How to check fedex shipment history

how to check fedex shipment history

How can I confirm that my package was shipped to the correct address?

Ship History Click the Ship History tab at the top of the FedEx Ship Manager screen. From this screen, you can review or print information for any shipment you have processed in the last 90 days. To view package shipment history, select the FedEx Express / FedEx Ground radio button. For LTL freight. Jan 20,  · 1: Click on “Create A Shipment”. On this page, it’s not obvious that you need to click on “Create A Shipment” to view your past shipment details, but by whatever logic they used, this is where the info is located. Click on this button and you’ll be taken to the next page.

Print Close. Help Options Help Menu Click the Help menu at the top sihpment each page to access the following tools: Help with this page — Includes FAQs, specific instructions and additional information for the sections and processes you see on the screen.

Frequently Asked Shpment How do I edit a pickup? How do I cancel a pickup? How do I view or print my pickup details? The table will update to display shipnent records that match your filter selection. Search for Pickups Enter the search criteria in the Search text box. Hisory the column to search from the drop-down menu.

Pickup Records that match your search criteria will display in the table. Sort Pickups Click a column header to sort the table in ascending or descending order.

Edit a Pickup Select the pickup, and click Edit. Then make your changes on the Schedule a Pickup screen, and click Update Pickup. To edit a FedEx Freight pickup, you must call customer service at Cancel a Pickup Select one or more pickup sand click Cancel. Click Yes to continue with the cancellation. The status for each cancelled pickup will change to Cancelled. Click the link in the Confirmation Number column. Note: No link is available for pickups what state has area code 767 a Canceled status.

Click the link in the Status column. Any conflict between this information and the Automation Agreement, or transportation agreement between you and FedEx, or between this information and the FedEx Service Guide will be governed by the Automation Agreement, the transportation agreement and the FedEx Service Hhistory, in that order. Your use of this information constitutes your agreement to these terms.

Obtain proof of delivery

To View your Pickup history. Select Schedule a Pickup from the Ship tab, and then click the Pickup History tab. To view package pickup history, select the FedEx Express® / FedEx Ground® radio button. For less than truckload (LTL) freight pickup history, select the FedEx Freight® radio button. If you. Enter your FedEx tracking number, track by reference, obtain proof of delivery, or TCN. See FedEx Express, Ground, Freight, and Custom Critical tracking services. Where is my package? Aug 11,  · If you ship with FedEx via Easyship, you can easily track your FedEx package through your Easyship dashboard. Simply navigate to the Manage Shipment section, and select ‘All’, or search for the FedEx tracking number in the search bar. You will be able to conveniently follow the progress of your shipment with custom branded emails and alerts.

Note: This was done on the US website, your website based on your location may be a bit different. You can also perform certain post-ship related actions like reprinting the label, getting your customs documents ready, and a handful of other options that I highlighted in red below. First a first time FedEx user such as myself, it was pretty confusing figuring out where everything was.

I can imagine this confuses other people too, so if you found this helpful at all it would be cool if you left me a comment below — maybe we can start a nice petition for FedEx to spruce up their website a bit and overhaul the user experience, because I know there has to be some people that struggled other than just me. I built Wiyre when I was still in college. I had the idea because I wanted to help people with E-Commerce and websites, and it has expanded to what you see today. I hope you learn something worthwhile, and if you have any questions I'd love to hear from you.

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