How to become a greek orthodox priest

how to become a greek orthodox priest

Procedure to Become a Priest

Most Greek orthodox priests tend to have a bachelor’s degree in their background. Though they may enter the seminary after high school directly, most tend to go on and receive a college education first. Though the degree may be somewhat important, it is not the most stringent requirement to become a priest in this capacity. 1. Be an Orthodox Christian. 2. Be a man. 3. If you want to be a married priest, you have to get married before receiving holy orders. Otherwise, you can become a celibate priest (only celibate priests can become bishops). However, you cannot get.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Nikolaostheservant Start date Aug 13, Nikolaostheservant High Elder. Joined Aug 11, Messages Reaction score 0 Points 0. To become a Greek how to become a greek orthodox priest priest, i have found out correct me if I'm wrong,please you need to have a 4yr degree and then go to a seminary school for another years, WOW!

I'm not a young-en anymore, never graduated from college. Does that mean I'm out of luck? Is there another way to become a priest? I relay wanted to be a priest and this came about recently due to an incident that happened that brought me back to my religion from a long time away. TheodoraElizabeth3 Elder. Joined Sep 26, Messages Reaction score 0 Points 0. Nikolaos, I'm not sure where you are, but at least in North America, the norm is for how to download music to iphone 4 free bachelor's degree years, however long it takes and then to treek.

I believe Holy Cross is four years for grfek M. Some bishops will allow exceptions irthodox that standard practice - priezt SEMINARY at ortuodox, but it's on a case-by-case basis, and up to the discretion of the hiw, and the Holy Synod he belongs to might have to weigh in on the decision, as well.

I know someone who immigrated to the US from a Orthodoxy country in his late teens. Tl never took any university courses for his bachelor's degree. He is now in his early 30s, married with a family.

He is going through his diocese's diaconal vocations program to become a deacon, but before he can go to seminary he has to get his bachelor's degree, per our bishop. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with serving Christ's Church ot a layman! There is plenty to do in the Church! And it's wrong thinking to think the only way a man can serve the Church is as clergy!

Asteriktos Strategos. Joined Oct 4, Messages 39, Reaction score Points It's never too late to return to school. Though admittedly once you hit a certain age I can see someone wondering if their time would be better spent doing something else.

Nikolaostheservant said:. Achronos Toumarches Site Supporter. Aposphet said:. How well do priests get compensated? Luke Taxiarches. Joined Dec 5, Messages 7, Reaction score Points My priest has been around long enough that I am starting to talk to him about things.

I would not if he did not have seminary training. Want to be a priest? Go to seminary. Joined Feb 28, Messages 5, Reaction score 0 Points 0. Good luck with your studies if you decide to go ahead ggeek them. If not, maybe you can be an altar server. I don't think you have to be a priest to do that. Thanks airmethea for the listing.

Priesg bothers me a bit somewhat. So with all the requirments it takes to be priest, how come there isn't any to be a monk? Dumb question I'm sure. Gamliel said:. I am starting to talk to him about things. Net Guru. Joined May 8, Messages 1, Reaction score 0 Points 0. Can what does a telephone keypad look like tell what happened in incident if it is not too personal?

IreneOlinyk High Elder. Joined Sep 28, Messages Reaction score 4 Points Joined Jan 7, Messages 2, Reaction score 0 Points 0. IreneOlinyk said:. Asteriktos said:. Shlomlokh OC.

Joined Mar 25, Messages 2, Reaction score 1 Points 0. JamesRottnek Taxiarches. I am somewhat offended by the comment that someone wouldn't speak with gresk priest had he not had a seminary becoke. I know a very fine, upstanding, caring, and intelligent priest who does not have uow seminary education. I don't think he even has a bachelor's degree, but that doesn't matter to me.

He was ordained very late in life somewhere between 60 and 70, I don't recall where. He is, without a doubt, one of the people I most respect and look up to. I totally understand. The priets could ordain an "uneducated" priest out of economy. George Stratopedarches Hecome member. TheodoraElizabeth3 said:. The Church has a shortage of deacons. If you work and serve as a deacon, it will be OK.

Joined Jul 24, Messages 17, Reaction 100 yards is equal to how many square feet 0 Points 0. No deacons at my parish, although two men are studying if that is the correct term and God willing will be serving as deacons in our parish in about two years. I believe a push is being made for someone to take up training to become a lay catechetical instructor as well.

MichaelArchangelos Member. The priest filling in for the parish priest at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral here in Wellington told us that he was not an educated man. I was very surprised to hear that.

I asked about seminaries and he said that now they are setting them up in Greece. I was surprised to hear it wasn't like the Roman Catholic system. Do seminarians live in Orthodox seminaries the way Roman Catholic seminarians do, or do they just attend classes during the day like a university?

Having them live together would work with RC seminarians, who are celibate, but Orthodox seminarians would krthodox likely have a wife and possibly children, who would probably ortgodox want to live in a seminary. MichaelArchangelos said:. Joined Sep 13, Messages Reaction score 0 Points 0. Adelphi Jr. Joined Mar 20, Messages 71 Reaction bceome 1 Points 8. George said:.

