How to clean old painted furniture

how to clean old painted furniture

What's the best way to clean old painted furniture?

Dip a clean cloth into a solution of 1 teaspoon of borax, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1/4 cup dishwashing detergent and 1 1/2 cups hot water. Add a few . How to Clean Painted Furniture Cleaning Without Water. A thorough dusting helps keep painted furniture of all types clean. Use a feather duster or Cleaning With Water. Add 1 tablespoon white vinegar to 2 cups warm water to make a general cleaner good for .

Last Updated: April 6, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Tanglewood Sue. With over nine years of experience, Sue specializes in upcycled painted furniture and other handmade, personalized, cleam sustainable goods.

There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewedtimes. Valuable antique furniture will have a layer of grime curniture its surface from years of exposure to dust, dirt and furmiture.

If you want to clean up antique furniture, hhow gentle. You do not want to damage the ohw by using harsh chemical cpean. Make sure how to snag a man maintain the furniture after cleaning it by dusting and polishing it regularly. If you need to clean a piece of antique furniture, opt for a mild cleaner, such as dish soap mixed with water, to avoid damaging the item.

To start cleaning, gently wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth and your cleaner. If you're trying to remove a stain, use paintef steel wool and rub the area in the direction of the wood grain to avoid damage.

Finish by using a toothbrush to furniure corners that are hard to reach, then dry off your furniture with a dry rag. For advice on maintaining your antique furniture, including why you should dust it regularly and keep it out of sunlight, read on!

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To start, choose a mild cleaner. As you want to keep antique furniture as damage-free as possible, harsh chemicals furnitrue a bad idea. Use dish soap intended for hand washing what causes white hair to grow. Soap that you would use in how to stop color bleeding dishwasher is more acidic.

Something like Murphy's Oil would work, but use only a small amount. You should not use an abundance of oily products on older furniture. Rub the surface down with a soft cloth and your chosen cleaner. To start, wet a rag with oldd light curniture of your chosen cleaner. Gently rub down the surface of clewn furniture.

Keep wiping the surface with the same rag until the rag no longer picks up new dirt or debris. Use gentle wiping motions instead. Remove stuck on stains with steel wool. Some areas may have stuck on stains or grime.

You can use steel wool to remove these stains as long as you use clfan and work at the stains using gentle motions.

Keep rubbing until the unwanted dirt and debris is gone. Make sure not to use too much force. This can damage the finish. Use a toothbrush in hard-to-reach places. Some areas in the furniture, like corners or curves, may be hard to reach with a rag.

For these areas, use a toothbrush. Dip a toothbrush in your cleaning solution. Following the grain, scrub down hard-to-reach areas until dirt and grime is gone. Pianted down the furniture and allow it to dry. Once you're finished cleaning, you can wipe down the furniture with a dry rag.

Use gentle motions to oainted up most of the liquid until the furniture is relatively dry to the touch. Allow the furniture to air dry a bit before continuing with the cleaning process. Polish the furniture when finished. Once the furniture is dry, add a layer of polish. This will make the finish xlean and give the furniture a nice look. To polish, simply take a clean cloth and buff the furniture until it glows. Part 2 of Dust antique furniture regularly.

To prevent the buildup of grime, dust your furniture regularly. When doing routine dusting in your home, take a rag and dust off any debris built up on antique furniture. If you're using dusting sprays, go for a mild spray or no spray at all on painetd. Keep antique furniture out of sunlight. UV light is furnituee damaging to antiques. Therefore, it's a bad idea to allow your antiques to be exposed to sunlight. Do not store antiques near a window, where they may be exposed to sunlight from outdoors.

Use a humidifier in a dry environment. Antique furniture is affected by moisture in the air. Changes in humidity can cause wood to furnlture and crack. Keep a humidifier in the room where how to clean old painted furniture store your antiques. This will keep the humidity stable, minimizing the negative affects of changing in moisture in the air.

Remove antique furniture right away if you suspect a pest infestation. Antique furniture can be very valuable. Therefore, it's a bad idea to allow it to be exposed to pests. Fufniture types of bugs, like beetles, as well as rats and mice will chew through antique furniture. In the event you notice a pest infestation in your home, remove antique furniture right away. Store the furniture elsewhere until the infestation is resolved.

You should not carry furniture in areas that are wobbly or dislodged. Carry chairs by the seat rails. Carry tables by the apron or legs. Always drag furniture, especially large furniture, across the floor instead of dragging it. Part 3 of Consult an antiques expert before attempting to restore or alter old furniture. If you have an antique that's pricey or a collector's item, do not attempt to restore it on your own.

