How to get more lockpicks in oblivion

how to get more lockpicks in oblivion

How do I lockpick?

Just a quick guide on where to find this badboys, as i know alot of people dont know specifically where to find a big amount of them, and only find them by c. This is a simple tutorial on how to get lock picks in

On the outer wall of the Citadel is Shady Sam who will sell up to 30 lockpicks. Thief llockpicks also sell lockpicks, and morw are also found on Goblins and Bandits. He is - if you can't find him, cast Detect Life on yourself, and circle around the wall outside the Market District. But, really, don't bother looking for him. Just finish the Nocturnal Shrine quest, and the entire Lockpicking skill will instantly become redundant.

How do I trigger the nocturnal shrine quest? And the Azura shrine wants a more powerful champion, whats the best way of levelling up? He's not there! U lie! Shady Sam is found by going out to the stables of the Citadel and traveling along the outer wall in a clockwise fashion. He is literally next to the wall so you don't have to wander lockpickd roads or anything.

You'll notice that the wall has buttresses pieces of wall that stick out from the main part and Shady Sam is pretty much hidden in that blindspot as you're travelling clockwise. Juset check each blindspot as you're travelling and you should easily spot him. Alternatively, you could get the Skeleton key but if this is you first ES game then it's probably not a good idea to get you to travel to the ends of the map to activate a quest while you're literally just starting to get your bearings of the game and environment.

Use these skills regularly to level them up - gain ten levels in any of you major skills to gain a 'character' level. Be warned, though, as this will make the game harder the enemies level, too - and nastier enemies will start appearing. There are ways of levelling up very quickly - for example, if Acrobatics is a major skill, jump constantly to level what is australian size 14 in us for Athletics, auto-swim into a oboivion for Speechcraft, play the speech mini-game with everyone ; and so on.

So how am How to do geometric mean suppossed to know what skills the Azura shrine wants levelled up and by how much? It wants a more powerful champion. Go into your status screen and look over your major and minor skills. What ever your major skills are, increase those until the red bar that indicates you're ready fora level up is full. Then sleep in a bed.

Then do that again until you are a high enough level to undertake the Quest. Note: power leveling can take a long time. Ongar the World-Weary of Bruma is the first fence you get after joining the thieves guild, and he sells lockpicks.

I usually get them from him or Shady Sam. I can't get into that guys house that hoow followed home because then a guard tries to arrest me even if he's no where around. I know I'm supposed to go in there when he leaves his house. That guy that meets the store guy that sells items cheaper than the other stores. Before breaking and entering or stealing make sure to enter sneak mode.

If the 'eye' icon your cross-hair turns into is bright then someone will spot and report you. If it's practically invisible then nobody will catch you doing it. People and oblivuon count as witnesses, so wait until they pass by or nudge them aside until they lcokpicks looking at you or the object obligion want to lockpick or lockpicos.

I don't quite get it. The Azura shrine wants a more powerful champion but gives me no specifics on what it wants exactly. Do have to level up everyone one of them just progress in the game? OK, lets say jow one of your major skills is Alchemy. Whenever you make a potion, the red bar fills up symbolising your xp gained in that skill. When the what world events happened in 2001 completely fills, you gain one level in your Alchemy skill.

Since Alchemy is a major skill, levelling it up ten times will increase your character level - you'll gain more health, strength, etc. You'll need about However, since you have eight major skills, you don't have to gain all ten 'skill levels' in alchemy to level up - you could gain three in Alchemy, and then one in each other skill. You could use any combination, really, as long as you gain ten 'skill levels' in total.

Oh, and the optional shrine quests are the only quests that require you to have reached a certain level - you won't need to train your skills for other quests.

Hey like all of use are playing through Oblivion at the moment Well, the PS3 version just came out and so did the Shivering Isles. I'm having trouble with the whole charming people to up their dispostion aspect. What's the best way to go about this? It seems like there are oblivoon choices, 2 good, 2 bad on the circle wheel thing.

But you have to go through all 4 and get the negatives just to get out of that mode. It's really just a pointless game to up your relationship with the NPC so that they will accept better prices for goods or will tell you more about a topic that normally stays gold in the conversation list after you click it.

Best and Egt responses will get you positive pockpicks points while Poor and Worst responses will get you negative rep points.

The Yellow symbolizes the strength at which you will emphasize that category, earning more positive or negative points relating to the categories are positive or negative with. Each round consists of you selecting all categories in a way that nets you the most positive points by making sure the biggest Yellow wedge land on the areas that the NPC likes.

You can tell which the NPC likes before hand by highlighting the category and looking at their face. The only thing you have to concentrate on is placing the biggest Yellow slice on the areas they like most, and as you improve Speechcraft you gain the ability to rotate the dial before locking it into a position allowing to build reputation faster.

Leveling speechcraft simply involves playing more rounds regardless of whether you win or lose rep points. It doesn't matter what weapon or armor. And you want to level up as slowly as possible in order to fully max out tp character. Bandits and goblins seem to drop picks more than other foes.

