How to check if your apple product is under warranty

how to check if your apple product is under warranty

How to check your warranty on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Mar 31,  · Check if your device is covered and see what kinds of repairs and support are included with your coverage. Or find your agreement number, proof of purchase, and expiration date. Check if your device is covered by an AppleCare plan or Apple's Limited Warranty. Check your Apple warranty status. Enter a serial number to review your eligibility for support and extended coverage.

Contact Us Privacy Policy. If you need a repair for your iPhoneiPad, or Mac, it is best to find out if a warranty cgeck you before seeking a fix. Here's how to find out if your devices are still covered. Occasionally, owners of Apple's products encounter a problem that needs fixing. Be it a sticking key on a MacBook Pro keyboard, an issue with an iPad display, or something else, it's likely that at some point something goes wrong and needs to be repaired.

In cases where a device is obviously damaged by the user by accident, there's usually little to be done than to take the financial hit for a repair, to claim on insurance, or pay for a replacement. However, if the device stops working properly through normal use, it may be able to be serviced by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider at a low cost, or even free.

Obviously, if there's a warranty still in place, or you paid for AppleCare coverage, you will probably want to take advantage of that to fix the issue, if only to avoid an unexpectedly high expense. Since warranties and AppleCare coverage only last for specific periods of time, you will want to check the status of your faulty device as soon as possible, rather than after.

There are multiple ways to check your warranty, but the route you take will largely depend on whether or not you can actually use the device in question.

The easiest ways to check the warranty status involve being able to use the hardware in question. Apple's ecosystem makes it relatively painless to do so, if everything is working fine. Depending on the warranty status, it may state "Limited Warranty" or "AppleCare Services" and an expiry date. The option may also show "Coverage Expired," revealing the hardware is no longer covered. Tapping the option will bring up a Coverage page, giving assistance related to the warranty status, such as the kinds of support you warrantt access.

As Apple's products connect to the Internet and are generally linked to a user's account, typically how to use a hegner saw those who buy the product and first register it, you can also determine your Apple devices' warranty status through your Apple account.

The easiest way without necessarily using the device itself, is to use another iPhone or iPad that is already logged in with your Apple ID, and to look in the Apple Support app. If coverage is available under a Limited Warranty, it will say what is covered as well as an expiration date and offer a chance to upgrade ho AppleCare.

If AppleCare is on a device, it will also show what is covered for the device and an expiration date. The app will also advise if warranty coverage has expired, but that consumer law may apply depending on the situation.

If you don't have access to hardware with the Apple Support app installed, uhder can also do how to insulate a cold room same thing within a web browser. The page that appears will show if there's coverage for the device under warranty, how to stop your child from wetting the bed kind of warranty coverage it has, what can be done under said warranty, and the expiry date.

This page will aarranty advise if the device is out of warranty and offer links to gain further support. The beauty of this method is that it can be done without needing to authenticate with Apple. There's an option to log into unver page with your Apple ID, but it can provide the details you need with just the serial number and not your account credentials.

One thing that this last method relies on is getting the serial number of the product in the first place. Ideally, you should record the serial number and keep it safe, as a form of proof of ownership, though unnder everyone does that. Apple offers a support page dedicated to locating where the serial number is located on a variety of its products, but there are quite a few common places you can look for it. In many cases, your Apple device's serial number may also be located on your Apple ID page.

This could be extremely handy if you don't have physical access to the device at that moment in time, but urgently need the serial number. Color balancing, arriving in tvOS Here's peoduct to use the new television calibration tool. If four product announcements during the "Spring Loaded" event weren't enough, the week also saw Apple manufacturer Quanta's data held for ransom, Apple's appearance in front of the feds regarding anti-trust allegations, and more! The iMac has undergone some major changes inwith a refreshed appearance and the addition of Apple Silicon, but how much of an upgrade is it from the previous generation?

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How to check the warranty status on an iPhone or iPad. Open the Settings app. Tap General. Tap About. Scroll down the page until you see language about the warranty status. Checking warranties of Apple account-connected devices. Open the Support app on an iPhone what should eat for lunch iPad.

Tap Products to bring up a list of products associated with the Apple ID. Under My Devices, tap the prodkct you want to check. Tap Device Details. The Support app can also show a product's support coverage. How to check warranty coverage on Prdouct devices via a browser.

Open the Check Coverage site. Click Continue. The Check Coverage page works without needing authentication. Finding your Mac, iPhone or iPad's serial number. How to find your serial number on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the Settings app, tap General then About. Search the back of the device for regulatory information, which includes the serial number and also the IMEI on cellular-connected models. If you connect your device to a Mac, you can select the device in Finder and see the serial number.

On warrannty PC, the option is available in iTunes. Lastly, the packaging may also show the serial number on a sticky label.

You can find your iPad serial number on the back alongside regulatory information. Checm to find your serial number on a Mac or MacBook. Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner, then About This Mac.

It can also be found printed on the exterior amongst regulatory markings. Checking macOS can bring up the serial number, but the Service tab links you to the Check Coverage page instead of giving you direct warranty status data.

How to find your serial number on an Apple Watch. Open unde Watch app on the paired iPhone. Tap Generalthen About. Alternately, look on the back of the original Apple Watch around the sensor. For the Apple Watch Series 1 or later, it is located inside the top band slot.

The Apple Watch hides the serial number within a Band slot. How to find your serial number on an Apple TV. Alternately, check the base of the Apple TV. How to find your serial number on a HomePod or HomePod mini. Open the Home app, then press and hold the HomePod. On macOSdouble-click the HomePod. It is also located on the base of the device. Your Apple ID management page can show the serial number for many logged-in devices.

How to find your device's serial number via your Apple ID. Open the Apple ID management site. Log in and complete your authentication. Scroll down the page to Devicesand click the hardware in question. If a serial number is available, chexk will be displayed. Related Articles.

Check if your device is covered by an AppleCare plan or Apple's Limited Warranty

Follow these instructions to find out if your iPhone or other Apple device is under warranty. To find out if your iPhone or other Apple device is still under warranty, all you need is your device's serial number. Follow these steps:. Start by finding your iPhone's serial number. There are two ways to find it:. In any web browser, visit Apple's warranty checker tool. Apple's warranty checker tool returns five pieces of information:.

If the device isn't registered, the warranty is expired, or AppleCare can be added, click the link next to the item you want to take action on. If your iPhone is still under warranty, you can:. The standard warranty that comes with every iPhone includes some free phone tech support and limited coverage for hardware damage or failure. Learn all about it on our article dedicated to that subject. If you've had to pay for just one expensive phone repair in the past, you may want to extend your warranty on other devices.

You have two choices: AppleCare and phone insurance. AppleCare is the extended warranty program offered by Apple. It takes the iPhone's standard warranty and extends phone support and hardware coverage for a full two years. Phone insurance is like any other insurance—you pay a monthly premium, and have deductibles and restrictions. If you're in the market for this kind of coverage, AppleCare is the only way to go.

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