How to distribute your music

how to distribute your music

5 Ways to Distribute and Publish Your Own Music without a Label

Apr 13, †Ј First, youТll need to upload your music through a music distributor service. A music distributer is a company that helps musicians get their music into iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Instagram, and other major platforms. When your music is distributed it will have the opportunity to be heard by anyone in the world. Whether youТre releasing physical or digital music, youТll need something on the cover. You can either use photography or create a graphic using a tool like Canva or by hiring a designer. Whatever you choose, make sure your cover is ready before you start trying to distribute your music. choose Where to Distribute Your Music.

Music distribution is the link between your finished record and your future fans. Distribution is a crucial part of music promotion. Brick and mortar music distributors used to be the only way for record labels and independent artists to get their records in the hands of listeners. But digital music distribution has taken the center stage. Digital surpassed sales of physical mediums what is sargenor forte used for the first time in As an artist, digital distribution has become a must in order to reach all your potential fans.

Smart distribution grows your visibility. It gets your music into as many ears as possible. How to distribute your music it helps you get paid for your music.

Traditionally, distributors got records into stores and labels got people to go buy them through promotion. Along the way, each of these middlemen took a percentage of the revenue. But the role of distributors and record labels has changed dramatically.

Not to mention the changes how to distribute your music internet has brought in the way people consume music. People spend more time online, and less money on physical music. Plus, the resources and energy of physical distributors are often focused on how can i stop receiving spam text messages records only. Smaller bands who sign to them get trapped in exclusive agreements that end up hindering their success.

Music distribution is how music gets delivered to the listener. Traditionally, distributors enter agreements with record labels to sell to stores. The goal of digital distribution is to get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other streaming platforms and digital music stores.

Think of them like a digital record shopЧOnce you get your music in them, people can stream, download and buy your music. In exchange you receive royalties depending on how and where your music was listened to. Just like traditional record stores, digital music stores receive music from digital distribution companies.

But instead of shipping boxes of vinyl every week, digital distributors deliver digital music to the major music stores I mentioned above. So what used to take weeks or months of shipping and manufacturingЧnot to mention a lot of upfront costsЧis now as simple and fast as a couple of clicks. There are tons of music distribution services out there. Do your research! Digital music sells the best, and will continue to rise. The revenues of the music industry make it clear Ч digital is the way to go.

Here are the global revenues of the industry in :. So be strategic. Make your music available where your fans actually hang out: online. Save yourself the costs and hassle of physical distribution Ч especially on a first album. Start by building an audience and a how to legally reduce tax with digital releases. These might suggest your tracks to people based on what they listen to.

Ok, so your record is ready. Your album art is ready to go. Now you might be wondering how to get your music on iTunes, Spotify and all the other major stores. The first step is to find the right online music distribution platform. LANDR is the only distribution service that gives you access to professional mastering and global distribution all in one place.

It even provides an easy-to-follow reporting dashboard to track your success and fan base to make important decisions about your next moves as an artist. Big in Sweden?

Time to book a tour. At the end of the day we know that you just want to get your music out in the world. TuneCore gets how to repair a corrupted sd card worldwide digital distribution for albums, singles and ringtones.

It also gives you a Music Publishing Administration pack that allows you to get royalties and syncs. Our favorite TuneCore feature: the Music Publishing Administration is a one stop shop for licensing your music. Their statistics are among the best to track how your releases are selling. Check their pricing here.

Distribute albums or singles. Also get sync licensing for TV, film, and games. Our favorite CD Baby feature: The combo between physical and digital distribution gets you a full distro package.

Symphonic distributes your music worldwide. They get all your music marketing, licensing and publishing needs fulfilled. Symphonic does both physical and digital distribution.

Our what is the starting salary for a zoologist Symphonic feature: it gets your music on Beatportespecially good for electronic projects. Record Union gives you global digital distribution. Get your music on all major online music platforms Ч including TidalJuno Download and Beatport. Through a partnership with Sony Music, Record Union offers artist opportunities that will help you get heard.

Our favorite Record Union feature: their upgraded Discovery Tool gives your music more visibility. Find out more about their pricing.

MondoTunes provides the largest online music distribution channel in the world. It reaches hundreds of online stores and streaming companies in more than countries. Our favorite MondoTunes feature: Unlimited uploads through the largest digital distribution channel in the world. They also take care of YouTube and Facebook monetization through Content ID, offering personalized support in several languages.

