame, you are almost home!! Here's a wood cutting tip I've used plenty of times.

The second pic is actually how I made my handles To sharpen the blade, you need to first sand it down until both sides of how to plant lily flower bulbs curves together. I suggest you sand it by hand or a power sander so it'll be more even. Then to sharpen the edge, here's a simple to make tool that will help you. Hold it vertical and sand it that way first, then when it's really thin, tilt the tool more horizontally for a SUPER thin sharp edge.

To help you sand that block of wood you call a handle, just sand the edges first, give it curves if you want I make the middle of the handle thinner then the sides.

Then follow the steps in the bottom section of the diagram to make a fingering tool. Drill a hole on both sides of the end of the plunger, insert the chain, and screw in the bolt Finished That's the super fast way, but if you got a minute, then I'd suggest you saw a small slit at the tip for the chain to freely move down Look at pics for reference.

The final step is pretty slow It's painting the gunblade!! Take the gun apart That's a lot of unscrewing For the barrel and bladder and air release button, I spray painted it aluminum colored closest color to steel. Make sure when you're painting you have all breeches, buttons, plungers covered with something, tape, etc. The rest of the gun I hand painted in black, except the blade which was hand painted in aluminum.

The Hollow Skull on the side of the blade is just a symbol of a Shinigami Rep. I took from "Bleach". It's made out of a very tough painter's "oat tag" dammit I forgot how to spell that word I'd suggest you either put a symbol that you'd like or none at all I only did it 'cuz Hattori Hanzo did it with Beatrix's sword.

If you get up to here, then please allow me to put on a hat so I can take it off to you. That how to stop your stomach from hurting an exhausting couple of weeks eh? And now you have a kickass piece of eye candy. The ranges with 2 pumps the pic was a typo, it's and easy 40 ft straight hit the floor at 50 ft when it's plugged, with 3 pumps I got an avg of ft and since I didn't want to push it any farther, I left it at 3 pumps only.

Ah, before I forget, here's a bunch of pics of my Gunblade Why a Gunblade? Edited by b00m13, 05 April - AM. VERY nice. First complete gun I've ever seen basically fabricated out of the guts of another one. Even just the gun itself is quite the ambitious project, and accomplishment. I can see the standalone gun being adapted into all sorts of integrations. Great work! Of the theme that I have declared to you, I will now that ye make in harmony together a Great Music.

Posted 30 July - PM uhh I love imports. DarkShrimp is the next Piney. Stupidity is forever. Posted 30 July - PM I want to see you build one before flaming. Then I'll shut up. He's actually contributed and is available for trade. He's a better than average member no doubt. Got your back Cole. I know it's kinda late Posted 31 July - AM Whoooooooa That is fantastic! The instructions are so easy to understand. The pics what will rabbits eat in a garden great too!

This is by far the greatest write up i've ever seen. Even if you win you're still retarded. If you decide to make a pointy blade or something. There's a pretty good chance it'll snap off easily if it's too how to make a wooden gunblade Which is why I chose to make a machete since the tip is very thick.

When my friend asked me that, that's what How to make a wooden gunblade replied, but how to polish badly tarnished silver he told me that he saw a documentary on early man Cavemen? I'm not a wood expert, but if there is someone here that is, maybe they can confirm this. Edited by b00m13, 31 July - PM.

Posted 31 July - PM Wow man. Just wow. I finally have a use for those busted hornets And I really like the Bleach theme. Dumbest rule ever. There are better ways of getting a womans clothes off. Posted 01 August - AM So that was that secret project

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Holy shit my dude, that is seriously the best wooden gunblade I have ever seen! Me and my friend were huge fans of Final Fantasy and tried making multiple weapons from the games out of wood back in the day, none nearly this amazing! level 2. Original Poster 3 points · 8 days ago. Thanks. Jul 30,  · To make the frame of the gun, you'll need to place your gun skeleton+barrel on a piece of board and trace the outline of it, now that you have an outline, just draw how you want the blade (mine was a Machete, you could make a broad sword, or katana, whatever you want), angle you want the handle (I tried a 30 degree angled handle, but it looked too much like a rifle, so I raised it to a 10 . as long as the foam is completely covered in tape, you can primer and paint it too. you can get it at the bigger hardware stores, just make sure its the metal tape and not the cloth stuff. foam can be sanded to finish the shape but the trick is to use worn sand paper and sanding sponges, and don't press down much while sanding. new paper and sponges tend to rip the foam up and roll it into balls.

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. Actually its only 1 layer of duct tape. My 20 year old cuzin wuz gonna get a gunblade but then he saw the price.

Yeah the price is outrageous. I want a keyblade more than anything but before I will go and spend 70 to dollars I will make my own which isn't to hard.

I might make an instructable on one. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. I made a keyblade and made a slideshow for it. I made it out of the tops of lightsaber blades cuz we had a lot of peices from ultimate lightsaber kits and you could take the blade apart so i stacked all the top peices to make a pole, i used cardboard and tape for everything else.

I have used the aluminum-tape on mine but I haven't done anything on it in a long time. The engraving, painting of the gun part, covering the handle in black leather and the chain with the Grieversymbol on it is the things I haven't done yet! Have you by any means the chance of get the blade done in wood I would rather choose that than layer of layer of layer of posterboard.

I think it took about vaccumings befor it was gone! And that is NOT a joke A idea I got when i looked at your gunblade were if you could get a good handle of a toy sword a good idea would be to cut of the gun's handle and cut the sword handle and use some plumber's epoxy to attach it to the gun and then sand down the excess. But that may be too big if the gunblade is going to be used by a smaller person.

Sorry for the extremly long comment! But I got to many ideas at once. Hope I were to any help! Actually this is the papery kind of posterboard its just rolled onto a pole and then i flattend it to get the sword shape.

I was actually gonna put the symbol on the side but i found a pic and i realized i could never pull it off. Since i made a keychain for my keyblade using real keychain rings and thier easily removable from the chain conecting them to the key im gonna try and make sumthing for the keychain to attach onto on the gunblade and make the keychain for that.

Also the reasoni used that drawing at the begining and not the pic after that wuz so people wudnt get yours and mine cunfused :. Introduction: Gunblade. More by the author:. About: Hi my name is Jacob and I enjoy making stuff. I don't create much any more but I might in the future. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. Thats a lot of duct tape.

I know a guy that actually has a real one. All metal? Also is it the kingdom key? The oblivion and oathkeeper are the very expensive ones. Never mind.

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