How to connect optical drive to motherboard

how to connect optical drive to motherboard

Installing an Optical Drive

Sep 18, †Ј Connecting Old PATA HDD or IDE Optical Drives to your new SATA Motherboard. Suppose you have a PATA HDD with IDE Interface, Then connect the IDE interface (Female) to your HDDТs Male interface. Connect the power supplied to the standard 4 Pin supplied. Connect the SATA interface cable to the SATA to IDE marked port in the device. Mar 13, †Ј There are many ways to connect a PC to an audio system, but not all of them are equal. For the best results, youТll have to use an optical audio cable. Read on to learn how to make use of the Optical Out (S/PDIF) port on your PC to set up such a connection, and enjoy the best your PCТs audio system and audio setup can solarigniters.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Steve Larner Read more November 22, Installing an optical drive is fairly easy, but you must understand how they connect. This article walks you through the process. First, find and fit the optical drive into a spare 5. Some cases, such as those found in select ASUS computers, have flaps on the front to hide the optical drives from view. Those models require removal of the front panel in most situations.

If you have a screwless drive bay design or one with runners, consult your computer manual for full instructions. Other cases require you to screw the drive into place from the sides. The optical drive gets pushed into the case from the front, and that is where removing the front panel comes into play.

The front of the drive needs to be flush with the case flap-free models or slightly further back drve cases with flaps in the front. Use the four screws provided with the optical drive or case to hold the drive securely in place. There are usually four screws in total. The second step to installing an optical drive is to attach the data cables to the device.

SATA optical drives feature a slim plug that features a right-angle notch, ensuring it only fits one way. When in place, apply firm pressure to ensure the connection is secure. Insert one side of the connector at a slight angle, and then partially insert the other side so that the plug is even. Next, push the entire connector with medium force into the socket on the drive.

The slight angle method ensures the first pins align properly before inserting, which prevents forced bends. Once drivee verify that all pins line up, give the connector a firm push to ensure it goes in all the way. This process requires patience since the plug is difficult to fit into the opening.

Most drives have a diagram on top. Once what is the meaning of perceive in hindi have installed the optical drive and connected the data cable, it is time to attach the power cables. The SATA power cable is slim and flat. This plug is a large compared to other PC plugs white or black four-pin connector coming from your power supply. Use a bit of force to ensure proper connection. Opfical same insertion method used on the optical drive cconnect to the motherboard.

The SATA socket includes the same right-angle design to prevent plugging it in the wrong way. You should hear a click once the connector is in place. An EIDE how to connect optical drive to motherboard socket connects the same way as the optical drive, except you often have two color options. Usually, blue is the primary connection, and white gets used for the second EIDE controller on the board.

Opticsl, some motherboards include white EIDE sockets only, one black plus one white, or a different color from the norm. Some plugs block off that pin as a secondary protective measure what does g. o. a. t stand for ensure a correct fit on the board. Push the cable in morherboard and as straight as possible to avoid bending any pins. Now that all connections are attached and secured, you can turn on your PC and let it detect the new drive at boot and in Windows.

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Connect the drive data cables from the back of each drive to the appropriate connector on the motherboard, making sure to align pin 1 properly on both the drive and controller. Nov 17, †Ј How to install an Optical Drive, such as a DVD or CD drive. How to install an Optical Drive, such as a DVD or CD drive. Mar 31, †Ј Regardless of the internal details, most optical drives connect to a computer motherboard with a data cable and power cable, and feature an open/close button that controls access to .

Subscriber Account active since. Optical drives were once so common that virtually every computer came with one, or even two. Now this storage solution is quickly becoming obsolete Ч it's increasingly rare to find a mainstream desktop or laptop computer with a built-in optical drive. You can still find them, however, on several other devices. These include game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, and car stereos. Here's everything to know about optical drives, including what they do, how they work, and what to do if you need one.

In the simplest terms, an optical drive is the piece of hardware that lets a device read and interact with a disc. All optical drives are based on the same fundamental technology. An optical drive is composed of a laser that's used to read and write data that's encoded in a plastic disc which spins on a platter. Depending on the specific kind of optical drive Ч CD, DVD or Blu-ray Ч the wavelength of the laser will vary, along with the rotational speed of the disc.

The CD was the first kind of optical disc, initially designed without regard for computer storage. The first prototype arrived in to play back music but was adapted into the CD-ROM format in , capable of storing MB of data, which at the time was substantially more storage space than commonly available in hard disk drives HDDs. So-called dual-layer DVDs could store 8.

Some optical drives dispense with the tray entirely; you simply feed the disc into a narrow slot, like in a car's CD player. While most older computers have a built-in optical drive, few new computers include one Ч a sign that most people don't need these drives anymore. Most new software and data is downloaded from the internet rather than installed from a disc, and most common place to find optical drives now is on game consoles. Even so, you might occasionally have the need to read or write a disc on your computer.

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Copy Link. While nearly every computer had them a few years ago, they're rare to see on new computers now. If you need an optical drive but your computer doesn't have one, you can buy an external optical drive. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Insider Inc. HDD: How to decide which storage option is the best for your computer. Everything you should know about solid state drives. TECH What is a hard drive? Everything you should know about the computer storage device.

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