How to make a slip n slide

how to make a slip n slide

How to Build an Insane Backyard Slip ’N Slide in 3 Easy Steps

May 31,  · The easiest is simply to stake down all four corners with tent stakes or garden staples, bunching the plastic a little The second way to secure the slide is to roll the end of the plastic around a two-by-four board, which is then secured. Aug 18,  · But it’s her DIY slip ‘n slide that’s caught our eye. With a little ingenuity and a lot of plastic sheeting she created the ultimate end-of-summer water slide. And the best part is it that.

You just need to be a little brave. You will need a roll of thick plastic, a few tent stakes or garden staples, and a water hose. Step… by step. Do these steps in order! Obviously, the size of your slide depends on the size of your yard.

No matter the spot, though, the most important thing you can do is remove any rocks, sticks, or obstructions from the full how to get a 1800 number verizon of the glide path.

Walk it wlip, twice, three times, whatever it takes to ensure nobody smashes mid-slide into a tree root hidden underneath. After picking a spot, unfurl the plastic sheet maie straighten. You have two options for securing the slide:. Depending on the desired speed of the slide, have the kids do a couple of test runs to see how fast the surface is. Line the kids up and let them go wild as they slip and slide. Just remember One rider at a time and no standing, dammit! Sign up for the Fatherly newsletter to get original articles and expert advice about parenting, fitness, gear, and more in your inbox every day.

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Create your own end-of-summer water party with this incredible DIY slip 'n slide.

Jun 20,  · Roll out the sheet of plastic on a relatively flat surface. Make sure the area is clear of rocks, sticks or any debris that could puncture the plastic or hurt when sliding over. Lay out the pool noodles down each side of the sheet of plastic. Put the mega noodle on one end of the sheet (the lower end if your yard slopes).

By Hope Studios. In the DIY world, there are great projects, and then there are the truly genius projects that make life a little more exciting. Jennifer at Hope Studios is not just a cool mom, she also creates genius projects worth celebrating. Yes, please! Or how about the time she hacked curtain sheers for an epic game of glow-in-the-dark flag football.

With a little ingenuity and a lot of plastic sheeting she created the ultimate end-of-summer water slide. And the best part is it that it only takes about 20 minutes to set up, so just about anyone can recreate it. Is it possible to do this in a flat yard? Jennifer folded her sheeting in half lengthwise to provide an extra layer between the kids and the ground for a sliding surface of 4 x 65 feet. Now the fun part. Turn on the hose to wet the slide.

Admire your hard work. Thanks to our Genius! For more on this project and to learn how she safely anchored her plastic sheeting to the lawn, check out her blog. Disclosure: BobVila.

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