Greece has a 3-tiered system: religious high schools, trade schools like Community Collegeand Theological Schools attached to Universities of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Physical Obstacles

Aug 15,  · Aug 13, #1. To become a Greek orthodox priest, i have found out (correct me if I'm wrong,please) you need to have a 4yr degree and then go to a seminary school for another years, WOW! I'm not a young-en anymore, never graduated from college. Keep praying and keep seeking it out. Serve in the church. But also! Volunteer outside of the altar. I firmly believe if a man isn't willing to clean the toilets in his own parish, he isn't worthy to become a priest. Ask your priest how you can serve better. But also keep in mind, you have time. Don't rush things. 1. Demonstrate an introductory familiarity with Orthodox theology and history. 2. Demonstrate an introductory competency in the teleturgical responsibilities of an Orthodox deacon. 3. Demonstrate basic knowledge of the yearly liturgical cycle and the various liturgical services of the Orthodox Church.

Autocephaly recognized universally de facto , by some Autocephalous Churches de jure:. Presbyter is, in the Bible , a synonym for bishop episkopos , referring to a leader in local Church congregations. In modern Eastern Orthodox usage, it is distinct from bishop and synonymous with priest. Its literal meaning in Greek presbyteros is "elder. Through the sacrament of holy orders , an ordination to priesthood is performed by the bishop. But this requires the consent of the whole people of God, so at a point in the service, the congregation acclaim the ordination by shouting " Axios!

Orthodox priests consist of both married clergymen and celibate clergymen. In the Orthodox Church a married man may be ordained to the priesthood. His marriage, however, must be the first for both him and his wife. He may not remarry and continue in his ministry even if his wife should die. If a single, or unmarried, or celibate, man is ordained, he must remain celibate to retain his service. A celibate priest is not necessarily the same as that of clergymen who are monastics , as celibacy does not automatically entail monasticism, though Orthodox monasticism does denote a call to celibacy.

A priest-monk is called a hieromonk. It is Church doctrine that the priesthood must strive to fulfill the grace given to them with the gift of the "laying on of hands" in the most perfect that they can. But the Church teaches that the reality and effectiveness of the sacraments of the Church, ministered by the presbyters, do not depend upon personal virtue, but upon the presence of Christ who acts in his Church by the Holy Spirit.

The same as with bishops, it is Christ, through his chosen ministers, who acts as teacher, good shepherd, forgiver, and healer. It is Christ remitting sins, and curing the physical, mental and spiritual ills of mankind. The priest is an icon of Christ. Priests normally exercise the function of pastors of parishes, a function which was normally done by the bishops in early times. They are rectors of the local congregations of Christians. They preside at the celebration of the liturgy and teach, preach, counsel and exercise the ministries of forgiveness and healing.

Since the presbyters are assigned by the bishop and belong to the specific congregations they have no authority or services to perform apart from their bishop and their own particular parish community. On the altar table of each parish, there is the cloth called the antimension signed by the bishop, which is the permission to the community to gather and to act as the Church.

Without the antimension, the priest and his people cannot function legitimately. The earliest organization of the Christian churches in Judea was similar to that of Jewish synagogues , who were governed by a council of elders presbyteroi. In Acts and , we see this collegiate system of government in Jerusalem, and in Acts , the Apostle Paul ordains elders in the churches he founded. Initially, these presbyters were apparently identical with the overseers episcopate , i. Shortly after the New Testament period, with the death of the Apostles , there was a differentiation in the usage of the synonymous terms, giving rise to the appearance of two distinct offices, bishop and presbyter.

The bishop was understood mainly as the president of the council of presbyters, and so the bishop came to be distinguished both in honor and in prerogative from the presbyters, who were seen as deriving their authority by means of delegation from the bishop. The distinction between presbyter and bishop is made fairly soon after the Apostolic period, as is seen in the 2nd century writings of St.

Ignatius of Antioch , who uses the terms consistently and clearly to refer to two different offices along with deacon. Initially, each local congregation in the Church had its own bishop. Eventually, as the Church grew, individual congregations no longer were served directly by a bishop. The bishop in a large city would appoint a presbyter to pastor the flock in each congregation, acting as his delegate. The Eastern Orthodox Church often refers to presbyters in English as priests priest is etymologically derived from the Greek presbyteros via the Latin presbyter.

This usage is seen by some Protestant Christians as stripping the laity of its rightful priestly status, while those who use the term defend its usage by saying that, while they do believe in the priesthood of all believers, they do not believe in the eldership of all believers.

Presbyters are often referred to as Father Fr. Rather, it is a term of affection used by Christians for their ordained elders. In this context, a priest's first name is generally used after the word Father. Priests are often styled as the Reverend Rev. Higher in bestowed honor and responsibility, Archpriests and Protopresbyters are styled as the Very Reverend V.

It is also appropriate and traditional to refer to a clergyman as "the Priest Name " or "Archpriest Name ". This latter practice is especially prominent in Churches with Slavic roots, such as the Church of Russia or the Orthodox Church in America.

Monastics who are ordained to the priesthood are known as priest-monks or hieromonks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Priesthood Orthodox Church. Autocephalous jurisdictions.

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