How to catch stripers in the hudson river

how to catch stripers in the hudson river

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Mar 29,  · The first key to catching Hudson River stripers is finding fish that are willing to feed. While you may find fish in the river channel, they are often moving or staging in preparation for the spawn, and are less interested in feeding. Feeding stripers move out of the channel and into the shallower water to chase herring. Delaware River Fishing Report for Striped bass aka Stripers, American Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Flatheads Catfish, Snakeheads and other Species. We report specifically on the Philadelphia Bucks County, Mercer County, Hunterdon Country areas. We provide guided fishing trips on the Delaware river.

Nick Vegeto, of Milton, N,Y, caught and released this Hudson River striped bass last spring that he said measured 47 inches and weighed He caught on a blood worm fishing on the river near Saugerties. Striped bass are anadromous. They live adult lives in the ocean but migrate into brackish bays and freshwater rivers to spawn. The Hudson Teaching students how to write letters, where each year a number travel all the way up the river to federal dam in Troy, is one of their main spawning grounds on the East Coast.

Spring is the best time to fish for the fish. The recreational striped bass fishing season for areas in the river north of the George Washington Bridge continues until Nov.

Jessica Wagenbaugh, of Earlton, N. It was caught in the Hudson River on live herring near Catskill on April 3. Meanwhile, the annual run of herring in the river, an ocean baitfish that the stripers follow in, is just beginning and a good sign, according to several sources.

The fishing should start picking up in a couple of weeks as the real big stripers start pouring into the river, with things normally peaking during the first two weeks of May, according to Tom Gentalen, owner of the River Basin Sports Shop in Catskill in Greene County. Gentalen said hudsoj are currently reporting catches in the inch range, with a couple in the inch range — all mostly caught using live herring or blood worms for bait.

He has also heard that the fishing has been slow, noting a incher was caught this week around Newburgh by an angler casting a stickbait. Last year, the COVID pandemic put a pause on bow Hudson River striped bass fishing scene as boat launches and marinas were closed for most of the spring and fishing guides were deemed riiver businesses and not allowed to take out clients.

The marinas and launches eventually opened, but the guides were still on lockdown for those of the season. I never got out once. He noted anglers who got on the water had good luck. The new circle hook regulation follows a change last year in the slot limit on the river that only allowed anglers fishing on the Hudson north of the George Washington Bridge to keep fish one what was the first antibiotic measuring between 18 and 28 inches.

No more. These big fish must be released. Marc Yander, of Catskill, caught and released this inch stripets bass last year fishing from the shore of the Hudson River in Greene County. He used a live herring as bait. The new regulations are the result of the state Department of Environmental Conservation working collaboratively with the Atlantic States Fisheries Commission in its effort to increase the survival rate of striped bass caught by recreational and marine anglers.

Studies have determined the striped bass fishery along the East Coast is being overfished, that the fishery is currently at a year low point and that steps need be taken by each state to turn things around. The clear majority of striped bass caught in the Hudson River measuring more than 30 inches are females, according to the DEC. In marine waters and stretches of the Hudson River south of the George Washington Bridge, the recreational slot limit for recreational anglers to keep a fish is 28 to 35 inches and the season is open April 15 through Dec.

In other waterways in other states, Witek said, fishing for striped bass during the spring spawning run is either banned or completely catch and release. The new circle hook regulation is slated to begin stripera April Meanwhile, anglers are being asked to voluntarily practice it until that time.

Circle hooks will not be required when strjpers with an artificial lure, whether or not they are tipped with bait. And more often than not, the fish will get hooked on the side of the mouth, making for a quick, easy release and less damaging injuries to the fish. The difference? Witek added the reason off-set circle hooks are banned tulsa what to do this weekend that they are less effective in reducing the number of gut-hooked fish.