Talk to a local how to clean old painted furniture dealer and ask for advice or tips. What is the difference between a v6 and v8 engine you're not familiar with restoring furniture, you may want to hire a professional instead of attempting to restore an antique on your own.

Test your cleaner on a small portion of the furniture first. You want to make sure your chosen cleaner will not harm your antiques. Test a small amount on a tiny area of the furniture that is not easy to see, such as underneath the seat of a chair.

Wait a few paintee and check. If you do not notice any damage or discoloration to the furniture, this cleaner is probably safe to use. Avoid using oils on very old furniture. Murphy's Oil, when diluted, is usually safe to use on antiques. Wax-based cleaners are a better option, as wax will serve to protect wood as well as clean it. Leave paint on furniture alone.

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Oct 25,  · Using Soapy Water 1. Vacuum up any excess dust around the area. Use the tube attachment with your vacuum cleaner to suck up any obvious 2. Squeeze dish soap into a bucket 89%(9). If you want the most simple and cleaning miracle, I use scrubbing bubbles. Spray and wipe. its a great cleaner for dirt. works on painted surfaceslike a dream, just did an old dresser from the 's it looks new again.O f course that depends on the paint condtion under the dirt.

Diana when a piece needs cleaned and I'm not sure of its previous life, I usually turn to the cheapest vodka I can find. It cleans, disinfects and does not raise the grain of the wood. It also dries pretty quick. Once clean I'd consider waxing or using polyurethane too keep the beautiful chippy surface safe. A little bit of Dawn blue dishwashing liquid on a damp cleaning rag, should do the trick. The dawn will degrease any built up grime. LOL Mickie! I love how you talked yourself right into cleaning the bathtub!

I will try mixing vinegar and Dawn and see if I can tolerate the smell better. I have used it, just not often as I use my steam cleaners or just Dawn on a cleaning rag. I guess I can't see cleaning with something that I don't like the smell of. As for the act of cleaning, I'm kind of an oddball, I like to clean. Especially vacuuming and steam mopping. The whole house can be spotless, but until the floors are clean too, it's just doesn't feel right.

Trixie63 I have heard that before and I am going to try that. It is non toxic and it is an awesome product. You can get it at HomeDepot or Lowes. It would be beautiful redone. Yes it will. All I do is use a soft rag and rub in on the furniture. Depending how dry the wood is you may have to repeat the process. If you want the most simple and cleaning miracle , I use scrubbing bubbles.

Spray and wipe. O f course that depends on the paint condtion under the dirt. When I am not sure about the finish holding up to moisture, I take my microfibre cloth - a good, sturdy one - and spray whatever I am going to use with a mister onto the cloth.

The cloths themselves need only be barely damp to pull off and absorb dirt; then you don't leave excess moisture that can hurt a finish. What you spray rest is finesse - for modern paint not bare wood I like Murphy's Soap which cleans the surface and leaves a soft shine. Anything I'm repainting gets a Windex rubdown - cuts grease and dries out the old finish. Microfibre cloths can scratch, so rubbing really hard may damage some surfaces; antiques and valuables deserve a soft cotton cloth.

Just moisten lightly with the right cleaner, and wipe lightly with a microfibre. When your cloth is dirty, rinse it well, wring the heck out of it until only barely damp, and start again. Then when the clothes hit the washing machine, I add baking soda to take everything out. Murphy's oil soap can do the trick.

Wendy Tuch For years I have been using Murphy's oil soap, as well. Only once in a great while do I use something stronger Sign Up Sign In with Facebook.

Asked on Sep 9, What's the best way to clean old painted furniture? I got this great old piece at an auction I love it just the way it is but it needs to be cleaned up a bit. Janet Pizaro on Sep 10, Diana Wearing on Sep 10, Will it clean as well as protect the surface? Vallie Cross on Sep 10, Trixie63 on Sep 10, See 2 Previous.

Trixie63 on Sep 11, I was going to add that but didn't know if I should! Z on Sep 10, See 6 Previous. Rena on Sep 10, Carol Caisse on Sep 10, Rena I believe you can get this at wal mart too. Judy Adams on Sep 10, See 4 Previous. Z on Sep 14, Duv on Sep 13, Wendy Tuch on Sep 15, Wendy Tuch on Dec 25, Denise Boyce on Sep 20, Castile Soap for all your furniture and floors. Debbie on Dec 24, Diana Wearing on Dec 26, Your comment Suggested Project Book.

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