How to get him to pay more attention to you

how to get him to pay more attention to you

How to Get Your Husband to Pay Attention to You

Aug 04,  · For more general topics of conversation, try talking about current events, or you can pay him a compliment. Compliments can lead to some good conversations. From his choice in music to the shirt that he is wearing, a little compliment can go a long way and it will let him know that you are paying attention to him. Make Him Laugh. Mar 24,  · Give him even more attention than usual Sometimes, we need to show him what we want by giving him the same thing. Since you want more attention, give him plenty of attention, and watch his reaction. He may be thinking that you need more attention since you are giving him more .

Sometimes guys are the worst. I know, we all love them but as geg, they can often need a little help understanding the wants of women. And that want is to be heard and taken seriously.

Not all guys are ignoring you. The best way to figure this one out jow to talk to him. Instead, focus on talking to him calmly and seriously about the issue.

And when that happens, no one wins. This hpw not the way to go. Never start attejtion crazy or wild things in an attempt to get his attention. Guys usually get annoyed when you do too much to get their attention. What really makes a difference is when you pull back. Just stop trying to get his attention. Choose better times to talk to him and spend time together.

Just talk to him. More often than not, this will surely get his attention. Make him beg you for your attention. You have lives that are too separate. Start asking about his hobbies and interests more than you do. Being more involved in his life will make him want to be in yours more. Go away together. How to change apple security question back to your roots.

Rekindling that spark might be all he needs to get his head attdntion the right place and pay attention to you. Go away for the weekend and just spend mre with each other with nothing to disturb you. So instead of getting angry, do something nice for him.

Reassure him of your feelings and see if that helps him pay more attention to you. Some guys, however, need a little boost. Others will never change. If he slips up a little, using attentioj techniques can get him to focus on you and only you. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Sign up. By Bella Pope.

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How To Get A Guy’s Attention

Compliment him more about a shirt, how he looks, how he feels during sex. Flash him with no underwear on. Buy him cologne you like and then tell him to take his clothes off, put it on him teasingly and then fuck his brains in. Spice it up! Do new and exciting things in and out of the bedroom.

Sometimes it feels like everything else is more important to your husband than you are: work, the kids, whoever is texting him. Even the dog gets more of his time than you do! Him just asking about your day or sitting next to you on the couch would be so simple to do and go such a long way with you. You were bringing your feminine self , maybe without even knowing it.

You were receptive and therefore a powerful magnet to him. He was fascinated by your emotional brilliance and softness—so fascinated that he committed to you above everyone else on the planet. You can make a different choice than being mad. You can take off that rusty anger armor and be as shiny as you always were. He was away and incommunicado. Each one of those things made her mad! And disappointed. And scared that she was not going to be loved. So by finding that evidence of him not loving her, she was causing herself to get upset and then angry, which obscured her beautiful feminine spirit, which, in turn, was proving her right.

What are you up to? You could chalk it up to coincidence. But I see that kind of thing happen too much to doubt that changing her focus changed her experience. I still remember how hard that was to wrap my brain around. I thought if I stopped criticizing his neglect, I was giving up on getting the attention I wanted, but my experience has been just the opposite. When I smiled as he was leaving and when he came back instead of scowling and pouting, he came back faster. You could just put a smile on the way you do for the receptionist at the dentist.

So the fringe benefit of creating emotional safety for my husband is that I feel happier. What would it hurt to start affirming the outcome you do want?

Which of these 4 ideas are you going to put into practice first? Post your comment below. Join a community of 15K like-minded women who care about having amazing relationships. I was the perfect wife—until I actually got married.

When I tried to tell my husband how to be more romantic, more ambitious, and tidier, he avoided me. I dragged him to marriage counseling and nearly divorced him. The man who wooed me returned. Ukwuoma, I love your intention to provide emotional safety.

Why is it okay that the women are always working hardest in the relationship? This is so lopsided. My thoughts exactly. The whole time I was reading this I was like, wow, ok, so as a woman I have to put in even more time and work and energy just to be treated like a human being who deserves love and respect?

I agree with you.. I even tried to give him more attention , more time, more smile and hope to have some bonding time. I have asked to have 10mins each day to spend together. I have request if we can talk daily for a bit instead of watching iPad or placing games on your phone. What about the way I want to live? He said you are asking too much. I agree! I am so sick of it that we have to get the man to love us. I am caught in a nightmare, and still, I have to be the one who must convince him to love me.

Sick of this. I do agree with you I put out effort to make him happy. I tell him and show him how I feel. How am I supposed to stilll fee loved and valued? I just want to ha e sex again…? Even when we were angry with one another.. I have lost weight, I have become the person he wanted me to be. And he was right! I am happier with who I am and I love being me! Not to toot my own horn but toot toot I am pretty, smart, kind, easy going and I love him!

I try to be positive, attractive, lighthearted, and always singing. Instead I have a husband who drank heavily for years and still falls asleep on the couch watching tv every, single night. All of them. I love your approach. Its already worked for me and my boyfriend. It was really amazing. Thank you, Debbie. Edeme, that is a beautiful intention to be more feminine. I acknowledge you for showing vulnerability and your feminine spirit! I totally agree with you.

He has cheated on me probably more than I know. Right now I have no way to contact him I have no clue where he is. Marcia, my heart breaks for you. You are not alone! Many marriages are mended after the husband leaves. One of our clients decided she was done fighting for her marriage after her husband left her and their children, so she sought coaching for a surrendered separation instead. Just as she was preparing to be a surrendered single, her husband made a dramatic and romantic return, saying he loved her, he missed her and he was sorry.

So I know there is hope to save your marriage and bring your family back together. I would love to see you be part of a likeminded community of women. I have an upcoming free webinar that will empower you to do that. Sarah, thanks for your question. There are so many ways! This is absurd! How can you tell a person you can help them get their husband to love them by watching a TV series?! I am sorry to say that when your husband is stubborn unfornately there may be no way to change that.

Thanks Laura! Jean, that is awesome to hear. It sounds like you have really been committed to practicing the Intimacy Skills to make that change, and I acknowledge you! Recently I forgot this important aspect of being feminine when my Significant Other offered to give himself a raise he owns the company in order to pay off my credit card debt. Silly me, I told him that I was simply letting him know what was on my mind; I was not asking him to fix the problem! That is a good one!

I admire you for receiving graciously and relinquishing control in such a respectful way. I love how you were still able to practice those Skills, even when that was not your default reaction. Now it sounds like you have plenty of opportunity to pour on the gratitude, so kudos for focusing on that Skill. I have been practicing the skills, and they are becoming more habitual. They sure work! Recently, when my mother was upset sort of at me about something, and I thought she was wrong, all my practice with my husband paid off.

I am 50 yo, and this was the first time. I knew the issue was on her paper, not mine. I just needed to keep my side of the street clean. I called her up and listened and listened and listened. And listened some more. Then I behaved warm and loving the next day, not angry. Today, she mentioned to me that when she got angry she thinks she was in the wrong. I was shocked. First time she ever said that!

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