A state Department of Environmental Conservation showing the difference between J hudon and in-line non-offset and offset circle hooks. The in-line hooks are now required for fishing with bait for striped bass in New York's fresh and salt waters. For more information, anglers north of the George Washington Bridge in the tidal Hudson River can email hudsonangler dec. Photos should be sent to outdoors writer David Figura at dfigura Rivdr. Angler who caught the fish needs to be in the photo.

Include the full name of the angler, where he or she lives, when and catcy the fish was caught -- and on what. Troutland Upstate NY anglers share photos of their impressive catches. Opening day of trout fishing: Most anglers caught fish, most glad they got out.

Go online -- for now. Who how to set up a propane oxygen torch there?

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By David Figura dfigura nyup.


Most stripers originate in the rivers that drain into the Chesapeake Bay region, but the Hudson River Estuary forms the second largest spawning grounds for these fish, with the Delaware River contributing to the stock as well. Mar 23,  · The Catskills region of New York sees a Striper boom around May. The “starting point” of the Hudson River’s brackish fishery, Albany, welcomes this fish in June. You also have the chance to hook them on their way back to the Atlantic, too! The Hudson River widens and deepens considerably after the Federal Dam in Troy. Hudson River Boaters: fattony 3: Boaters Forum Have you been johnjohn The Striper Forum ASMFC Amendment 7 EdS: 0: Hudson River DEC Proposes Ship of Fools: 5: Hudson River Striper Swipers - grampy 5: Hudson River Dobbs ferry pier Chefhunter 0: Hudson River Where are they Doc Z: 3:

Every winter, anticipation builds for the arrival of migrating striped bass. Each year is different, and exact timing seems to be strongly influenced by water temperatures along the Atlantic coast. By tracking fishing reports from charter captains, contributors, and readers at OnTheWater. Each year has been very different and provided some interesting insight into the timing of the striper migration.

Yet, by mid-June, big striped bass were reported from the Jersey Shore to southern Maine. Big bass appeared in Raritan Bay by mid-April, and fresh schoolie stripers arrived early to New England.

However, by June, the maps for and looked almost identical. In mid-May, big post-spawn bass showed up off northern New Jersey to chow down on bunker. Remarkably, schools of bass, including many fish over 30 pounds, arrived in Cape Cod waters earlier than usual, and it seemed as if large numbers of fish bypassed Long Island waters.

You can help by contributing to our weekly map updates—simply share your striper fishing reports and photos through Instagram, Facebook, or at OnTheWater.

Striped bass are anadromous—they live their adult lives in the ocean but migrate into brackish bays and freshwater rivers to spawn. Smaller striped bass schoolies are the first to arrive along the coast in spring. This is because smaller, immature striped bass bypass the spawning grounds on their way north.

Male striped bass reach sexual maturity at two or three years of age at approximately 16 to 20 inches of length , and female striped bass mature at four to six years of age at approximately 24 to 28 inches of length. The timing of the arrival of larger striped bass, the inch-plus spawning fish, depends on the timing of the spring spawn. Spawning takes place earliest in Chesapeake Bay, as striped bass move from their wintering grounds off North Carolina and Virginia into the Bay in mid-March.

Spawning is slightly later in the Delaware River, taking place in early April, and a few weeks later in the Hudson River, typically mid- to late April. Through tagging studies, scientists have found that individuals from different spawning stocks tend to exhibit different migration habits. Yeah mass 2 as they are every year in mid may. Ill keep the location as of done for the last six years.

All i have to say if you find herring the schoolies arent far behing. Great work! Would be awesome if you guys followed the fall migration to help out the guys in VA. The US migrants will likely depart soon, as will the locals.

Tags show Chesapeake fish still around. Hopefully the migration is sooner than later. Been a tough winter not making money. I work so I can afford to buy food at market! Sure, rampant commercial fishing is hugely responsible for low fish numbers, along with keeping illegal fish. However, I find it extremely hypocritical of people who torture fish by playing with them as the reel them in, just to turn around and release them!