Self-release your music and sell it on Bandcamp. It lets you sell physical merch or self-release CDs. Read more about Bandcamp. Topspin is a digital store and a marketing platform for musicians. It lets you sell your music physical and digitalyour merch and show tickets. Instead it lets you embed it on your website or Facebook.

Remember that a distributor is a new professional partnership. Choose the most beneficial one for you. Make sure the distributor fits your needs, your resources, and your goals.

The equivalent in the digital world is metadata. These are the short descriptions and keywords that make it easy to classify and find something on the web. Metadata is crucial in digital distribution. All digital distributors ask for this information. You want your potential fans to find your music easily. Make it short. Use the most common words. Make it simple and timeless: avoid using trendy words or hashtags.

You want people to find your music 30 years from now! Make sure you have a realistic budget for your promotion. Distribution companies tend to focus their promotional efforts on top-selling artists. So do your own thing Ч create a powerful social media presence and put yourself out there. Create buzz about your album even before it drops. Post sneak previews of your jam sessions to Instagram. Play a show how to ask for raise in performance review your studio and live stream it.

Post 30 second previews of your tracks to SoundCloud. Get your music to as many ears as possible. Use radio play, blogs, shows, word-of-mouth, and any other way you can think of to get your name out there. Send those emails and make those phone calls.

Physical distributors are closing their doors. What if that means better alternatives for you? Having a solid digital distribution track record is like having a stellar CV. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. So here is everything you need to know about digital music distribution and how to do it right.

How Digital Music Distribution Works: Then and Now Traditionally, distributors got records into stores and labels got people to go buy them through promotion. This system still exists today.

#2. How Do I Get My Music On Spotify, Apple Music, And All Major Platforms?

Our free distribution lets you put your music on all major streaming services, while keeping % of your royalties and rights! All Amuse users are able to distribute their catalogue to below services. ?Spotify ?Apple Music. Youtube Music. Amazon Music ?Tidal. Deezer. Napster. Oct 06, †Ј Distribute your music with RouteNote Lastly, RouteNote is probably the most humble of them all. This music distribution service will allow you to distribute your music to 50 different platforms. ItТs not as much as most platforms, but youТre still getting a lot to work with. Easily distribute your music globally on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, TikTok, and more. On Your Terms. Own % of your rights and royalties, and easily withdraw your earnings. Built for the Future. Stay ahead of the curve with user-friendly tools like .

The good news is you no longer need to be signed to a label in order to promote or sell your music. Are you wondering how you can get your music streamed on all major platforms and make money during the process? More and more independent artists are getting their music on Spotify and Apple Music without being signed to a major or indie record label. The crazy thing is that some artists are even being found on these platforms and eventually get signed when they raise enough attention.

Getting your music heard is a tough gig. This is why more and more artists and musicians are skipping the middle-man and getting heard on Spotify and Apple Music. Your songs have a place in the world.

Streaming platforms are convenient and convenience sells. This is how independent artists are being discovered. When your tracks get this positive feedback, your streams begin to snowball.

Another benefit of streaming platforms is how easy playlists are easy to share. If your song s happen to be saved in a playlist by someone then your chances of being heard increases. Streaming platforms such as Spotify are the future. A music distributer is a company that helps musicians get their music into iTunes , Apple Music , Spotify , Google Play , Instagram , and other major platforms. When your music is distributed it will have the opportunity to be heard by anyone in the world.

The awesome thing about getting your music on all major platforms is that you get paid every time your music is streamed! One day you might make a few bucks from Spotify while simultaneously earning royalties from other platforms such as Apple Music and TikTok. You can then reinvest the profits to further your music career and provide more value to your following. This type of income is known as leverage income. This is where you do the work once but get paid multiple times for it.

Engage with artists and other musicians in your genre. Twitter is a great platform to connect with people who can support you. A social media hack is to click on related hashtags and begin liking peoples recent posts and even leaving a comment. This strategy is a form of saying hey this is who I am. When people see someone liked or commented on their post, they usually tend to stalk the other persons feed.

Growing your artist social media accounts is going to require you to work on this task every single day. Now, there will be days where it gets tiring and days where you simply skip out on it. This is normal. However, know that if you discipline yourself and get back on track, you will be able to meet your number of followers goal. Which brings up the second social media hack for artists.