Otherwise you can level up Alteration and get some unlock spells. Thanks guys, this is my first Elder scrolls. I need the charming help as some guys need their disposition above 70 for me to get the info from them and its costing me cash at the moment. Just learn how to do the disposition minigame. It pays off, it also greatly increases your speechcraft stat.

I've leveled up just by doing speechcraft on several occasions. Sometimes the levelling up method seems really silly to me. I mean to increase your acrobatic ability you jump about constantly, put the camer in 3rd person and my god it looks hilarious. Then you can basically keep twiddling the stick and hitting A as fast as possible to level up your speechcraft or walk about the woods constantly doing spells to level up.

How do you repar broken weapons BTW? I had a repair hammer and I saw. Always have a good amount of repair hammers on what was the form of political organization in ancient egypt, they're really what are the lascaux caves if you wear armor and wield weapons.

Just go into your inventory, click on the hammer, and select what you want to repair. Whats the best place to buy them from? I need lockpicks, I see Upinflames answered my question. I am like the worst person at breaking and entering, I ran out of lockpicks while inside some dudes home, I couldnt get into the basement. Yeah, it has been suggested, but getting that skeleton key saves you a lot of the hassle of having to buy lockpicks over and over again.

And because it never runs out, you can press the auto button over and over again, virtually rendering ever lock umm unlockable. If you need to find any of the daedric shrines, or if you need info go here, link. If there is anything you need in fact use that guide, it is IMO the best, and when I first started playing the game oblivkon saved my virtual life, lol.

EDIT: Wait where is this shady sams? And where is this quest to get the magical lockpick GME talks about. Just to be clear, I was talking about repair hammers, not lockpicks. It's supposed to last you for hundreds of hours, so yeah, you don't really level up that fast. You shouldn't be too concerned with leveling up, just play the game and you'll level up accordingly - unless, of course, you designed a knight, but then pulled a and decided to play like a mage.

EDIT: By the way, that's what so great about a game like this - if you suck at breaking, entering, stealth, and stuff, just don't do it. Nobody's forcing you to do so. I barely ever used lockpicks. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!

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Permissions and credits This is a simple mod that adds more lockpicks to the random loot lists. You will now find lockpicks in barrels, crates, on bandits, etc. much more often. I felt that if you weren't a member of the thieves guild it was almost impossible to find a good supply of lockpicks. Apr 23,  · The item ID code for the lockpick is as follows: A Press the tilde key (~) while playing to bring up the cheat console. Type solarigniters.comm followed by the item code and a . It's easier than you think!! PM me if you have any questions!I, in now way, claim any ownership to this game, nor any other product by Bethesda Game Studios.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do I lockpick? My cousin is having problems with it and he skipped the part where it told you how to do it. I don't have the book. Accepted Answer. I have a method that I think works pretty well.

I keep pressing up to push the tumbler up until it comes back down fast You'll notice that each time you do it the tumbler comes back down at a different speed. After it does it fast it usually will go slow on the next time, so push it up and press A to lock the tumbler in place.

With a little practice using this method, you'll master lockpicking in no time. User Info: guitarist Top Voted Answer. Other Answers. You can also use alteration magic to open locks alteration skill- very easy locks easy average hard very hard I don't actually know if you can or cannot unlock very hard locks with alteration can anyone confirm?

The best thing I can think of is you should do the new dupe and just get as many lockpicks as you want then just auto pick. Now if you want to do it legit when you hit one of the prongs with the pick it may fly up in different ways when it stays in there for a second that's when you should hit the A button. Usually when it does that and you notice it its too late.

Dupeing is a good option for things like this i find it hard to buy allot of lockpicks when you are not a thief char. The game is not multiplayer so who is it hurting? By book you mean your manual?

Well if it was ever explained in the tutorial then the 'quest stage' in which that was explained should be somewhere if you select the tutorial under the 'completed quests' tab. You basically want to lift the lever that is forced down and when it hits the top press the button I would suggest that you dupe some lock picks for practice If all fails do it automatically. Sorry if it doesn't make sense User Info: archerman It's easy all you have to do is push the tumblers up and if you hear a small squeaking sound press a.

If the lock is easy you'll hear it right away ,but if it is a tougher lock you may have to push the tumblers up multiple times before you hear the squeak. You should do some practice before you take on the tougher locks.

Do this and your cousin should be able to pick a very hard level lock with a level one security scill. User Info: gameking Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status Where can I find that lockpick that can't break?

Answered Where can I find the Skeleton Key unbreakable lockpick? Answered Why does my character have a blue outline after i use archmage portal? I have no idea? Answered How do i make people invisible? Answered How do I fix the bug for ps3 version that makes the joysticks not work properly? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Where can I find that lockpick that can't break? Where can I find the Skeleton Key unbreakable lockpick?

Why does my character have a blue outline after i use archmage portal? How do i make people invisible? How do I fix the bug for ps3 version that makes the joysticks not work properly?

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