Ever wonder how much damage you do to a good number of those fish you do that to? Would you also propose that it be ok for catch and release bird hunting for example? How about catch and release deer hunting? From my pov, catch and release is as childish and inhumane as it gets and those that partake are hypocrites, at least the ones who criticize those of us who fish for food.

Btw, I might keep 6 legal stripers a year, most times less, as well as some other types and I only go out with the intent to keep my legal catch. Catch and release people go out all the time, hook 10 times more fish than I ever do and most likely actually kill more smaller fish in the process, then add all that unnecessary tackle hung up on whatever just below the surface and you have to cut a line, so….

I hope they close the season or the fish totally bypass your area. Lou, A yeti coffe mug keeps my coffee hot for hours. The Yeti coolers on my boat keep ice four 4 days in the summer. We got a yeti cup for free because it was mis-delivered to our house. I called the company that delivered it and they told me I could keep it. And the gasket and drink hole actually seal up tight so there are no spills. I would probably never buy anything yeti, though.

Maybe that is why the rules will be changed. New Jersey fishermen can only sport fish. One rule for all through out there range. Thank you yeti for this data resource. Could you fill in the missing links between where they were and where they are? As they migrate, do they tend to hold along the coastal shore lines? Do they follow canyons into river outlets? Do larger fish tend to offshore waters? One a day is ok. We all should only keep in fish and let the population rise for the benefit of all of us.

Commercial guys should only be allowed 10 fish under 36 in. The big breeders need to be released. A little conservation and respect for the fish is best for all of us.

I believe without a doubt at this time, that the first stripers will arrive earlier on Cape Cod this year compared to last year…All the signs are pointing to it if keeping weather logs means anything…the earlierst Ive seen fresh schoolies is April 14th along the southcoast…The latest has been May 2nd.. So far indications are showing a Mid-Late April April th arrival of the first schoolies…. Lets hope that we start catching some bass up in Maine mid may!!!!

What makes sense about killing the breeding stock? I refer you to the old story about the Golden Goose. Can anyone tell me what the magic water temperature is when we can expect to see the schoolies return? NYS should open the striped bass season in May again. The guys in Raitan Bay are crushing all the breeder class fish before they get a chance to spawn. Bring back what works. Close commercial striped bass fishing. I want my kids to enjoy catching stripers as much as I have.

We can keep one a day 28in or bigger? What we need is more E P A police to stop these guys who steal small stripers a long the Cape cod canal? Ketch n Letmgo n they will grow Peace n Go fish. We lose 50 percent of the catch every year to mishandling.

I urge people to educate themselves on how to properly release these fish correctly so they survive!! This alone could double the population of stripers in a few years! And release anything over 36 inches!!

Tight lines!!! The fun is in the catch. Schoolies on a fly rod or light spinning tackle is a sport. Leave the cows to make more of them. Freddie M I agree with you. Maybe shut it down for a year commercially and recreational. As for the yeti comment never knock a man for what he buys with his hard earned money. Tight lines fellas!!!! I would get another Yeti anything, because you only have to buy ONE!

They work the way they are suppose tooooo! And catch and release those stripers. Keep one IF you feel like having blacken Rock Fish or stuffed with crab meat! Good luck. What is up with all of the angry posts and personal attacks? I thought fishing was one of the LAST places where people could be civil to one another. We all love fishing and we all want our kids and grandkids to enjoy it as much as we do — and we all want a world where polluters and poachers get the punishment they deserve, and stripers and other beauties still thrive.

Some of you guys need to lighten up. They asked for comments from us and we all disagreed, yet those white collars still added another day to help deplete an already depleted stock. But Wtf we should be mad at them, not each other. People can eat another fish or another protein, or catch their own to eat if they want. I feel fine doing so and as I am entitled to that as are all of you. We are allowed.

If he is really good at catching big bass and if we constrict the quota…well he should be able to be profitable. If we show them hatred toward one another on this site then they have won. My son and I are out surfcasting and witnessed 2 latino people stuffing under sized stripers in their waders.

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