Pin your recent song to your profile. This is the first thing visitors will see. Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms that allow you to pin a post for high visibility. Always looks for ways to improve. You can create a group of loyal supporters who can share, like, and comment anytime you update the street team page with content and instructions to push it out.

You can also create a promo page. This promo page can be a second alternative or addition to your promotional strategy. With a promo page you can share your street teams shares and comments to build momentum. All this activity allows algorithms in the social media platform to push your content out to reach a bigger audience. This awareness creates hype and elevates your awareness.

Millennial Music Agency is a platform that listens to your music via submissions and reviews it on their website. You can use the review as a means to sponsor and market your new single or album. By providing artists with a platform to be seen and heard, we manifest credibility which artists can use to further their music career. When your music is finally being pushed out on Spotify and Apple Music, be sure to share your work as much as possible with as many groups and curators as you can. They want to share quality work and be collaborate with strong brand recognition.

This is why more independent artists are being discovered on platforms such as Spotify more than anywhere else. Share your latest single on:. Facebook groups are the perfect place for musicians and artists to share creative ideas and get a chance to get their music heard. This platform has a variety of groups for just about everyone! These trending social media platforms are a great place for you to share your new track with your following and increase awareness.

Email newsletters are a great way for you to share your new song or album with your fans and support group. This is where creating an email newsletter for your fans to sign up can become handy. You can use this email newsletter to directly connect your fans with a new release in case they missed a post online. You can also use email as a means of hyping a new song or album prior to its release. This strategy is known as email marketing.

The way this works is you can email your fans promotional content such as images, artworks, and teasers of an upcoming song or album. This creates anticipation and further help you promote your music. These marketing campaigns are what allow artists to have a big release date.

This happens when they prepared their fans for the release months prior. When your work is being distributed across all major platforms, royalties begin to come in every time someone hits the play button. The more streams you get means the more money you will earn. But first you need is to get your work distributed.

DistroKid is the best service for musicians looking to get their music into online stores and major streaming outlets. The reason why independent artists and musicians like yourself are using DistroKid is because:.

The best value is being able to upload unlimited tracks year round whenever you want. In the end, DistroKid has the best bang for your buck. DistroKid makes it super easy to upload your song s to all major platforms.

You also have an option to set your release date, allow people to preorder, and even set your own record label name. You may upload several songs at the same time to release an album or one at a time for singles. DistroKid will send you an email once your songs are available in each store so you can share the links on your social media platforms. This allows you to let your audience know your song is available to them no matter what their streaming preference is.

The simple platform is favored by artists looking to quickly upload their work without any hassle. You also get the option to choose the language , primary genre , and secondary genre along with other options to further describe your track s.

DistroKid provides you with stats for just about everything. This includes a breakdown of how you get paid as well as your daily streams!

DistroKid is a great means to earn money from your music due to their easy distributing services. The goal is to reach many listeners in order to increase your earnings. Each store and streaming service delivers reports and payments on their own schedule. You can easily transfer your earnings into your PayPal account without any hassle.

DistroKid allows you to gain access to Spotify For Artists which allows you to professionally personalize your Spotify artist page. When you distribute with DistroKid you will also be instantly verified with a blue checkmark on Spotify. The awesome thing about becoming a verified artist on Spotify is the credibility you gain. Spotify for Artists give you insight on where your listeners are coming from and what their age group is.

This can help you determine who your content is primarily based around. You can also view how many people are listening to your music in real-time! Some cool features include editing your bio , setting up a profile picture , and managing tour dates. In order to monetize videos on YouTube you must reach a total of 1, subscribers and have 4, hours of watch time on your channel. This is extremely convenient because you are instantly monetized and are ready to receive earnings from YouTube ads right away!

This is just one of the many perks you have when you distribute your work with DistroKid. The reason we love DistroKid is because it has helped our readers who are musicians and artists earn passive income. We are a personal finance and entrepreneurship blog after all. You can upload unlimited amount of songs and albums on DistroKid. After you submit your music for distribution it can take anywhere from days before your music is live on Spotify.

Most platforms take about days to show your music online but you can expect it to take about a full week for majority of streaming platforms to have your music ready for listeners. DistroKid will make you a Spotify Artist as soon as you join. You will be able to create your Spotify for Artist profile and edit your artist profile picture and bio. You will also be able to upload photos for your fans to see and change your banner to promote new music. This means you will begin to earn money from not only playbacks but actual advertisement.

If approved, your songs can get playlisted on massive playlists which can draw serious traffic to your artist page.

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