How many electoral votes are there in pennsylvania

how many electoral votes are there in pennsylvania

US States By Electoral Votes

Pennsylvania is given one electoral vote for each Pennsylvania congressional district, in addition to one electoral vote for each of the two Pennsylvania Senators. In other words, the number of electoral votes Pennsylvania has depends on how many Representatives Pennsylvania has in Washington, D.C. Please note: Numbers broken down by age are still less than the total number of voters (from the 1st tab) because there are a small number (about ) of voters who do not have a .

The Electoral College is a body of electors formed under the authority of pemnsylvania United States Constitution. The body is ,any every four years during a national election for the purpose of electing the two highest leadership positions in the US, the president, and vice president. The body is made up of members, which means a candidate needs at least votes to win.

These members are sourced from each of the 50 US states, and the number of electors from a state is determined by pwnnsylvania number of members it has in both the House of Penneylvania and Penndylvania. Presently, the two houses have members, with coming from the House of Representatives and from the Senate.

The additional three come from the District of Colombia, as stipulated by the Twenty-Third Amendment. California has the most electoral seats of any US state, with a total pdnnsylvania 55, while Texas ranks electroal with 38 seats. Florida and New York each have 29 seats, while Illinois and Pennsylvania are also tied, with 20 seats per state. Seven states and the District of Columbia D. California is located in the country's Pacific region. In addition to having the most electoral seats, it is also the most populous state, with an estimated population of Nicknamed the Golden State, California is also the third-largest state in terms of area.

The state's large population is the main reason why it has pennsylvqnia a high number of votes in the House of Representatives 53 and 2 senators in the Senate. How many electoral votes are there in pennsylvania, the speaker of the Lower House is from California. Like California, the state's high number of representatives in the Lower House 36 is due to its large population. The additional two seats are from the two senators, who are both currently Republicans.

In the previous presidential election, more than half of the votes from Texas went to the Republican contender. In addition to two senators, the rest of New York's electoral representation comes from members of the Lower House. The current number what is cat c insurance representatives is a significant decrease from the 47 votes it had between and Essentially, the amendment extends the how to get the biggest biceps of a state to the district.

Ratified on March 29,it grants the District of Columbia the number of electors that does not exceed the number of votes granted to the least populous state, which is three.

California and Texas have the most electoral college votes, with 55 and 38 votes respectively. Florida and New York are tied for 3rd place, with 29 electoral college votes each.

There are 7 states, along with DC, that have 3 electoral votes, which is the minimum. Ferdinand Bada January 15 in Politics. G7 Countries. Communist Countries.

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Twenty-third Amendment to the US Constitution

Nov 07,  · As votes continue to be counted, Pennsylvania has emerged as a key battleground state in this year’s election. Up for grabs: the commonwealth’s 20 electoral votes, which could help either candidate clinch a victory. And some readers have reached out Author: Nick Vadala.

The Keystone State was the fourth closest state in the presidential election. See primary results. Ballot Measures. Exit Polls. Results by State. Road To Presidential Polls. Race Ratings. Senate Race Ratings. House Race Ratings. All Candidates. Joe Biden. Donald Trump Incumbent. Runoff Elections. Georgia: Perdue vs. Georgia: Loeffler vs. Louisiana House 5 Runoff. District of Columbia.

New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. West Virginia. View Pennsylvania Presidential Exit Polls. Full Presidential Results:. Full house Results:. Jump to: Counties to Watch. A solid Democratic bastion, Hillary Clinton won fewer votes in the city of Philadelphia than Barack Obama did in , despite a growing population.

Whether Joe Biden will land closer to Obama or Clinton could tell the story of how Pennsylvania goes. Bucks County. Of the suburban Philadelphia counties, Bucks is the most competitive. In , Hillary Clinton carried it by less than a percentage point, after Barack Obama won it by about 2 points in Luzerne County. Luzerne County exemplifies the dramatic shift in Northeastern Pennsylvania that the election brought.

After breaking for the Democrats throughout the Bush and Obama years, Donald Trump carried the county by nearly 20 points. Erie County. An Obama-Trump county in the northwest corner of the state, it hasn't had the economic growth or revitalization that has come to the state's urban centers.

Trump narrowly carried the county, while Obama enjoyed double-digit margins there in both of his runs for the presidency. Beaver County. In the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Beaver County has broken Republican in the last few presidential elections but Trump's support here was lower than in its neighboring suburban counties.

Road to John King analyzes Pennsylvania. Road to 4 years ago, Trump turned this state red Now playing. Notes All times ET. Not all candidates are listed. CNN will broadcast a projected winner only after an extensive review of data from a number of sources. Both Maine and Nebraska allow electoral votes to be split. In Maine, two of four electoral votes go to the statewide winner and one electoral vote goes to the winner in each of the two congressional districts. In Nebraska, two of five electoral votes go to the winner of the statewide vote.

One electoral vote goes to the winner in each of Nebraska's three congressional districts.

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